Review: #AdventureTime Season 6, Episode 12: Kicking your Father out of the house and be f#!king mature by Kim Kil Whan


Adventure Time Season 6, Episode 12 Review

This episode shows that if you want to get back at your parents and not man enough, go to college, get a job as a bank teller or real estate agent, and foreclose their house to get back at them. This…is probably what I should have been doing…oh wait…I’m a student…I’ll wait. Anyway, hello people and random Adventure Time fans and welcome to my spoilerific review of Season 6, Episode 12 of Adventure Time, “Ocarina”. Sounds like something from a Legend of Zelda game.


It was the Pups birthday and all grown up, been a year since they were born and already look grown up. Almost forget since Puhoy is that Rainicorn pups age fast than any other species in Ooo. Wow, it’s like the Pups took the term “YOLO” in matter of hours. Happy Birthday to the Pups: Jake Jr, TV, Charlie, Viola, and Kim Kil Whan.


It’s nice to hear the Pups’ voices in their all grown up stage, we already heard TV and Jake Jr.’s voices in Season 5, i.e. Dan Mintz and Kristen Schaal, the Bob’s Burgers fandom, including myself, was hoping to hear Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (John Roberts), and Gene (Eugene Murman) as the three remaining Pups, but almost forgot that Charlie and Viola are female, and Kim Kil Whan is male. So, close enough.

Kristen Schaal as Jake Jr. 


Dan Mintz as TV

Marc Evan Jackson as Kim Kil Whan

Paget Brewster as Viola

TBA as Charlie


The main point in this episode is Kim Kil Whan, being an asshole. He bought the house from Finn and Jake, of course Marceline did use to live before Finn and Jake. Anyway, he bought the house from them and Kim Kil Whan became their landlord and had to find a job to pay him off. They would have money to pay it off…but we all know what happened to that money during the Wildberry scenario back a month ago.  

And when Finn and Jake got arrested and Kim Kil Whan bail them out of prison, this is what a father would say to his son, but instead, it’s the opposite. Reverse Psychology in the house!

And if the Gold Bone hidden at the ground of the front yard of the house doesn’t work, show him a briefcase that has Kim Kil Whan’s birthday present in it. 

And then comes the end of the episode, Kim Kil Whan have a nice house to live in, very rich. And a wife. A wife who is a bear and a child…Jake’s a Grandfather, it’s official!


Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? What do I think about this chapter? Well, Kim Kil Whan becoming mature and incompetent told Jake what to do due to his immature ways…feels like Kim Kil Whan became a hater on the way he rolls.

And not to judge character, but doesn’t Kim Kil Whan almost look like Soviet Union Founder and Marxist Follower Vladimir Lenin.

Kim Kil Whan


Vladimir Lenin

And a child from Kim Kil Whan? Wow, time flies when you’re a Rainicorn. I want to see a episode of how the Pups been doing in their lives after Jake came back to the treehouse and taking care of the Pups. I give this episode…

6.5 out of 10

That’s it, tell me what you guys think about this episode is the comments below.




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