Is Louise Belcher Actually The Best Character On TV? 5 ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Episodes That Make The Case.


Tina got all the love following the ‘Best Character’ poll on EW, but what about Louise? Tina and Louise are both my favorite female characters in Bob’s Burgers



Picking a favorite Bob’s Burgers character is not an easy task. All five members of the Belcher family have their charms, and even supporting characters like Teddy, Zeke, and Jimmy, Jr. are quite likable as well. But while Tina Belcher was recently named the best character on TV, let’s remember that her younger sister Louise is pretty awesome too. The youngest Belcher is great at giving the business to her family, and her manic energy often drives the show. Here are five episodes of Bob’s Burgers that showcase Louise at her best.


“Carpe Museum” – Original Air Date: May 5, 2013
Bob tries to be the strict parent, but deep down, there’s a side of him that wants to cut loose and have some fun. Of course, Louise realizes this and plays right into it. When Bob and Louise are both stuck on a field trip that they don’t…

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