Hurricane Camille: 45 Years Later


Hurricane Camille: 45 Years Later

August 1969, it’s been a month since the Apollo Moon Landing that sent a guy in the moon and the 3 Day Music Festival known as ‘Woodstock’ has taken place in rural New York State.

Woodstock Poster

But on August 17, 1969, as Woodstock is coming to a close, down south to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, another event had taken place and her name is Camille.

Hurricane Camille History

Hurricane Camille made landfall on August 17, 1969 in the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a monstrous Category 5 Hurricane, making history as one of the Costliest and Deadliest Hurricane Recorded in History. Hurricane Camille destroys the Mississippi Coast with winds of 190 mph, second to Typhoon Haiyan’s Wind Speed of 195 mph in November 2013. Or what people do think about Camille. As of early this year, Experts of the National Hurricane Center and Florida Institute University downgraded the storm from the historic 190 mph winds to 175 mph winds. Camille has a historic storm surge of 24 feet and kept in the history until August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina came in to play.

Satellite View of Hurricane Camille about to make landfall (Source: NOAA)

Hurricane Camille kills 256 people and brought 12-20 inches of rainfall in its path. Camille has the record for most costliest and deadliest storm on record along with lowered barometric pressure until other storms came in to toppled the record like Gilbert, Hugo, Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike, Sandy, and Haiyan.

Boats Damaged by Camille

So how Hurricane Camille got it’s name? The answer is John Hope (1919-2002), the former Hurricane Expert of The Weather Channel, working at the National Hurricane Center at that time as the storm forms in 1969 is named after her daughter, Camille Hope. The reason why is because of the opening naming position in the letter “C”, of course, at the time, only female names were added in the Hurricane Naming List until 10 years later in 1979 when male names were added in the list. Hurricane Camille will be remembered as one of the worst hurricanes in record but the State of Mississippi is still standing strong after 45 years, following other storms including Katrina in 2005, the Magnolia State is still standing strong.


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