Review: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 10: Into the City, Through the Woods, There’s a S**tstorm coming Next Week.


On This Week’s Episode of Doctor Who, the City of London and the entire planet Earth are cover in trees, turning into a British version of Endor from Star Wars.

The entire planet including London is cover in Trees and Vines following god knows how did that happened? It grew overnight by an imaginative girl who’s on medication due to her sister’s disappearance over a year ago.

London Covered in Trees

And the little girl who created the forest and came to The Doctor to find her group is named Maebh Arden.

Speaking of the group Maebh was separated from, Clara and Danny are in charge of them for a Field Trip Sleepover at the museum. When Clara phoned The Doctor about the trees around London and the whereabouts of Maebh’s location, Danny noticed that why she continue to travel with The Doctor, even after she said back in ‘Kill the Moon’ that she don’t want to see The Doctor again and told Danny what happened between the two. Sorry Danny, where were you when Clara was caught in situations with The Doctor like a mummy on the Orient Express or facing people caught in murals while carrying a mini TARDIS? Also, the children is playing shipping, yes shipping, shipping on Danny and Clara because everyone in Coal Hill know about Danny and Clara’s relationship.

The animals like the wolves and the tiger was added to the episode and seems too realistic, oh wait, that’s the CGI talking. Yeah, there’s no way in hell that the BBC would train a pack of wolves or a tiger to be in the show, so CGI is a safe bet for not getting a worker to get injured or mauled in production. You thought Clara turning on flash on her phone would scare the wolves away, but actually it’s the tiger who scare the wolves away. Where in the food web does it say that?

The talk through the sunlight to The Doctor…something I’m weirded out, but it did told The Doctor a message saying that they were there before him and will be around when he leaves. Those trees are invincible against fires when the government try to take out the trees, they absorb the fire. I thought trees caught on fire to easily when being burn, these trees are special. Also, a warning on a Solar Flare coming through that could burn the planet full of trees. I thought at first that fires burn trees, and fires kill people as well, so the Solar Flare threatening the Earth, thought it means that this is the end of Humanity. However, at the near end of the episode, thanks to Maebh, the trees are gone before the solar flare reaches to Earth. Actually, the trees absorb the solar flare energy. But who cares, everything went back to normal!!!

Except two things, We still don’t know where Maebh’s sister is at, but that was until she found her by getting rid of that shrub…why didn’t we think of that!?! Right, full of trees. Which questions me for this episode, how did she disappear? Oh well, we’ll never see them again.

Now everything is back to normal…except one. Missy. Watching the Earth turning back to normal, seeming surprised. This is the calm before the storm, because judging next week’s episode, this is where shit is finally getting real.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well, I think it’s okay, reminded me of a fairy tale type of episode with references, minus mystical creatures, plus fire. The children playing shipping on Danny and Clara was hilarious because the fandom called it first since ‘Into the Dalek’, of course, after The Doctor said to Clara that she’s not her boyfriend back in ‘Deep Breath’. I see some posts on Tumblr said that this episode is not that good, I’m a bit spectacle on this, anyway, I think this episode is okay, show that the Trees became the new Ice Age, and CGI animals we’re not harmed in the making of this episode. I give this episode…

7 out of 10 Rating

…A 7 out of 10. Next week’s episode, this is where the fun begins. Clara getting a change of heart, Missy arriving at Earth, The Doctor wanting to know what’s going on with Clara while facing off Missy, meaning that we’re finally getting revelation on who Missy really is!!! Also, Kate and Osgood making a comeback since the 50th Anniversary Special, and did Clara said that she never existed all while talking to a Cyberman. Yes, the Cybermen is making a comeback, but Clara…oh man, that preview blew the Doctor Who fandom into a frenzy, full on panic mode. When Bob’s Burgers made the shocking cliffhanger on the first part of the Season 4 finale, this made me fanboy hype. Now, that we’re nearing the end of the Eighth Season, this will definitely take the cake. And with the Cybermen appearing in the finale, let’s hope, this isn’t turns into a second coming of Series 2 Finales, ‘Army of Ghosts’ and ‘Doomsday’, because we already suffer enough with the 10th Doctor and Rose saying goodbye. Too much pressure. Happy Halloween from the Doctor Who community, because that trailer gave the people a good scare. Happy Halloween everyone and see you guys next week for Part 1 of the 2 Part Season Finale.


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