Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 2: Who You Gonna Call? A Relationship Expert. A Late Halloween Special Review


On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Tina falls in love with a ghost in a shoebox all while poltergeists are in the restaurant searching for the ghost. Now, here’s what people are gonna say, “It’s November, why is there a Halloween Special aired on screen?” It’s a long story to talk about. Let’s get to the review.

The main focus for this episode is the ghost in the Restaurant, since it’s a Halloween episode, it’s no better spooky thing to add is a ghost. And for a second there, I thought Derek Acorah might guest star in this episode.

On second thought…no, don’t add Derek Acorah into this. And since this feature a ghost, I thought someone might pull a Ghostbusters reference because it is the 30th Anniversary of the Movie.

On in this episode, we don’t need Ghostbusters, all we need is an Ouija board and a bottle of wine to talk to the ghost in the basement. And when I saw the Ouija board, I feel like I should make an ‘Ouija’ movie reference. If you never heard or watch the movie, don’t worry, I don’t. It’s about a movie with 4 friends used an Ouija board to talk with a dead friend and…I’m not getting into details.

So the ghost’s name is Jeff and is 13 years of age, like Tina. Said by the Ouija board, looks like this board just played matchmaker. Although, this doesn’t feel like a Halloween special at all, feels like a bit of a Valentine’s Day type of stuff. Well, you want to add bloody murder, then fine, be my guest. So when Tina refused to put Jeff into the trash and take the box ghost with her, it seems like a built up for a plot device. Unless it’s to make Jimmy Jr. jealous, tried that, back in Season 3 when Tina was dating Josh.

So the first person to notice the ghost in the basement was an exterminator named Marcus. Who was afraid to take out the bugs in the basement due to the ghost, he had to bring out friends of his. Who you gonna call?

Not really…

Marcus pulls out the poltergeist for this episode, which they didn’t do much for this episode. While looking for paranormal activity, there is no activity going due to the straight that Tina took the ghost box. They stay there for the duration of the episode till the end when they leave but can’t pay. But told them that they’re ghosts themselves…eh…I don’t believe that. Do you accept Credit Cards? It better accept it.

Tina brought Jeff to school for bragging rights. However, Tammy, Jocelyn, Zeke, and Jimmy Jr. seems impressed when they talked to Jeff through the Ouija board, and that just the first day.

On the second day, Tina leaves Jeff to the guys until Tammy took Jeff and this happened.

Now this is where I call ‘BS’, because the faucet is on and Tammy is the only one in the Girls’ Bathroom. It’s not like Jeff has something to do with it. To Tammy’s side…and everyone else, it is. And all that romantic things with Tina. This is a new low, for a box.

…Wow, poor Tina, her first broken heart and with a guy this time. Well, a guy with a box.

And because Tina is heartbroken, the truth finally comes out. Louise is the one who made up Jeff and played everyone, including Tina. Who else knew that? No one, okay.

Of course, it ain’t Halloween until we see the costumes for Trick or Treating. With Gene dressed like Turner and Hooch and Louise as Ryan Gosling from the movie, ‘Drive’. Except Tina, still following the broken heart thanks to Jeff leaving her for Tammy. You can see the Thousand Year Stare on her face…enjoy sleeping tonight, kids!

When Tammy, Zeke, Jimmy Jr., and Jocelyn came up to the cemetery, Gene and Louise came in as well, but that’s when Tina came out from the shadows. It’s nice to see her out of the house, but to see how Jeff is doing after leaving her for Tammy.

The 2spoopy stuff doesn’t begin till the end of the 3rd Act to the beginning of the 4th when Jeff wrote the message in blood. The blood message in this episode is a bit of a cliche because it’s like you’re watching a scene from a horror show on TV when the murderer is writing a message in the victim’s own blood. I saw it on Bleach, thank you Urahara.

You thought it was Jeff who wrote it? Nope, it’s Tina. So apparently this was a bit planned out. But however, in order to move that topic being planned, Tina prepared a speech. Saying that Tina don’t need a guy to get attention, she can only pay attention to herself. Coming from the Season 2 quote that she’s a Strong, Smart, Sensual Woman, no wonder Tina is everyone’s role model for 2014. This quote reminds me of what Fionna said back in ‘Adventure Time’ after fighting the Ice Queen, saying that she don’t need to wait to be noticed. This is pure feminism and a pure choice of words. Bravo!!!

And of course, refresh back to last season’s Halloween special, the guys missed Halloween Trick or Treating. They been stuck in the cemetery for hours, and according to Jimmy Jr.’s watch, it said 10:30, meaning that Halloween is basically over. Of course, there some time zones that Trick or Treating is still around, mentioning the Pacific Time Zone. Hey Pacific Time Zone People, you guys got mentioned!!!

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episod…hey wait a minute, where’s the opening!?! This is the 4th episode without an opening added to the episode. And…this is getting really annoying. Let’s hope next episode better bring the opening. Okay, enough ranting. As I were, what do I think about this episode? I think it’s okay, but it’s a bit of a slow process. The box ghost, Jeff, was the main point of this episode, but actually it shifted to Tina. Although, it’s nice to see Tina in the spotlight, this is where I get confused. The mentioning of the Ouija board was okay, although we’re not aloud to speak to the dead, even if you saw the movie, some problems will happen when talking to the dead, disturbing the peace. I give this episode…

…a 5.5 out of 10. Anyway, next wee…that’s right, we’re now entering a three week hiatus until November 23. Hey, that’s the 51st Anniversary of Doctor Who. November 23 is when the Thanksgiving episode air in the 3rd episode of the 5th Season, ‘Dawn of the Peck’.


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