Top 20 Countdown Begins! Number 20: I Can’t Be The Only One, Baby. スペース☆ダンディ


The Top 20 Fandom Moments begins with Number 20 on the list, and…it’s a very Dandy start to the list.

Episode 14 of Space Dandy (Episode 1 of the 2nd Season) made it to the Number 20 spot because this episode has a lot of Dandys. And I mean a lot!

This episode includes traveling through other dimensions with different versions of Dandy, QT, and Meow starting off with the Blue Hair Dandy.

The episode goes on and on and on, dimension after dimension. From the Dandy that looks like a mixture of a character of Dragon Ball mixed with Michael Jackson, which is weird because in the English Dub, the voice really sounds like the King of Pop himself. From him to others I can’t name because there’s a lot to name and count that you’ll end up getting confused.

But the best part of this episode is the introduction of Emo Dandy. That’s right, Emo Dandy. Live out the emoness!

However, the cosmic string…it seems like a pubic hair, don’t you think? Anyway, my favorite part of this episode that reached the Number 20 spot, besides the part that they didn’t die and come back next episode, is Emo Dandy taking over the Opening with his crew like the Human version of Meow that only says Meow and QT as a human that pretended to be a robot. No wonder this Dandy is so emo.

My overall thoughts of the entire series is that it’s a pretty amazing anime for the 2014 line up in the both Winter and Summer seasons. The animation is spectacular and well done for it’s episode. And the voice acting is great, it got my vote. Even though I never listen to the Japanese dub and only saw the English because it’s on the Toonami line-up and I love the Dub of this anime. Don’t bring any dub hating comments on this page! Anyway, this episode made it to the Top 20 List and I recommend this anime for people who wanted to see something new. So, stay tuned for Number 19 tomorrow. It’s gonna be…интересный. That’s Interesting in Russian for your information.


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