Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 18: Doctor Who: “Deep Breath”.


Our Top 20 Countdown continues with the Series Premiere of Doctor Who, kicking it off as we enter a new era with a new Doctor. Here’s Number 18, “Deep Breath”.

This episode is the first official episode of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, recently regenerated since we left off from “The Time of the Doctor”. Capaldi taking the role as the Doctor is a pretty amazing job Capaldi has done when taking the role. Even though the series has just started, I think that Capaldi is becoming a really good Doctor, besides Tennant, Smith, and Baker (Tom). That’s the fandom’s ideal.

Besides, Capaldi isn’t the only one doing a really good job in  this episode, Jenna Coleman as Clara is really taking a toll as well. Even though, Clara still doesn’t know what’s going on and not trusting the Doctor in his newly regenerated state. Of course, she almost left the Doctor until she came back all thanks to a certain phone call.

The episode also features the return of our favorite Victorian London trio, Jenny, Vastra, and Strax. Jenny and Vastra still share a relationship, even when Jenny is posing but Vastra is not doing a painting but her body posing as a form of art. And the kissing scene while fighting off the animatronics, talk about equality. But that part ever since the episode was released got some controversy. It’s 2014 into 2015, grow up! Love is love.

And of course, Strax, as the comic relief when he told Clara to take her coat off, but no coat. Along with examining her, in her eye and throwing the newspaper at her and knocking her down.

Talking about the elephant in the room, I mean dinosaur. Yes, the series began with a T-Rex in London. How did a dinosaur got into Victorian London? Alive!?! The CGI on the T-Rex was a well done work, comparing the T-Rex in the 3rd Doctor story and from the Series 7 episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”, the T-Rex in this job was a well done improvement to start off the new series.

We also got our antagonist in this episode, a stop motion half faced man…that has no name. My thoughts on the antagonist in this episode…even though his character is a bit weary, and yet look frightening, but there’s no motive. Just yapping about being a machine and talked about “The Promised Land”. More in the later countdown in days to come.

The TARDIS got a makeover, well…not really. It’s look the same from the second part of Series 7 except the lighting was a bit up, and adding a chair, a bookcase, and a chalkboard. However Clara saying the redecoration line on the TARDIS interior was a bit used from what the 2nd, 10th, and 11th Doctors had said. But…Clara…I think the Doctor should only say that line.

And of course, we got a new opening title. Coming from a fan made video by a YouTuber , someone named Billy Handsaw, which I saw the fan made video, did an amazing work with the clock, the pocket watch, and the planets. Comparing that and the official title, it almost seen that the BBC does not want to give credit. “Allegedly”. However, the music…eh. Don’t get me wrong, but the music…seems a bit screeching. But…the graphics…I like it, a solid 4 out of 5.

So why is this episode ranked Number 18? Well 3 things. The music in the opening titles was a bit screeching and yet the graphics are amazing. Now the main point, the episode includes a cameo from Matt Smith playing the 11th Doctor before regenerating. That could explain the phone out from the TARDIS back in Trenzalore. The 11th Doctor called Clara before regenerating that he need Clara to help the newly regenerated Doctor and try not to leave the TARDIS. As well as telling Clara not to be scared.

When I saw that scene, that seems way too soon, it’s been 8 months! Way to hurt the fandom, Moffat. And of course, this episode includes an introduction of Missy. AKA, the reason why the Doctor Who fandom went all theoretical on her character. Bringing in Michelle Gomez as the character was a good idea to start up the series with questioning her character. So who is Missy? Wait till the countdown reached the Top 10. Or…check out my “Dark Water” or “Death in Heaven” review.

So that was Number 18. Two down from the countdown, 18 to go. Join me tomorrow as we airbend our way into Number 17.


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