Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 17: The Legend of Korra: “The Terror Within”.


Our Top 20 Countdown spectacular continues with our Number 17 spot that has action, suspense, and the reason why you should blame certain people and a television network’s dick-ish move. So here’s Number 17, The Legend of Korra: “The Terror Within”.

This episode was amazing, including the fight between the Red Lotus and Team Avatar. The Red Lotus infiltrated Zaofu was a question that people asked during the duration of this episode until a certain “mole” let them in. But more of that later. The fight was amazing and well executed as we begin to reach the climax of the Third Season. The Red Lotus kidnapping Korra is what starting the fight thanks to Bolin screaming and Pabu screeching after both Korra and Naga are darted.

The fight against the Red Lotus is a hard battle to fight with Ming Hua with water arms, Ghazan’s lavabending, which is really new to see, and P’li with combustion through her third eye. P’li is the hardest one to face due to that eye of hers. One sudden move and she’ll blow you away with a single combustion like bullet.

Lin successfully rescued Korra from the Red Lotus with Bolin distracting P’li with a boulder and hit her. And of course, Suyin throw metal shards into Zaheer’s fan. But because of that, they resist capture and ran away.

We got an interrogation scene with Suyin’s guards being questioned on how the Red Lotus came in through the domes and tried to capture the Avatar. So apparently, none of them was responsible, not even Varrick. Which in this episode, we got some comic relief from him with the magnetic suit he made and using what left of Ghazan’s lavabended ground, using the coal to rub his feet. People, do the thing!

So Team Avatar is investigating someone’s house, and who’s house is it? It’s Aiwei. Yes, Aiwei is the traitor. How? The underground pass would explain a lot. And it filled with explosions! I’m guessing it’s only way to not let the Metal Clan to know about the passage. Korra and the rest of Team Avatar want to track down Aiwei, but Lin refused because the Red Lotus are on the loose and feared that there’s more members out there. And by the way, Lin, wanted to bring Korra back to Republic City? Didn’t President Raiko back in “A Breath of Fresh Air” banned her from coming over there due to spirit vines. Well…Suyin let Team Avatar go find Aiwei and try not to tell Lin. Well…try next episode when Suyin tells Lin that Team Avatar went and go find Aiwei.

And even though it’s not even the Springtime, we got a Easter Egg in this episode in a form of Suyin’s guard who will be our Season 4 baddie. Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Kuvira.

So why did this episode got ranked Number 17? Well…

Yes, this episode was the last episode to air on Television. Thanks to Nickelodeon pulling it out due to really low ratings since Season 1 ended. People got the announcement since from the network the Wednesday before the episode aired. I don’t know why Nickelodeon want to substitute Episode 9 of the 3rd Season by a episode of SpongeBob. All continuous episodes of Season 3 will be online, as well as Season 4, which is the current season we’re in until the finale on December 19, 2014. The reason why Nickelodeon made the move is that according to the creators in the San Diego Comic Con, online viewing is becoming more popular than actual viewing. No wonder Television viewing is ready to die.

Anyway, that’s it for Number 17. I.E., a review then rant for “The Terror Within”. Stay tuned for Number 16 tomorrow as we enter, not the real world, but the virtual world.


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