Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 16: Sword Art Online II: “Guns and Swords”. ソードアート・オンライン II


Link Start! Our Top 20 Countdown continues with the 16th spot that has some action and some comedy in the duration of the episode until suspense building up at the end of the episode. Here’s Number 16, “Sword Art Online II”, “Guns and Swords”.

This episode is amazing and the art and animation is beautiful to look at. The interaction between Kirito and Sinon was superb to follow in, as well as we got information. The game, “Gun Gale Online”, was originally came from America, and not Japan. Which could explain why Americans love their guns thanks to the 2nd Amendment. What, did the NRA fund the game in process when being made? Kirito judging that the Japanese in the game was well translated means that this game isn’t  made in Japan. The site was in English, and the company who made the game hired staffs from Japan to do the Japanese side. It’s like the same thing with Sony or Nintendo when it transported into America in the 1980s.

The most comedic scene in this episode is the dressing scene. Prior to season 1 when Kirito saw Asuna getting undressed, this episode, we got Sinon getting undressed, which made Kirito shocked and surprised. He finally reveal his information to Sinon at a time like this that he is a male. Comparing both Asuna and Sinon, the similarity from the two to Kirito is hurting him as their most embarrassing moment while in their underwear. Talk about privacy.

This episode is also Kirito’s first time in a tournament in GGO, even though he was suppose to find Death Gun. His first match against a random opponent began to a rough start due to his opponent repeatedly shooting at him, got him the leg. It almost feels like he’s not going to make it this far. Not apparently because thanks to strategic gaming and detective skills, he beats his opponent with his energy sword, and yes I said energy sword and not lightsaber. God, I hope Reki Kawahara or A-1 Pictures don’t get a lawsuit from Lucasfilms at a time like this. The scene where Kirito is dodging and hit bullets from his sword, marvelous. Even the animation is amazing when the bullets came out from that gun from the opponent Kirito is facing has some seriously well executed CGI. And look at this…

The blocking was amazing and the bullet was melted away, proven that laser beats metal. Kirito won the first match and will advance to the next rounds that will be off screen for the duration of the next episode.

And guess who decided to join up at the near end of the episode, our antagonist for GGO.

Yes, this episode includes a full body introduction of Death Gun right behind Kirito after his match. Questioning him on his name and his skills proving that if he’s the real deal? The suspense has finally risen up, and this is just the fifth episode! So Death Gun is an SAO survivor like Kirito and found out at the end of the episode is that Death Gun is also a Laughing Coffin member. A murderous guild from the trapped game, and he’s one of the survivors.

So why did this episode got the Number 16 spot? The suspense with who Death Gun is and confronting Kirito was something I like from this episode because it built up the suspense and even it’s the fifth episode of the new season, something tells me that this season is going to be epic for the most count. I would tell you what happened after the confrontation from Episodes 6 to 14, but I don’t want to spoil anything. That’s all! Anyway, stay tuned for Number 15 tomorrow as we going to a musical competition between “Die Hard” and “Working Girl”. So stay tuned, for tomorrow’s Number 15 as the Top 20 Countdown continues.


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