Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 15: Bob’s Burgers: “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl”.


Even been to a musical or play of your favorite movie? Well in our Number 15 spot of the Top 20 Countdown of 2014, enjoy the experience that went from a fiery competition to a spectacular play that should be on Broadway. Here’s Number 15, Bob’s Burgers, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl”.

This episode…was one of my favorite in the 5th Season, which we are currently in, because of what the creators has pulled out just to start off the the new season just right. The episode is about two musicals go head to head in competition on the same night. We’re talking about “Die Hard” and “Working Girl”, two of the movies from the 1980s.

This episode also brought back a recurring character that we haven’t seen since Season 3. Yes people, Courtney Wheeler is back in the season premiere. You know, the annoying girl that once made Gene her boyfriend but tried to break up but can’t because daddy is in the jingle business. Yeah…her.

In this episode, Courtney is in competition against Gene in the musical of her own. So how did the conflict started that lead the two along with their families into Mr. Frond’s office? We have two explanations on how this fiasco happened before the storm brews. As in how this feud happened! Here’s Gene’s story…

Courtney wants to be in Gene’s production by showing off her dance moves that she learned, but Gene rejected her and Courtney went off saying that her moves were awful and that she’s annoying. That pisses Courtney off, but the Belcher family…yeah…they’re in agreement on that topic.

Then we have Courtney’s side of the story with Courtney trying to be in Gene’s production but he refused and violently eat tacos.

Compare the two over the real one is that the two are side stories to see who’s to blame, while in the real version, Gene’s musical of “Die Hard” was rejected by the school thanks to Courtney winning the spot for the Fall theater. So Louise show Gene the boiler room to put in Gene’s play and it’s under the auditorium. Boiler room seems real but saying “Louise is the best”…don’t remember that in the flashback, well…except for Louise.

And with the musical in production, you need cast members. Bringing in Zeke, Rudy, Darryl, Andy, and Ollie to cast in Gene’s play after being rejected into Courtney’s was a good idea to see what they are made off and tried to make Louise the female lead but rejected it. So Gene wants Tina to be the female lead, but…where’s Tina?

Yep…Tina is auditioning for Courtney’s play.

But we got a huge explanation on how Tina betraying Gene and one explanation on how Tina got the role in Courtney’s play. Here’s your answer!

Yep…the booty. That grabs Tina’s attention to join Courtney in her musical and conquering her stage fright, which was mention in this episode since the Season 1 episode, “Hamburger Dinner Theater”.

Frond cancelling both musicals is a bit of a dickish move, but because of that, Gene and Courtney had to make their differences and to join together and combine the two plays and get everyone to get involved.

The combined musical that Gene and Courtney set aside their differences was absolutely amazing to watch and listen. Parts from “Die Hard” and “Working Girl” was parodied within this musical episode but who cares! The performance was amazing. Gene and Courtney sharing a musical number as the leads was a superb taste to blend it to start off the new season.

Tina and Jimmy Jr.’s dance moves in the musical was well executed and well done to look at for the two characters. God, I hope those two become a couple by the end of this season or I’ll end up throwing a fit.

And Louise…rocking that blond wig. Playing as the assassin in the musical is a swell way to let Louise to join the fun. How did she put on that wig with her hat on? She has to take off her hat, put the wig on, and put the hat back. Anyway, the musical is amazing, I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

So why did this episode got the Number 15 spot? The episode was spot on to start off the new season and of course from my review of the episode is that I compare Courtney and Gene’s musical competition to capitalism where two businesses go head to head to see who’s better. Seems like the Cold War isn’t it? My jaw kinda hit the floor when Gene kissed Courtney in the musical and kinda questioned that if the two could end up together again to patch things up. Uh…nope.

And of course from my previous review to notice if that is Carly Simon standing next to Bob. Still don’t know but judging from the credits…looks like it. Anyway, 5 down 15 to go, as we enter number 14 as we airbend back into Korra as the Top 20 Countdown continues.


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