Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 14: The Legend of Korra: “Korra Alone”.


As The Legend of Korra reached it’s ending point this week, the countdown heads back to the Avatar series with our Number 14, The Legend of Korra, “Korra Alone”.

This episode explains what happened to Korra after 3 years since her fight with Zaheer. From last episode, the season 4 premiere, it revealed that Korra went missing for 6 months and shows that she is killing it…bad…in the Earthbending ring. The episode filled in the 3 year timeskip with Korra trying to recover, but lost control. She got off the wheelchair and move her feet with the help of Katara.

But it’s not actually helping getting rid of the trauma. She got her ass kicked in the training ring thanks to her imagining her in the Avatar State when she got the poison. Something tells me that the recovery is gonna be a long process.

The letters Korra got in this episode shows how Asami, Mako, and Bolin are doing since Korra’s departure. Asami is doing well with Future Industries, Mako telling how the weather is doing in Republic City and ask how she’s doing, and Bolin, drawn in crayon, shows he, Varrick, and Zhu Li joined Kuvira to unite the Earth Kingdom after what happened to Earth Queen and the fall of Ba Sing Se. Which shows stubble hints from the last episode that things are about to go bad just by looking at Kuvira’s face when she’s done battling the bandits.

So after months of rehabilitation, Korra decides to go pay a visit to Republic City on boat but due to what she imagining the poisoned Avatar State Korra, nope. She even begins to lose her identity. She cut her hair to a bob and tried to meditate at the Tree of Time. The spirits tried to help, but Korra refused. Which lead into the present with Korra following a dog to the swamp, found out the dog was a spirit from the Tree of Time. The image of her in the Avatar State go head to head on Korra and Korra lost the fight and knocked out until a random stranger came in and save her. And who is that stranger? Yep, if you follow “The Last Airbender” series into the “Legend of Korra”, then you are in for a treat. Ladies and gentlemen, the return of Toph Beifong.

So why did this episode got the Number 14 spot? The episode features flashbacks to show how Korra is doing while in recovery mode after her fight with Zaheer at the end of Book 3. The return of Toph Beifong and prove that where she is after left off the face of the Earth for years bring the Avatar fandom to excitement about seeing their favorite blind Earthbender. Man, the old Team Avatar haven’t aged a bit, technically. In Season 1, we got Katara, Season 3 got Zuko, and now adding Season 4 with Toph. Where’s Sokka? Basically…dead. My favorite part of the episode is seeing the wall of Avatars with a photo of Aang airbending fish rolls.

Stay tuned with Number 13 tomorrow as head off to a journey, and no, it’s not “The Hobbit”. We follow along a certain character as our Top 20 Countdown continues!


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