Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 13: Adventure Time: “Lemonhope”.


Our Top 20 Countdown continues with a unexpected journey of a minor character in the spotlight in the most difficult trip in his lifetime. Here’s number 13, Adventure Time, “Lemonhope”.

This episode was a half hour special and divided into two parts in the same time slot on the day of its official release. The episode is spotlighted on a character that doesn’t seem to get any development at all. I’m talking about Lemonhope.

I’ll tell you info if you don’t know who the character is. Lemonhope is a little lemon child rescued from the Lemon Kingdom by Finn and Bubblegum and sent to Candy Kingdom where he can be safe there. This episode shows that the Lemon citizens are now being punished, put into concentration camps just because of freeing Lemonhope. And seeing how the citizens are being treated are showed in a propaganda video that Bubblegum is showing to Lemonhope. It’s like you are watching Ooo’s version of a totalitarian country which now I can’t name due to not wanted to be hacked.

The dream sequences in this episode shows both imagery and symbolism for our young protagonist of this episode because it shows what he is facing ever since his release. First, there was him with wings attached, the second with Bubblegum saying “Unacceptable”, the third with chains, and fourth with wings again but to freedom.

And not trying to be religious or anything, but the scene of Lemonhope wandering in the desert with no food or water reminded me of the temptation that Jesus has to face and tried not to get tempted with the devil. Except that Lemonhope just falls down and collapse due to dehydration and starvation. Is it me or did Adventure Time just pulled out a Bible reference?

This episode also introduced to another character, the one who guide Lemonhope to help him save his people from Lemongrab. The character’s name is Phlannel Boxingday and he saved Lemonhope from turned into dry pieces of fruit. Of course, the fandom are now asking that if Boxingday is actually Bubblegum in disguise.

Lemonhope arrives at Lemon Kingdom and saw no sign of Lemongrab. However, Lemongrab appears in front of Lemonhope and Lemongrab came prepared with earplugs in his ears so he won’t listen to Lemonhope’s song. However, because of that, the White Lemongrab distracts the Black Lemongrab by telling Lemonhope to fight back and look at that, the citizens of Lemon Kingdom are fighting back and Lemongrab is defeated…and popped like a balloon.

The song that Bubblegum brought up was spectacular and shows how Lemonhope had improved for over 1000 years after he refused to take charge of the Lemon Kingdom. From the beginning of the journey again to his resting place.

“Young Lemonhope,
Born of candy and glue.
Creator of beauty,
And ugliness too.

Poor Lemonhope,
I found you in the dark.
You lived in the bathroom,
Now live in our hearts.

Sweet Lemonhope,
Freed by hard sacrifice,
To live in the kingdom
Of sugar and spice.

Lost Lemonhope,
Longed for freedom above,
Compassion or friendship,
Wisdom or love.

Strong Lemonhope,
Risking freedom and health,
Came back for his brothers
And for himself.

Safe Lemonhope,
No more will you roam.
Once you were lost
And now you’re back home.”

So why did this episode got the Number 13 spot? The episode spotlighted a minor character, which other shows don’t show for like…ever. Lemonhope on a journey shows that Adventure Time has gotten real and this episode was just one week after the season finale that shocked the world. Looks like we won’t see Lemongrab for a really long time, that because he’s a doll now. I guess it’s until his body recover. But…can someone please turn him in for the crimes he commit? Anyway, stay tuned for Number 12 of the Top 20 Countdown as we head towards the Toonami block.


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