Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 11: Gravity Falls: “Sock Opera”.


Who’s ready for a puppet show? Our Top 20 Countdown continues with us entering into a sock puppet show along with a return of a certain character. Here’s number 11, Gravity Falls, “Sock Opera”.

And who is that returning character you may ask? Well ladies and gentlemen, this episode includes the return of Bill.

Not that “Bill”, this “Bill”, Bill Cipher.

Bill makes a comeback in this episode with helping Dipper finding a password for the laptop Soos found back in “Into the Bunker”. Bill wants to make a deal with Dipper to find the password, Dipper refused for the first part, then came the second part where he finally made a deal, but at what cost? Switching bodies, breaking the laptop, on the hunt to destroy the journal by sabotaging Mabel’s musical.

The reason why Bill took over Dipper’s body is because Bill knows that Dipper is too dangerously close to finding out the secrets of Gravity Falls and Bill won’t let that happen because he planned the whole thing. What is Bill planning that Dipper is trying to stop? We don’t know.

Mabel is back in crush mode, this time at a puppeteer named Gabe Bensen who encourages kids to read, which is weird because the day the episode was aired was on Literacy Day. Mabel did impressed him, but in a white lie that she came up. And acquire everyone’s help to make the musical.

The musical was an amazing touch to see in the episode hearing Kristen Schaal sing for the second time this season. However there some flaws in this episodes includes one thing, who goes to war fighting a giant monster, and say don’t Attack on Titan!

However, Mabel heard the news from Dipper in the sock puppet form of him that Bill has took over his body and looking for the journal to destroy it. Mabel is on the case with Dipper making the Mabel and Gabe puppets make out. Dipper did not sign up to this but it’s the only way to save the journal and beat Bill out of Dipper’s body.

Mabel beats Bill in his own game when noticing that Mabel knows a lot of Dipper’s weaknesses. Dipper got his body back but feeling injured after Bill used Dipper’s body to feel what pain feels like. And of course, time to end the show with a bang. No really, it really ended with a bang.

So why is this episode got the Number 11 spot? Well this episode includes the return of Bill Cipher, which we haven’t the last of him since “Dreamscaperers” and taking over Dipper’s body and destroying the laptop shows that Bill knew that Dipper is going to crack the case to know the real mystery of the town. I don’t know what Bill is planning, but by the judging of this, I think it may has something to do with the portal Stan just opened up, I’m not sure. Mabel’s back to Boy Crazy shows that she moved on after letting Mermando go to the ocean and this one goes to the dumps. Still can’t believe Mermando go on and marry a manatee to avoid a civil war in “Society of the Blind Eye”. And Candy using the Korean language to show that she has the same crush as Mabel to not try to talk smack in English. Even after Gabe went off and kissing two of his puppets, Candy is chasing him and of course, saying in Korean. Niki Yang did an amazing job playing Candy and used the Korean language because she is from South Korea and her character Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time speaks Korean.

Man, this show is going full on diversity. Anyway, 9 down, 11 to go, and we have finally reach the halfway point of the countdown. Here we are at last, the final 10. Join in tomorrow for our Number 10 as we head off to a Ninja War in progress. Warning, deaths are involved and this one is a major one at that one. As the Top 20 Countdown continues.


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