Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 12: Soul Eater (Toonami): “The Word is Bravery”. ソウルイーター


The word of the day is “Bravery”. Our Top 20 Countdown continues in the Toonami block as the Soul Eater slot has come to an end. Here’s Number 12, Soul Eater, “The Word is Bravery”.

The fight between the DWMA and the Kishin and Arachnophobia has come to an dramatic climax following last episode when Soul got knocked some sense on him and seeing both Kid and Black*Star down to the ground and that leads our protagonists, Maka and Soul, to take on the Kishin Ashura.

The fight took about almost 10-15 minutes in the beginning before things take a turn for this episode. Case in point…

…Just saved Soul from going crazy and this is what you get. What surprises me on this episode is Maka. Just found out that she is a weapon, half weapon, half meister. Did not see that one coming during the fight. However, the Maka weapon scene only took a duration of 2-3 minutes and add fear and torture into Maka’s head.

However, for her achieving weapon includes feeling unconscious. Anyway, the battle is about to come to a conclusion thanks to Crona mentioning in Lord Death’s room saying that Maka is hiding a secret weapon that no one got. Or in this case, everyone got it, but Maka is the bringer. That weapon is “Bravery”. But the Kishin don’t even know what’s going on.

Kishin got defeated thanks to Maka breaking his face and the everything gone back to normal, but now had to worry about other stuff along with fearing of another Kishin in the way. Maka told the gang not to fret about it and that if there’s trouble afoot, they’ll be there to face it in battle.

So why did this episode got the Number 12 spot? The reason why is Maka getting her weapon ability after feeling unconscious. I did not know that Maka has a half weapon bloodline for a meister that welds the weapon. We wanted some explanation but can’t due to the series ended. To continue the series, go read the manga. Even though the Soul Eater manga just came to an end after 113 chapters. As for the anime series, I give the overall series a 7 out of 10. Anyway, we are nearing the Top 10 block as we head to Number 11 of the Top 20 Countdown.


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