Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 8: Doctor Who: “Dark Water”/”Death in Heaven”.


Our number 8 spot of the Top 20 Countdown goes into the TARDIS into the Nethersphere hoisting a Cybermen invasion and a return of a certain Time Lord that we haven’t seen for 4 years. Here’s Number 8, Doctor Who, “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”.

These two episodes ended the 8th Series with a dramatic punch that shock the world, most importantly, the fandom. And what moment shocked the fandom? There’s a lot to name either it’s fangirl or disturbing moments, I think I should go both. Here’s Disturbing Moment #1.

Danny’s unexpected death. Into 2-3 minutes into the episode and already a death has took over, even before the opening titles of the episode. And just before Clara is about to tell him the entire truth on what’s going between her and The Doctor.

Disturbing moment #2…


…Clara throwing away the keys of the TARDIS. Entering the 5 Stages of Grief, went from denial to anger to bargaining, Clara can’t stand the whole “Danny is dead” and hoping for The Doctor to bring him back to life. But the throwing of the keys seems like Clara has betrayed The Doctor big time by throwing away not one, but seven TARDIS keys.

Oh really?

Then came Fangirl moment #1…


The Cybermen. Yep, our favorite monsters in metal are back for the finale, which we haven’t seen since “The Time of the Doctor”. And those Cybermen, came from cremated dead people. And I thought Moffat is preparing for an all out Skeleton War. But no, convert them into Cybermen by using water.

Then came Fangirl moment #2…

Okay that’s enough! Yes people, we got the revelation of Missy. Missy is The Master! Or Mistress because Missy is short of that, and Mistress is the female version of The Master. Michelle Gomez taking the job of the Female Master is well done performance for her. Including her controlling the dead, killing Osgood, setting the plane to crash, not to mention, lie to The Doctor to where Gallifrey is located.

The whole Clara being The Doctor excuse was one way to get Clara out from getting trapped by the Cybermen, but does the opening titles in “Death in Heaven” has to put Jenna Coleman’s name first and add her eyes before the title come up. Yeesh, it feels like this series has been “The Clara Show” for some reason.

The Master and The Cybermen aren’t the only ones making a comeback, UNIT come back in this episode with the return of Kate and Osgood, which we haven’t seen since “The Day of the Doctor”. Of course, where did Kate get the classic era Cyberman helmet? Daddy.

God, I hope don’t want to be Moffat when it comes to comparing the newly designed Cybermen to Iron Man. We got the Cybermen flying and removable faceplates. I don’t want be Moffat if I get a call from Marvel’s lawyers when seeing this comparison.

Of course, the plane being attacked by Cybermen was well executed with CGI being awesome to add suspense. I’m just gonna quote from my “Death in Heaven” review.

You thought it will be snakes on a plane? Well, try Cybermen attacking at the plane’s windows. Who knew entering the cyber cloud can lead into dangerous problems with Cybermen flying towards you like Iron Man. Also, Missy escaping by blowing up the door of the plane was dare daring like you see from a James Bond movie. Throwing Kate out was a pretty dick move to pull by dropping her to her death…it’s like Moffat is ready for a killing spree. Also sending The Doctor as well to drop to his death, but he got the TARDIS waiting for him at mid air by going James Bong LARP-ing on this episode.

Clara seeing Danny as a Cyberman was heart wrenching to watch and Clara was about to sonic Danny but quoting her, sonicing Danny is like killing a loved one.

Danny making a sacrifice was also a heart wrenching. And of course, to mark the 100th year anniversary of the start of World War I, Danny making a speech to make a sacrifice to stop the dead from rising. It’s sad, but historic and  heroic to watch and listen as we say goodbye to Danny Pink.

Of course, Missy went away as well with a beam of a Cyberman laser. Either that or that the beam is heading towards her and she teleported herself away. Anyway, before the blast or teleportation or whatever, she taunts The Doctor and told him where Gallifrey is located. And by judging of this, it seems that she might come back either this incarnation or coming back as a male again.

So who saved Kate from falling? Well, it’s none other than The Brigadier in Cyberman form. Nice way to remember the late Nicholas Courtney. And look like after saving Kate, The Brigadier finally got something in return, a salute from The Doctor.

The lies has finally come to an end with Clara saying that she and Danny are dating and The Doctor found Gallifrey. Which is good news for The Doctor…if you think that’s impossible to believe. Missy lied to The Doctor on the coordinates of Gallifrey. And for that reaction scene, heavy stuff on still don’t know where his home planet is at following “The Day of the Doctor”.

It looks like Clara and The Doctor are parting ways. Isn’t it a bit too soon for this! I know there’s a rumor since the series started that Jenna Coleman is set to leave on Christmas, well time to put that rumor to rest because to Daily Mail Online, that Jenna Coleman is not leaving after all.

And just in time for Christmas, guess who decided to make a cameo, Nick Frost as Santa Claus!

So why did these episodes got the Number 8 spot? These episodes are crazy to manage, spectacular to watch, and feels that will wrench you. The identity of Missy as The Master was the major spotlight in this episode with questions on how she escaped Gallifrey from Rassilon and hoping for a backstory on how Missy came to be with a regeneration from John Simm’s Master to Michelle Gomez’s Master. Danny and the rest of the Cybermen army that Missy created making a sacrifice was breathtaking and heartbreaking all in the same time, although Danny is already dead, it feels like it’s time to let the dead in peace. What I really think of this episode is pretty amazing, I mean last season, we got a missing incarnation of The Doctor, and this year, the return of The Master and the Cybermen. Anyway, catch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Last Christmas” on BBC America Christmas Night (December 25) at 9:00pm Eastern/8:00pm Central. Or if you live in another country and want to watch it early, or live in the UK, watch it on BBC One at 6:15pm London Time (1:15pm Eastern Time). And work on the iPlayer. Stay tuned for Number 7 tomorrow as we step off the TARDIS and head back to the restaurant for that series had it first cliffhanger in like…ever. Happy Holidays!


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