Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 7: Bob’s Burgers: “Wharf Horse”/”World Wharf II” (Or How Bob Saves And/Or Destroys the Town).


First off, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it, if not, enjoy your day anyway. Our Top 20 Continues with a situation going on in a local pier that leads into a hostage crisis under the boardwalk. Here’s Number 7, Bob’s Burgers, “Wharf Horse” and “World Wharf II: The Wharfening”.

I gotta say, I never imagine the Bob’s Burgers team manage to pull a cliffhanger, but this, is a first. And I am surprised yet amazed on this. Who knew the character you beginning to like from episodes ago that was introduced went from a good guy to bad person. Even if that person is pointing a gun at the protagonist.

Felix made a comeback in the Season 4 finale following the ambergris episode. And talk about continuity, the bathroom Felix made is still around on the restaurant. Anyway, I think the theme of this episode has something to do with…land development? Felix wants Bob to con his brother to sell Wonder Wharf to build condos in the pier along with requesting Bob to add his restaurant into the pier as well.

You know who’s against this, Tina. Tina was in shock after seeing that her favorite carousel growing up is going bye bye. I mean, that’s her childhood memory that is going to the dumpster. She enjoys riding the carousel since she was a baby, despite falling.

The season 4 finale includes show tunes. For part 1 of the finale, it includes Bob getting Fischoeder to approve the deal to sell Wonder Wharf.

And for part 2 of the finale, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Teddy are looking for Bob while Felix is feeling bad about put both Bob and his brother to death by drowning. Explaining how bad things go bad. Well no shit, things go bad. Comparing the two musical numbers in this two parter, I prefer the second one.

So Fanny was the antagonist all this time after the Belchers and Fischoeders nearly drown after saving Bob and Mr. Fischoeder from drowning under the pier. At the end of the first part, it was Felix, and for the second part, it’s Fanny. It’s like for these two episodes, whoever holds the gun became the antagonist. Wow, no wonder we need gun control in this country.

Following the whole fiasco, and the carousel down to the water (and this meme I made)…

…Fanny got arrested, everyone was saved including Felix, which of course, need to answer my question, if Fischoeder (Calvin) don’t want Felix in prison again for the second time, what did Felix do for the first time? Somebody has to answer my question!

Anyway, the situation has been taken care of and everything went back to normal. Well, Tina still have that lock in her neck. What happened after the credits rolled in, the lock was out from Tina’s neck.

So why did these two episodes got the Number 7 spot? The reason why is because this is the first I see Bob’s Burgers doing a two-parter to end the season. The end of the first part of the season finale built up suspense to catch the viewer’s eye, and I giggle…giggle for excitement when seeing Felix threatening both Bob and his brother with a gun. The credits at the end of “Wharf Horse” shows a James Bond type of animation, to make room to see what’s going to happen in the conclusion of the two part season finale. These two episode perfectly ended the fourth season just right for me to enjoy and to get ready for the fifth season, which is the season we’re currently in.

But anyway, we are now nearing the Final 5 in the Top 20 Countdown, with 13 down, 7 to go, or should I say 14 down, 6 to go. Stay tuned for tomorrow for our number 6 spot as we about to enter the Citadel.


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