The Final Four Countdown! Number 4: Attack on Titan (Toonami): Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5. 進撃の巨人


2015 is right around the corner in just days away and we finally enter our number 4 spot. It has action, but it also had feels, anger, and zaniness all in one episode. We stayed in the Toonami block for the Number 4 spot of the Top 20 Countdown, Attack on Titan, “Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5”.

This episode follows after what happened from Episode 20. Found out that there’s a spy on the loose and it’s one of the rookies. Yes, that’s right, the rookies. Along with the death of Gunther, one of the members of Team Levi and the first to die.

We’re playing trust in this episode with Eren about to go Titan mode but Eld, Petra, and Oluo said no. As in, don’t you remember what will happen if you crazy in Titan mode, you get executed. At least I pay attention to the dub for some reason.

So Eren put his trust on Team Levi and head off to left them to fight the Female Titan and I gotta say, Team Levi fighting the Female Titan…pure, unadulterated, badassery. The skills they learned, oh my god, that’s enough to take down the Female Titan. But did it work against the Female Titan? Uh…

So the main reason why this episode got the Number 4 spot…well…

Yep…the annihilation of Team Levi. Eld, Petra, Oluo…killed off by the Female Titan. When this first came out last year, this shocked the whole fandom, the entire fandom when they first saw it…just lost it. And that leads Eren going Titan against the Female Titan.

But did that work? No. The Female Titan kept dodging Eren’s attack, waiting for someone to punch her in the face.

Eren’s Titan beginning to tired out, mainly because it has to be awhile for his arms to regenerate and the Female Titan dodging. And what’s the result…

Yep…Eren got eaten for the second time. This is like Episode 5 all over again, we know he ain’t dead the first time, now we know that he ain’t dead for the second freaking time! Mikasa saw the thing and got pissed. She almost cut down the Female Titan but Levi pulled her away to back off, but planning to battle for Episode 22 to save Eren, which of course, alive, but not swallowed.

This episode is crazy to talk about, and wow, someone, hand over the fandom an aspirin. Anyway, we have finally reached the Semifinals of the Top 20 Countdown as head to Number 3 tomorrow with Gundam like Mecha Suit invaded a city, a death, and ships that become canon, too canon that it broke the internet.


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