The Semifinal Countdown of the Top 20! Number 3: The Legend of Korra: “Day of the Colossus”/”The Last Stand”.


We have finally reached the semifinals of the Top 20 Countdown and coming in at Number 3, as the year 2014 is coming to an end, a journey that we follow for 2 years is also closing its doors. Here’s number 3, The Legend of Korra, “Day of the Colossus”/”The Last Stand”.

This episode (“Day of the Colossus”) follows what happened last episode (“Kuvira’s Gambit”) with Kuvira firing the spirit weapon at Korra and the gang along with Bataar Jr. taken hostage by them. Note to self, never tried to be engaged to a madwoman who has weapons of mass destruction.

The battle between Republic City and Kuvira was one of the toughest battle to see, not since the Aang/Ozai fight that I thought it was tense. Apparently, how do you attack a giant mecha suit that is made out of platinum? Well…you can’t. Try 3 scenarios. First scenario with the Airbenders dropping paint balloons into the windows of Kuvira’s mecha suit along with Suyin and the twins attaching string to tie up the feet while Bolin is lavabending to knock the feet off the mecha suit. That was a fail. Then it’s Varrick and Zhu Li’s turn with seismic waves to take down Kuvira and her army, however it was a fail as well because it only took down the little mecha suits and not the big one or the giant one that Kuvira was in. Then came random attacking with buying time for the hummingbird suits to open the leg to get into the suit. Varrick and Zhu Li escaped safely but Asami and her father got the hatch open but at what cost? Asami’s father made a sacrifice with letting Asami go of the suit and him getting squashed by Kuvira.

It’s round 2 of the Korra/Kuvira fight, this time in the control room while Mako and Bolin tried to turn off the spirit energy inside the suit and Lin and Suyin to disable the weapon in the right arm with Suyin doing all the work while Lin is taking care of the metalbending guard. The animation of the fight was rather good from the control room to the forest of spirits with Korra spiritbending to save Kuvira’s life. Of course the spiritbending Korra did open a new spirit portal, which…actually came out of nowhere.

Wu singing to the badger moles leading an underground route to get the evacuated citizens out of Republic City was brilliant thinking as a last resort even since Kuvira and her army got into the city a week early. It even had to fight off two of Kuvira’s men by digging two different holes and attack them head on. It’s nice to see Wu fully developed as a character for the whole season from being all about himself to rightful future ruler that takes command. After Kuvira’s surrender, Wu becomes King of the Earth Kingdom but stepped down. The reason why he had to step down is because he want to follow in Republic City’s footsteps and turn the Earth Kingdom into the Earth Republic. Changing from monarchy to republic as we bid farewell to Korra’s story.

So…Kuvira just surrendered after a lecture from the Avatar. Kuvira said to Korra that they are nothing alike, which to Korra that they are, having the similarities of each other’s traits. Both wanted to succeed in life, but afraid to take chances. Also hearing from Korra on what she learned from Suyin back in “Enemy at the Gates” that Kuvira was under her wing when she was a child until she broke off and tried to unite the Earth Kingdom following the death of the Earth Queen thanks to Zaheer and Suyin refused to take charge of the kingdom in Ba Sing Se, so Kuvira had to take charge. So yeah, Kuriva surrendered thanks to Korra and looks like she going to be away for a really long time.

This series finale isn’t complete until some pairings are canon. The reason why these two episodes got the Number 3 spot, receiving the bronze medal, is that battle between Kuvira and Korra isn’t enough. We got our action, which the fanboys got, and now for the shippers, the pairings. Yep. Varrick and Zhu Li finally tied the knot while Republic City is in utter chaos. Following what happened between the two the moment when the two were testing it out the spirit weapon back in “Enemy at the Gates” that it gave us a stubble hint on what about to go down. And in “Kuvira’s Gambit”, she told Varrick that she lied to Kuvira to save his life and told Varrick that she don’t want to be treated as a assistant anymore and wanted to be equals. That lead to “Day of the Colossus” that before entering the hummingbird suits, Varrick finally proposed to Zhu Li, and to do the thing.

They even finally have the ceremony after the battle with Kuvira, and man, Varrick can get emotional over this.

This isn’t the only ship that was made canon. This ship I gonna talk about broke a lot of ground. This ship will go down as one of the most amazing canonical scene in television in 2014. This canonical pairing just broke the fandom! No…the internet! No wait…the entire world! I’m talking about Korrasami.

Yep, that’s right, Korrasami is canon! My secondary ship has been confirmed canon. And look at that, creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino made it canon according to their Tumblr posts after the series ended. This is what the fans wanted to see for a really long time. Wow, what a day. These two episodes got the bronze medal and deserved to be in the Top 3. Comparing the Season 3 finale with the Season 4 finale, the Season 4 one is now my new found favorite. LGBT for the win!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow as we enter our number 2 spot as we prepare to close out 2014 in New Year’s Eve Eve.


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