The Final 2 Countdown! Adventure Time: “Billy’s Bucket List”.


2014 ends tomorrow and we have finally reached the final 2 countdown of the Top 20. Here’s Number 2, Adventure Time, “Billy’s Bucket List”.

This episode got the silver medal because it shows how Finn is really developed his character from rapping against a party bear to follow his hero’s bucket list to getting rid of his fear of the ocean and the revelation of a human father that he never knew up until now.

We meet Canyon in this episode with the exception that she’s Billy’s ex-girlfriend, I’m guessing their relationship gone a bit rocky. Canyon teaming with Finn on finishing the list for Billy was a nice way to show that she could be a recurring character in the near future, if possible. One of the items in Billy’s list is to send Canyon home, or in this case, one last motorcycle ride.

The rap battle in the beginning was something to fill in on what’s to show in the this episode. Andy Samberg guest star in this episode as Rap Bear and I never expect him for his character to rap, not to coincide with his work in “The Lonely Island”.

And it’s nice to see Party Pat in this episode as well. We haven’t seen him for a really long time, not since the episode where Finn, Jake, and the bears are stuck in the monster’s belly. Although, we got like little to no lines from him in this episode.

Finn finally got rid of his fear of the ocean in this episode. With the first try being an absolute fail with coming out from his belly button comes the Fear Feaster. We haven’t seen him for a while, not since “Ocean of Fear”. And it’s nice to hear Mark Hamill’s voice again. Coincide with his voice of Skips from Adventure Time and his role of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, hearing him as the Fear Feaster shivers me to my spine.

The dream sequence in this episode was amazing. I really like the coloring and outline with Finn about to face his fear after knocking himself out with a board from the dock.

The grass sword just weld itself while the Fear Feaster is taunting Finn after coming out of the ocean. Even though the grass sword helped hum got rid of Finn’s fear of the ocean, it seems that the sword has it’s own mind to weld. That got the fandom to question after the episode was released that something might, or in this case, will about to happen to Finn’s arm. Spoiler alert, something did happened.

The reason why this episode got the silver medal, the number 2 spot, is because of a little Easter egg hiding in the form of the thing in the list that was not crossed off. That thing was “Tell Finn the thing”.

Found out the thing was to tell Finn that his real father is alive and at the Citadel. When I first saw that moment…I freaking called it! Of course, Betty is a human and she’s in Ooo at the end of the “Betty” episode. So  that raised the number of humans in Ooo to 3.

That does it for the Number 2 spot. Stay tuned for the Number 1 spot tomorrow as we prepare to close out 2014 with feels, feels that will hurt you so much, it will made you human. As we prepare to close out the Top 20 Countdown.


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