Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 9: The Fast and the Brewing. Sisterly Love and Lies!!!


On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belcher kids go Go-Kart racing with Tina vs. Louise at the race track on who’s in charge on taking the shift of the driver’s seat while Bob and Linda sells Teddy’s home made beer while being hoping not to be caught by the health inspector. Here’s my spoilerific review of “Speakeasy Rider”.

This episode brought up a lot of Season 3 references all in one episode. Something that I haven’t seen or listen to referencing the starter seasons in one episode to bring in nostalgia. With the mentioning of Kingshead Island from the 2012 Halloween episode “Full Bars”.

Along with the return of the One Eyed Snakes from the 2012 episode “Ear-sy Rider”. Along with the first scene with the new baby.

Tina maturing her driving skills from car crashing to driver license ready even since “Tina Rannosaurus Wrecks”.


Not to mention the title. This episode is called “Speakeasy Rider”, to breaking it down, “Rider” as in Go-Karting and “Speakeasy” with alcohol even though the 21st Amendment re-legalized alcohol after the 18th Amendment didn’t go so well. And with “Ear-sy Rider”, “Ears” with Louise getting her bunny hat stolen by Logan and “Rider” with the first appearance of the One Eyed Snakes after mourning the loss of their old leader.

And of course, the sisterly relationship of Tina and Louise. Their bond has grew stronger and stronger ever since the 2013 episode “Boyz 4 Now” when Louise is developing a fangirl crush on Boo Boo. Even since then, their relationship has grown closer from this to the collapse of the carousel from the boardwalk to joining the Thundergirls troop to catch the mole and finding out that Louise is jealous of the organization for not having quality time with Tina to this episode. Wow, that’s a long sentence to talk/write about. Like best friend type of scenario but I think it’s pretty sweet for the two, including Louise for showing her nice side. Total besties for two, even though Tina and Tammy have some conflict and Louise just befriended Jessica, which we haven’t seen in number of episodes, Tina and Louise…Best Sisterly Team Ever.

And plus, this is the second time I see two sisters working together, besides Lin and Suyin from The Legend of Korra. All I see in the past is brother and brother or brother and sister. With brother and sister, comes Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls, Katara and Sokka from The Last Airbender, and Byakuya and Rukia from Bleach. And with brother and brother, there’s a lot to name, Rin and Yukio from Blue Exorcist, Mako and Bolin from The Legend of Korra, Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto, heck, even Wirt and Greg from Over The Garden Wall. I do hope for an episode that features only on Tina and Louise, like a backstory with a little Tina and baby Louise.

The partnership between Bob and Teddy was a nice B-plot to watch to take a breather from the A-plot, which is the racing. However, in my point of view, the B-plot has begun to fall downhill. Although it’s nice to see Hugo again since “My Fuzzy Valentine”, it’s like this for example, when the teacher leaves the room for a minute, the students act crazy.

And oh…nope, what I about to say is like the biggest “Get Out of Jail Free Card” I have seen for the entire year, and this is the second week of 2015. As a person who has a interest of history, including U.S. History, it starts with Bob and Linda lying to Hugo and Ron with the smell of yeast, something to make bread or brew, and Bob lied to the two that he and Linda are making bread, to get out of trouble from selling Teddy’s home made beer. It’s like coming from another series to use the “making bread” lie to get out of a situation. Which series used that reference, iCarly.

But the lies doesn’t stop there, Bob and Linda also told them that they are serving breakfast. Which the two did serve them breakfast the next day. After both Ron and Hugo left the scene, Bob and Linda agreed to stop selling Teddy’s beer, but it had to include hurting his feelings. It’s one lie to another to another to get out of situations. Remember kids, don’t drink and don’t lie.

We got introduced to new characters in the race track pinning on the Belcher kids and from Kingshead Island with Bryce, nicknamed “Not Nice” Bryce, which in the duration of the episode questions why he got the nickname till the race at the near end of the episode when he bumped through Louise’s kart.

Along with Sasha, which is a guy by the way, after seeing Tina driving, he wants her to join the Kingshead Island group to drive their kart in the A-League, in which Tina agreed to do after being dished out by Louise due to her (Louise) taking the driver’s seat and not her (Tina).

The competition between Tina and Louise in the episode was absolutely my favorite with started off with Louise hijacked Tina’s chances on driving the kart and for the Kingshead Island team to take Tina to take a spin in their karts, which spark betrayal and rivalry between the two sisters. That rivalry has come to an end with Tina helping Louise after Bryce bumped through her kart and the engine was off.

And that and the scene with both Louise and Tina sleeping over in Louise’s room with the trophy in the middle. That was a nice scene to watch with the two making things up. And hoping for more of sisterly love in future episodes for either the near end of Season 5 or the start of Season 6, which FOX did gave them the green light in the Fall season later this year.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s pretty darn good. The show started the new year off right in last week’s episode, and did it again in this week. This episode is full of references of Season 3 all in one episode with mentioning Kingshead Island, Tina’s driving, the sisterly relationship between Tina and Louise, and the return of the One Eyed Snakes, along with a reappearance of Hugo. And of course, the title, not to coincide with the 2012 episode “Ear-sy Rider”. I love the scene with Tina and Louise having on each other throats in the go-kart track to Tina having a conscience to help out Louise to win the race. And I do hope the show makers make an episode where it spotlighted on only Tina and Louise doing sisterly stuff, like in some Ramona and Beesus type of episode that is full of character development. The whole Bob and Teddy beer selling in the restaurant was one way to fill the crowd in for a delicious burger to eat, but the whole Bob and Linda lying to Hugo and Ron to not get caught and the bread and breakfast lie fiasco seems a bit dodgy. It’s like alcohol is illegal in this part of the town. Normally in this episode review, I would bring up the “History 101” bit with life under prohibition and how speakeasies are made and the high crime rate that leads to the Great Depression, but…I guess you guys already know that in your history class. As for Gene waving flags during the duration of the episode and the return of Gus from the 2013 episode “Seaplane!”, I got to admit, Gene did a fantastic job waving flags…and that’s about it.

I give “Speakeasy Rider”…

…a 9 out of 10, I would it a rating less than a 9, like an 8 or 7 due to the lies which I can’t stand, but because of the sisterly relationship with Tina and Louise, I had to give it a 9. And plus it was great to feature references to bring in nostalgia from Season 3. It’s like this season so far is one big nostalgia factor to embrace. Also, where does this screenshot comes from, a deleted scene maybe?

Anyway, speaking of nostalgia, next week, Bob’s Burgers is taking a week hiatus because it’s Martin Luther King weekend. But stay tuned for January 25th as the nostalgia expressway continues its course with the return of Cynthia, not to mention, a possibility that Logan is making a comeback. In the next episode in two weeks, a trade agreement has to be made with Logan getting a job at Bob’s Burgers (saw the fanfictions) for Louise planting a tree at the community garden. Nothing say a week hiatus with saving the Earth and planting trees. With the tenth episode of Season Five, “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise”.


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