Winter Storm Juno Recap: The Challenges for the Meteorological Society


Winter Storm Juno Recap

Winter Storm Juno has long and done for the Northeastern United States. What everyone in the Northeast and New England Coast expect to be an “Historic” blizzard that they haven’t seen in ages was actually a dodged bullet and incorrect calculations.

What the Northeast and New England Coast should have expected

What the Northeast and New England Coast should have expected

Boston should have received the hardest hit of Winter Storm Juno with 2+ feet of snow with blizzard conditions, but instead got at least about twenty something inches of snow, did not reached the Top 5 snowfall record, even if it’s trying to tie with the 2013 Blizzard (Winter Storm Nemo).

Top 5 Snowfall in Boston (Including Juno)

The internet went on hype mode over this storm since January 24 into January 25, coming up with survival guides and memes on this brutal winter storm ready to hit the Northeast. When it comes to The Weather Channel naming Winter Storms after Mythological Figures, that got the internet memed and bunkered up for the worse to come. Along with getting the Netflix ready for days of video streaming.


The Sign Language Interpreters stole the spotlight during this winter storm with the interpreter from New York City when mayor Bill de Blasio told every New Yorker to shelter in place and issued a car ban after 11pm except for emergency vehicles. Comparing this interpreter…


…to the interpreter from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 sided with former mayor Michael Bloomberg…


Who’s better? Put your answer in the comments below.

The media went a bit overboard with Juno like it’s a doomsday scenario that is about to create massive pants shatting even though the media should be busy with other topics like Deflate-gate or the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, but they had to take a breather to cover the winter storm due to the straight that most of the top media channels are located in New York (FOX News, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.). The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took a jab to the media’s coverage of Juno on last night’s show (January 27, 2015) including CNN on “Blizzardmobile” and The Weather Channel on explaining how the snow can cause hazardous conditions inside a house with meteorologist Mark Elliot explaining and comparing snow on the roofs to nine, count ’em, nine pickup trucks falling down.

And…it’s that a yeti in Boston?

Yeti lurking in Suburban Boston Town

Yeti lurking in Suburban Boston Town

Well, according to the yeti’s Twitter Page…yeah…even a yeti can go social…believe me, I checked, here’s the latest tweet…


…this got the internet trended just today (January 28) thanks to citizens in Somverville, Massachusetts for taking the photo. And of course, adding controversy to this, is this yeti real? No. No it’s not, found out it’s someone in a costume just by seeing the profile picture in the background and Twitter account. Beginning to question if mythological creatures have social media accounts to explore like the Bigfoot from the Slim Jim commercials.

Well you thought Winter Storm Juno is done for the Northeast, think again. Another system is about to come in later this week into the weekend to end the month of January to the start of February, adding more snow into the mix thanks to a clipper system from Canada.




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