Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 12: The most craziest Election season we seen so far. Haber vs. Pesto vs. Frock vs. Belcher, oh my!



On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, it’s Election season for Wagstaff as Jimmy Jr. is facing off against returning character Henry Haber in the School Election, that is until Millie intervenes and and run for School President, and it’s up to Louise to make Millie lose while it’s knife vs. hammer in the restaurant. Here’s my spoilerific review of “The Millie-churian Candidate”.

Judging from both the title and the introduction of this review, yep, Millie is back in this week’s episode since Season 4’s “Fort Night” and still more obsessed with Louise than ever. I’m surprised why the creators brought her back and made her a recurring character. Molly Shannon did an amazing job playing the psychopathic character who is obsessed with our favorite bunny hatted child. Millie’s return equals discomfort for Louise and when she’s insisted on running for school president thanks to Henry Haber, that made Louise losing control, making her the control freak.

Little Bunny Lou Lou hoping through the forest

Man that child need to see a psychiatrist.

Millie isn’t the only one making a comeback in this week’s episode, cue Henry Haber. Henry came back as Jimmy Jr.’s opponent in the school election. And never imagine him coming back since Season 3’s “Carpe Museum”. So yeah, Henry is running against Jimmy Jr., then Millie. It was nice to the two again and oh look at that, I smell antics.

Henry Haber's Return

And of course, the motto for Haber’s campaign, “Chess We Can”. Chess Club? Maybe. Something going on that has something to do with what’s going to happen to the plot? Wait till you scroll down. And the motto…did it just parodied Obama’s 2008 slogan?



The dream sequence, or nightmare that Louise is having, about Millie winning the election ever since hearing the news that Millie is running for president was more of a expectation than reality. Or in Louise’s case, the other way around. It all begins with Millie winning the election on a landslide and going all dictator on the school. Which almost reminded me of another person…




…thank you. With Millie wanting Louise to be paired up by ordering the Wrestling Team to bring her to the stage without hesitating and the sewing¬†club to pair the two with metal, along with the whole school singing the anthem.¬†Wow, no wonder conservatives are afraid. Because of that nightmare, Louise joins the Jimmy Jr. campaign bandwagon. And just by the start of the episode, Louise doesn’t give a flying fuck about politics.


The election, not to mention the entire A-plot, was nothing more than confusing, yet melodramatic, and also rotating in the opposite direction right and back. Louise demolishing Jimmy Jr.’s chances of becoming president thanks to Millie running made Louise into a control freak. Demolishing your sister’s crush’s presidential bid shows Louise trying to help but heading off in the wrong direction. It all begins with the commercial for Jimmy Jr. to get more votes, even though he got a 94% lead over both Henry Haber and Millie. But did that work? No, it decreased by 30%.


What to do to fix the problem. Make another commercial. Will that work? No. The popularity rate is still going down hard. Even a negative ad won’t work to increase the chances. I’m no political annalist, but that shit hit down. The campaign was shitted on thanks to Louise worrying that Millie could win the election. At least the Jimmy Jr. fans got a treat on this week’s episode, his fifth grade picture.


The scene with Louise needing another idea that leads to Jimmy Jr. dropping out of the race…she spilled the beans that both him and Tina are dating. That makes the Tina x Jimmy Jr. shippers proud thanks to this post.


But this questions me, even though I post the audio reaction, with permission of course, how did the ship became canon? The two just got into remedial math at the end of last week’s episode. And now the creators had to put the two together like it was nothing, no proof, no anything? Sorry shippers, but this ship is now under investigation.


It was nice to see the school news again since that episode back in Season 3 with the headline going on this time is Jimmy Jr.’s ad. What’s everyone’s reaction? They hated it. Complaining on his moves, the ways he doing on the ad, and I was shocked hearing Peter Pescadero saying a swear on the school news. What do you expect from someone named Peter, last time I think a Peter was a foul mouth was actor Peter Capaldi, before playing the 12th Doctor, taking the role of Malcolm Tucker from “In the Loop”.



Bob buying a new knife was a nice sub-plot to break away from the election going on. The $300 knife from Japan was something that Bob has dreamed of since first saw and when he bought it, it’s like a dream come true. But man, $300 for a profession chef blade? This economy man!


The hammer vs. knife debate was a bit off for me. For pointers, which creates more damage? Hammer would definitely create more damage than a knife. Due to the straight that a knife can actually kill a person than a hammer.¬†However, fixing stuff with either the hammer or knife…no…just no.


The death of the knife from Teddy’s hammer was a not so much dramatic, for Bob it is, for the viewers, not really. So our only death in the season is an object.


Abby made a comeback as well for this episode, forgot about this one. Which makes the number of girls coming back to the show since Season 4’s “Slumber Party” to Two. But no Jessica? Loren, you better bring her back by the end of the season. The note that Louise was given was indeed Abby thanks to the braids.


And coming in is the revelation. Abby’s real name is Mabel. And also a last name, Haddington. Mabel “Abby” Haddington. Mm…should I or should I not change the “Abby” tag on my Tumblr?


So why Louise pulled a revelation on Abby, now Mabel? Something to do with getting out of Millie from the friendship system by ABC order if she wins the election. Lucky that’s first name because if it’s last name, because if that to happen, that’s a major problem for Millie because her last name starts with an “F” and Louise’s last name starts with an “B”. This pisses Millie off, and by pissed, I mean almost attempting murdering Abby by choke hold. Death by braid. I know Millie was that crazy, but that is some adult misdemeanor type for her at her age. A 4th Grader almost killing off another 4th Grader? Jesus, that girl has go out bonkers.


And Louise saying the name of Mabel, pure genius. Never imagine Bob’s Burgers used a Gravity Falls reference because both Mabel and Louise are voiced by Kristen Schaal. And that’s your fact of the week.


With Jimmy Jr. out of the race because of Louise’s actions, Millie getting disqualified for attempted murder, and Louise getting disqualified for invading Frond’s office leads Henry Haber the winner by default. But this is where things get out of hand. Henry planned the whole thing, yep, the entire A-plot of the episode. And remember “Chess We Can”? Yep, he played the plot like a game of chess and used Jimmy Jr., Millie, Louise, and Abby as the pawns. How? His brother saw and heard the whole thing and told Henry about it and run the election against Jimmy Jr., get Millie involved to get to Louise, make Louise into a control freak and destroy the campaign…you know what, getting rid of the person with the most votes, let’s go with that.


And let’s face it, Henry Haber…just pulled an Aizen.


Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well I think it was a pretty good episode despite the confusion and the tense. Millie’s return was unexpected and for me as a reviewer, the most scariest character in the series. Henry planned the whole thing from the start with the election was a shocker for me and the revelation of Abby with her full name as Mabel to get back at Millie was something to enjoy. And Millie almost attempting murder by choke hold was something that the show has not pulled. I would say the scene was good and shocking, but following what happened last October with the death of Eric Garner and the choke hold by Staten Island police, it’s mixed feelings. And the sub-plot of Bob and his knife was a nice breakaway but rather a seem disappointing, about 30-50% of that. And the competition between hammer and knife was nothing more than cheap laughs or rather unsettling ruse use to exit out from the A-plot. I give “The Millie-Churian Candidate”…

9 out of 10

…a 9 out of 10. For an episode aired the day before President’s Day and the day after Valentine’s, this episode got my vote. However, next year’s election is going to be tough for me as a first time voter. Anyway, next week, no new episode or the week after that due to a hiatus. Tune in March 1st with the return of Megan Mullally as Gayle and the kids write and read stories to cheer up a heartbroken Gayle after being duped from a date. In the 13th episode of Season 5, “The Gayle Tales”. And…we’re going back to the 7:30pm time slot…and can’t escape till May…yeah. See you then.


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