Review: Gravity Falls Season 2, Episode 10: You Know, For Kids! A ship is born and doomsday incoming!?!


On this week’s episode of Gravity Falls, ghosts invaded the Northwest Mansion and it’s up to Dipper to fight and capture it. All while Mabel, Candy, and Grenda got into the party and suddenly a guy comes in and the three makes a truce on hitting on him. This is my spoilerific review of “Northwest Mansion Mystery” or “Noir” or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Pacifica came back in this week’s episode as the Northwests prepare to throw a ball, and for once, when I saw the preview with both her and Dipper facing off that ghost, it beginning to look like a ship is about to be born. Even though both Pacifica and Mabel allegedly worked things out since “The Golf War”, Dipper on the other hand still ain’t having it. From Dipper’s point of view, she’s a spoiled brat that got everything, as well as being a total bitch at everything (yeah I said it), and of course, Dipper protected Mabel from Pacifica’s taunting and proved that her ancestor did not create the town of Gravity Falls by files and Trembly. I kinda laughed at the part when Dipper slam the door at Pacifica, denying her request to take down the ghost, saying “You’re the worst”.

Nathan Fillion playing Pacifica’s dad was perfect since we first hear his voice since “The Golf War” and gotta say, he did a pretty good job. Kari Wahlgren also did an amazing job playing Pacifica’s mom. Including the part where the parents are absolute assholes. Just found out in this episode that the reason why Pacifica is acted that way is because of her parents. Can you say “Worst Parents of 2015” or what? It was their fault that made Pacifica the way she is. It was their fault that cheated their way into life. It’s like they took a sip of instant asshole in a glass. Lesson of the week from Gravity Falls, rise up against the rich.

The ghost was introduced as nothing more scary than any other creature in the series, besides either Bill, the Shape Shifter, or in this case, the Society of the Blindeye. This ghost comes for revenge against the Northwests and it’s ancestry following the flashback 150 years ago that they, the builders of the mansion, were promised celebration for their hard work, despite losing thousands of men on the job, got cheated off thanks to the family ripping them off for being rich and often killed by a mudslide. It was nice to see the backstory behind the whole ordeal on why the ghost is planning to kill off the current ancestry of the Northwest at the night of the party. That’s one way to tell the viewers to rise against the rich and let the poor have some fun.

Is this episode started a new ship for Dipper? Remembering back to “Into the Bunker” that the WenDip ship has finally sunk thanks to Wendy saying to Dipper that she’s too old for him. And now…Dipcifica? We got some moments around Dipper and Pacifica that the fandom automatically begins to ship and cue the shipping war…again. Thought the Candy/Dipper ship was the only ship still standing? This episode released another one, pulling off from Hirsch’s arm…ada. And the whole “pretend that never happened” thing after Pacifica hugged Dipper after capturing the ghost, the viewers saw everything. I mean yeah, I’m not that avid on the shipping or anything, I’m a CanDip shipper, after seeing the duration of the episode, and feeling bad for Pacifica after the way her parents treat her, now I am torn.

The blood oozing out of the “prized” possessions was a nice, yet horrific, thing to see in this week’s episode. Though seeing blood on a kids’ show is a bit tat up but also got this episode from rating to rating based my perspective of the episode. Normally I thought it was rated “G” but seeing the blood oozing out seems a bit more rated…would say “R” but no one died in this episode, so…”PG-13-ish”. Tip of the tongue.

There were some references in this episode, normally 3 on this one. With the first coming from the 1973 horror film “The Exorcist” with the woman in disguise asking the guy for help, same thing to see with Pacifica and Dipper as the plot builds up.

Over the Garden Wall was also referenced in this episode with the first with Pacifica listening to the ringing of the bell by her parents, prior to the ringing of the bell that Lorna listened to follow Auntie Whispers, minus the demon inside of her.

And the part where the ghost turns the party guests into lumber of wood remind me of the Edelwood Tree, to which part when Greg was turned into an Edelwood Tree in the hands of the Beast. Except for one-two things on that reference, the ghost is for revenge and the Beast is a child snatcher.

Mabel, Candy, and Grenda making a pact to not hit a boy in the duration of the B-plot of the episode was a bit of a nice touch during the party instead of making a full episode of ghost hunting. And Matt Chapman as Marius von Fundshauser was something I like best on this episode, I mean he is the same voice actor as Mermando, so yeah, from Spanish accent to Austrian accent kinda make the fans swoon, he’s like the Dante Basco or Crispin Freeman of the fandom.

Both Candy and Mabel caved from the pact after being affected by Marius’ charms and looks by pretending to be someone they’re not and by that I mean hitting on them and used pick up lines. So the winner of that pact is Grenda for being herself by plucking his nose and that got his attention. So you know, props to Grenda.

And of course, there were some theories going on after the episode premiere, and no, it’s not about the next episode. Is this screenshot…

…the screenshot above shows the yellow outline of the llama. Theories been around that maybe Pacifica represents the llama in that wheel you seen around. Because it can’t be Mabel’s llama sweater in “The Hands that rocks the Mabel” because in “Dreamscaperers”, Bill called Mabel “Shooting Star” because of the shooting star sweater in “Tourist Trapped”. Yellow outline, blond hair, could work, if possible.

You know, I thought it was going to be some sort of filler episode, but that ending, the last 30 seconds of the episode before the credits rolled in…wow…I don’t what to say about this. It all begin with Dipper enjoying the party, after Pacifica defeated the ghost by letting the poor in, and then McGucket came in and told Dipper that he fixed the laptop that was destroyed, and predicted that the end of the world is coming in 21 hours. Episode premiered on February 16th, next episode is March 9th, 21 days. And I’ll be surprised that if the apocalypse McGucket is worried about in just 21 minutes in the next episode. And of course the episode ends with a look at the thing over the door and oh…Bill overlooking the two people with a dead tree and skeletons under the ground and in pit of fire. Surprise, Bill is coming back!

But that doesn’t stop there, look like the agents from “Scare-oke” are now getting involved as well. They know what’s going down and now, damn, does it had something to do with Stan and the portal? Possibly. We’ll wait and find out on March 9th.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Gravity Falls? I think it’s a pretty amazing episode. The plot was too good to handle along with the animation being well done. And it’s also nice to see character development on Pacifica and why she been acted like a spoiled brat over the series is because of her parents. And it was also nice for Dipper to break out of Pacifica’s shell, telling her to not follow her parents’ ways and to have a change of heart for once but letting the poor into the party. For a kids show, I never expected blood and a pick ax death during a mudslide but man, that was intense, disturbing, but intense and enjoyable to watch. It’s like its all gumdrops and ice cream in the first half but then things go dark. Never imagine the series go that dark, I was hoping for going even more darker. And the ending with the warning of the upcoming apocalypse, hype mode activated. I give this episode…

…a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason why I didn’t give this episode a full 10 is because of the opening. The opening was cut short. What was that about Disney!?! It was a full 30 minute episode, what up with that? Anyway, tuned in March 9th for the eleventh episode of Season Two, “Not What He Seems”. And wow, the tenth episode of the season and shit is going down. Never trust the Tenth Episode everyone. But the eleventh episode…will get the job done. Tearing your self-esteem down. Get ready and save the date for March 9th.


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