Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 15: Wild Chinchilla Hunt and Date Night Trivia



On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the kids are on the hunt as the school chinchilla is on the loose around town, all while Bob and Linda are faced with trivia during their date night. This is my spoilerific review of “Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting”.

This episode introduces a new character in the series…


…not him, that’s later on. I’m talking about the chinchilla.


The chinchilla was introduced in this episode as Louise was assigned to take care of the tiny furry animal over the weekend, despite the reason how Louise got the chinchilla is because of a short argument over the character of the name of Wayne. Who’s really protective over that animal.


Really protective that he marched himself to the Belcher household to see if Louise didn’t screw things up. Yeah…beginning to suspect that Wayne is chinchilla obsessed.


And guess who’s the perfect guest star to voice Wayne, Andy Richter. Never imagine getting him as the voice of the guy who is really super protective about a little rodent. Speaking of rodent, fun fact! Richter is the voice of Mort from Madagascar.


Not the country, the movie. The spin-off TV series. Yeah, the little lemur who has a foot fetish to King Julien, and his left hand man.


Last week, it’s Dana Snyder voicing Sheldon, and now this week, it’s Andy Richter. Man, how many more guest stars are going to voice in the rest of the season?


So aren’t we gonna question about the chinchilla’s condition in the episode? When the chinchilla was first introduced, it was shaking, sneezing, wide-eyed, and by later of the episode, had a seizure. Um, did the teacher didn’t warn the students that the school pet is kind of sick or something? Somebody has to ask about it.


And guess who decided to join in after a year since he last appeared in Season 4, it’s Jonas.


Yep, Jonas is back in this week’s episode since Season 4’s “Uncle Teddy”, one year, this month, next Monday since that episode and him premiered. Jonas took the chinchilla and put it inside his jacket. Which makes the kids head towards the party but not without a little help of Tammy.


Yep, Tammy made a reappearance as well. How many episodes this season Tammy been appearing?


6 times this season, with next week’s episode making the number to 7. I never imagine both Tina and Tammy hanging out in this episode, but it was nice to hang out for once in this episode at the high school party. I mean, when the two got nervous from that one high schooler about what grade the two are in, connection. When Tina saved Tammy from passing gas in front of high schoolers, connection. I mean, I could compare Tina and Tammy’s relationship to others in other series like for example Mabel and Pacifica from Gravity Falls, or Ino and Sakura from Naruto, or in this case…Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra. And now that I mention both Korra and Asami, I feel like now I want to ship Tina and Tammy.


And of course, the episode did include revelation…on their grade levels. So it’s official, Tammy is in the 8th Grade, so does Tina. Well…time to make a list from 8th to 4th Grade.

  • Tina (8th)
  • Tammy (8th)
  • Jimmy Jr. (8th)
  • Zeke (8th)
  • Jocelyn (8th)
  • Darryl (7th)
  • Rosa (7th)
  • Gene (5th or 6th)
  • Courtney (5th or 6th)
  • Louise (4th)
  • Rudy (4th)
  • Andy and Ollie (4th)
  • Millie (4th)
  • Jessica (4th)
  • Wayne (4th)
  • Abby (4th)

Now you’d been told.

Date Night for Bob and Linda in this episode was a bit of a downhill…for Linda. Apparently, by the expression of her face.


And guessing by the first time to play in Trivia Night, a bit of a rocky start for Bob and Linda following the two getting the wrong answer on a U.S. History question. When did Puerto Rico got annexed?


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “History Lesson 101” skit in my reviews, and well…time to bring it back. Here’s your History Lesson 101.

History Lesson 101: Puerto Rican Annexation

The year is 1898 and both the U.S. and Spain are at war…with each other. And no, it’s not soccer, nor basketball, nor any other sport, we’re talking real war. The Spanish-American War.


A lot of shit has happened to force the Americans to go to war against Spain from Yellow Journalism, to Cuban Sympathy, all the way to the sinking of the USS Maine. Some people blame Spain, some people think it’s an accident and blame Spain like it was nothing. Anyway, U.S. declared war on Spain and the war took about…4 months? That’s short. Anyway, the war took 4 months, and then came August 1898 when Spain surrendered to the U.S. and the country became a world power. So how is Puerto Rico involved in this? Simple, did you know the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico used to be a Spanish Colony. Puerto Rico is still a U.S. Territory ever since, waiting for either to become it’s own country or become a U.S. state.

Puerto Rico

Linda stealing the answers to win Trivia Night was a bit sneaky for her taste. What do you expect, both her and Bob are losing, so the only thing is to cheat. Remember kids, cheating is never the answer. NEVER! They got disqualified after that plan failed when the answers fell to the floor and Linda tried to distract the host to get the paper, but turned and saw the answers on the floor.


However, the kiss scene after getting kicked out of the bar was a nice touch to show that they had fun. Compare this one to the other date nights Bob and Linda did and put it in the comments below…or on my inbox on Tumblr.


The chinchilla having a seizure after the flashing lights was something to steam the suspense, coming from a sickly rodent, someone, please check that chinchilla’s condition, I’m not a veterinarian. Louise almost got trampled if it weren’t for Wayne, which he got knocked down by 4 people. Yeah, if it weren’t for Wayne, Louise…it won’t be a pretty picture to see. I mean, what is Loren trying to pull here this season? It’s the 15th episode of the season, 6-7 episodes left, it’s like the show’s creator is either ready or not ready to kill off a character. Pulling it in, that’s my theory, people! If he does, didn’t see that one coming. If not, I’ll take my punishment from the Bob’s Burgers fandom.


We also got a new character, forgot to mention this one, named Vanessa. She only got a few lines in the episode and now we know that Jonas is totally hitting on her. That’s it. That’s the full description.


Hiding from Teddy while going all out chinchilla hunting was a bit of a tease, tried to drawback to the “Uncle Teddy” episode, besides bringing Jonas back, but it was kinda funny on the part when Teddy sings while driving, hoping for the radio to be fixed. You know, Teddy could buy another radio.


Louise letting go of the chinchilla to Wayne was a nice touch for the character and to show her nice side. This coming from the mischievous 9 year old bunny hatted female, Louise reminds me of Bart Simpson, mischievous and devious. but kind hearted and apologetic. Louise give Wayne the chinchilla because Wayne wanted it. Is it me or is Wayne acted like a crybaby when Louise got the chinchilla for the weekend? Comparing protective or obsessive, I think Wayne might be obsessive. That’s my guess.


However, the chinchilla wants to stay with Louise. You can totally see the expression on his or her face. What gender is this chinchilla? Anyway, seeing that expression means that the chinchilla don’t want to be with Wayne.

Louise: Okay, you be a good chinchilla and live with Wayne till Monday.


Chinchilla: Wait, don’t leave me alone with him, don’t leave me alone with him!!!


Louise: Okay Wayne, the chinchilla’s all yours.


Chinchilla: Take me with yo…*door slam*


Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s a bit of a run with both plots of the episode. The chinchilla hunt seems a bit adventurous and sneaky for the kids, but a bit of a upslope for me, as the viewer. Andy Richter as the guest star was nothing more than common sense for the character of Wayne. I mean, the last character he voiced is a obsessive lemur, and now in this week’s episode, overprotected over the chinchilla. I really like the whole idea of Tina and Tammy hanging out, not to compare with Tammy’s first appearance in Season 2’s “Bad Tina” when she threaten to read Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction to the entire school, but this episode, I think I see these two to have in common. Gene however in this episode feels like the background character in this week’s episode, however, using the “delivering pizza” clique to sneak into a high school party on Friday nights, great diversion, Gene. Linda and Bob’s date night at the bar was something I would say iffy with Linda stealing the answers to cheat their way to the top. However, Linda had fun despite both her and Bob got disqualified and kicked out of the bar. If it weren’t for that, the plot won’t be that interesting to begin with. It would be just plain filler. Jonas returning to the show in this episode…eh…definitely not my cup of tea, really. But, that’s all I would say, despite some quirks to be added to the mix. I give “Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting”…

7.5 out of 10

…a 7.5 out of 10. The chinchilla hunt after leaving it’s cage thanks to Louise was nothing more than a wild goose chase, but adding some progress in both Tina and Tammy when they first experience their first high school party. At least Linda had some fun at some point in this episode with the cheating on Trivia Night and got both her and Bob ousted through the door, got from not really interested about the whole Trivial Date Night to enjoying the experience. And of course, forgot to add something, the security guard from “Burgerboss”, now he’s guarding at the roller rank, what happened over there at the arcade? Moved? You tell me!


But anyway, tune in next week, we’re parodying the hit 1980s movie, “The Breakfast Club”…wait a minute, didn’t the Nickelodeon show “Victorious” parodied the movie in that one episode called “The Breakfast Bunch”? Anyway, the kids got Saturday detention all thanks to Tina and Tammy fighting, yeesh, rocky start already, huh? And look like the kids had to make things fun on a Saturday at school on the sixteenth episode of the fifth season, “The Runaway Club”. Until then, I’ll see you then.


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