Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 16: The “not-so” Breakfast Club Parody. Rocking the fashion with a punch!



On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, The kids got Saturday detention thanks to Tina and Tammy’s conflict and need to get out to enjoy a festival going on, all while Bob and Linda faces what suppose to be a scamming going on by a little girl. My word. This is my spoilerific review of “The Runaway Club”.

The kids having Saturday detention at the Wagstaff school is a perfect reminder to parodied the hit 1980s movie, “The Breakfast Club”, though as a television viewer, this is my second time to see a show doing a “Breakfast Club” parody. What’s the first you may ask?


Yep, the Nickelodeon show “Victorious” starring Victoria Justice did their version first for me. Nothing was on during that point of time, don’t judge me! This episode of Bob’s Burgers has about 30% or 40% of the episode referencing the movie with the ending with the kids leaving detention…


…to the kids dancing at the credits like that scene at the library…of the movie…



…and of course, Saturday detention. However, when I said it included about 30-40% of the duration of the episode referencing the episode, I was hoping to parodied the entire movie including the runaway from the administrator scene, the library scene, the talk, and the ending with the gang narrating during the ending while the administrator is reading the note. And of course, the fist pump. Huh, it’s like I know the movie without watching the movie.


So yeah, it was nice to see the series to bring back childhood to people who grew up in the 1980s, despite not seeing some scenes that I talked about. So yeah, it was nice for the show to reference the hit movie and oh look at that…


…the movie turns 30 years old this year. A perfect way to commemorate the 30th Anniversary since it’s theater release. Happy 30th Anniversary, Breakfast Club!

It was nice to have a flashback on how the kids got Saturday detention. How do they got Saturday detention? Tina and Tammy had a fight. Seriously, a fight! Fighting over fashion. It all began with Tina showing off her bracelet to the school, then all of a sudden, Tammy came in and wore the same thing. But this is where things get complicated, Tina told Tammy to get rid of her bracelet and she refused. Tammy told Tina to get rid of her bracelet and she refused. That leads to a fight between the two with Gene, Louise, and Jocelyn trying to stop the fight, but then came Jimmy Jr. and Zeke. With Zeke tagging along, Jimmy Jr. spraying the fire extinguisher, and Jocelyn pulling the fire alarm. Man, that fight should be on Jerry Springer.


Because of that, that leads Louise, Tina, Gene, Jimmy Jr., Zeke, Tammy, and Jocelyn to detention thanks to Mr. Frond noticing the alarm and the kids going wild.


The fashion challenge by Frond was bit tad off, yet amusing to see for the kids to understand the fashion world and develop their creative skills. What Frond was hoping for is some sort of a rehabilitation of fashion due to Tina and Tammy’s fight over the bracelet, but no, it more like a challenge on see who’s the better design team. This isn’t feel like detention at all, this feels more like camp, doing a camp activity instead of being stuck in a classroom for 3-6 hours on a Saturday.


The first challenge is all about dressing up in couch potato style, The assistant principal, Ms. Schnur, is the first challenge of the three round battle of fashion with something to do with David Schwimmer. Here’s Zeke and Jimmy Jr.’s design for the first challenge…


…a cardboard couch with notebook paper attached to the sides and withhold with tape. The tape holding the cardboard to attach each other, with duct tape, it can hold. With school tape…uh…send me a video of you, the reader, doing an experiment with cardboard and normal tape and prove your scientific mythbusting. Okay, let’s see Tammy and Jocelyn’s design…


…a two sided dress made out of paper with tape attached on the top and bottom. So how is this had something to do with fashion? Well…it’s the color green, there’s nothing wrong with it. Also, Tammy had the stapler, where’s the staples? Anyway, here’s the last contestant of the round, the Belchers with Tina walking through the runway…


…a pile of files stick together. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I do know who won this round…


…yep, Tammy and Jocelyn won the round. Meaning that the next round is up between Zeke and Jimmy Jr. and the Belcher Kids.

Oh, and forgot to mention, the team who wins first get to leave early from detention. Also to add to that wager, the bet between Tina and Tammy on the bracelet. Loser gets rid of the bracelet. I don’t know why that bracelet is key common factor in all of this? That thing is more addictive than Silly Bandz. Ever heard or saw people wearing Silly Bandz? How is that a thing!?!

Capture13 Capture14


How is this a thing!?!

The second challenge between the boys and the Belchers is at the gym with old jerseys and wrestling mats. The coach…got no idea why is he involved in this? No idea, let’s see the design. First off, Gene…


…dressing like something you see at a WWE match, before entering the ring. Mats used for neck and wrist protection and loving the shading of blue. Now, here’s Zeke…


…a samurai, someone has a interest in Japanese history. Zeke dressed up like a samurai, and look at that, dressed up in samurai gear like a real one would wear, but instead of a real sword, it’s a hockey stick. Where did Zeke get the hockey stick? Don’t know. Wow, so many unanswered questions in this episode. Frond almost called out a winner of Round 2, but however, it’s a draw thanks to a certain someone on the phone.


Because of that, we move on to the final round and Tammy and Jocelyn are back in the game. Along with the final round with trash and it’s Frond vs. the Kids. But we’ll come back to that, for now, let’s focus on the B-plot of the episode.

Bob and Linda thinking that they are being scammed by a little girl, with the name of Sally, who was trying get to Turtle Camp in Florida by selling magazine subscriptions. This seems a bit dodgey, but according to Linda when Sally first came into the picture, they already lost three kids to detention, and don’t want to lose Sally.


I think my favorite part of the B-plot is when the counselor, named Trish, almost went all She-Hulk on Bob and Linda when she threaten to sell them the magazine subscription, telling them that it’s not a scam, and also told the reason of Turtle Camp. Turtle…Shell. Shell…Shyness. It’s a Shyness Breakaway Camp. Still, my favorite moment of the B-plot is when Trish is almost going all She-Hulk.


And of course, making his comeback since Episode 1 of Season 5, Jimmy Pesto. And the rivalry continues with Daddy Pesto mocking Bob that Louise, Gene, and Tina had detention and that Jimmy Jr. had detention and not Andy nor Ollie. And of course, because of that mocking, he almost, almost, ran over Zeke wearing sunglasses. Yet, another reference from “The Breakfast Club”.


And of course, more mocking hours after the drop off and preparing to make a subscription. Something tells me that Pesto wants in with the subscription.







Back with the final round of the “Project Breakfast Bunch: Wagstaff’s Next Top Model”, it’s Frond vs. the Kids with “trashion”, a word that should be defined and need to be added in the English dictionary since “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy” in 2014, to make clothing out of trash from everywhere in the school from the dumpster. That is some unsanitary stuff to collect beat out the competition.


And so ends the feud between Tina and Tammy over the bracelet after the kids need to hold the lettuce when running out of peanut butter to hold it together. Tina got rid of her to hold one side of the lettuce. Tammy however…you might want to force her to take it out.

tumblr_nlnefeN5271rntxqeo3_500 tumblr_nlnefeN5271rntxqeo4_500

Then came the moment of truth, the runway. We begin Frond…


…what the hell is he wearing? A mixture of rope and pictures? And a…thing on his neck? What the hell is that on his neck? Frond, I’m sorry, but we have a clear winner.


Yeah, all thanks to teamwork…and forcing Tammy to get rid of the bracelet. Because of that, the kids got out early.


And remember what I said about a certain someone that Frond is talking to? That certain someone is the Principal of the Wagstaff school. Yeah, the Principal. I’m not gonna lie, but I was hoping to see the Principal of the school since February. We got a mention and we got a full body.

Oh, it’s the Principal! Let us see that face!!!


Oh goddamn it! Frond, pull the fire alarm!


Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? It was good and it was nice to see the series parodied “The Breakfast Club” to celebrate it’s 30th Anniversary since it’s release. However, the A-plot if 30-40% “Breakfast Club” and 60-70% fashion design shows. Tina and Tammy’s fight…wow, and just last week, we got the two hang out. Tina acting so threatening to Tammy was something new to see for the character herself and I gotta say, Tina, I know you should calm down, but damn girl…chick’s got real. Gene can handle the runway from the two challenges, I sense a modeling career for the Belcher child. The B-plot was that simple, the whole “scamming” thing was a bit off, if what I think when I first saw it. I really love the scene when Trish almost gone all “She-Hulk” when she almost ripped the counter top off. And really enjoy the return of Jimmy Pesto and the rivalry between him and Bob. And that surprising cameo of the Principal at the end of the episode, let’s hope we can see his face somewhere later this season or the start of the next season. I give “The Runaway Club”…

9 out of 10

…a 9 out of 10. This is a perfect episode to remember the hit 1980s movie, though this is the second series that I see that parodied the movie, even though this series excluded the library, or the runaway, or anything else that is iconic to coincide with the 30th anniversary since it’s release.


But anyway, next week…there’s no new episode, or the week after, or the week after that. We’ll be taking a Easter break. Don’t know what’s the next episode is going to be about, but look like we’re going to wait and see.


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