Review: Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 18: Linda Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day



So, everyone’s been wondering what happened to my “Itty Bitty Diddy Committee” review. Well, that review is on delay due to waiting for a certain link for screenshots, and already been a week. So that’s review is on hold till further notice. Same goes to my Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer breakdown. And my “Not What He Seems” review as well.

On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, it’s Linda’s Birthday, so the Belcher family is preparing for set up a birthday surprise for Linda, till problems begin to arise for the birthday girl. This is my spoilerific review of “Eat, Spray, Linda”.



It’s Linda’s birthday on this week’s episode! And it’s not even June 3rd. Unless you live under a rock, Linda’s birthday is on June 3rd, 6-3. Been revealed since last year’s “The Kids Rob a Train”. We almost got the age for Linda on how old she’s gonna be, but thanks to a cough, guess we had to guess the number of age. She’s 44 years of age, I believe. But according to the Wikia, before the recent edit after this episode, her age is 42. So it’s confirmed that Linda is older than Gayle, who’s 42. Also question if she’s either older or younger than Bob?

The kids delivering Linda birthday breakfast was a nice thing to start off her birthday, all while Bob is making something from a bowl, learning from the Internet.


No, it’s not cake, it’s hair product. The Belchers are making Linda a spa day for her birthday. By using mayonnaise to make hair shine. Note to self for people who are using home remedies from internet….Don’t! Don’t take instructions from the internet with cosmetics.




Take notes, kids.

However, when Linda left to the store, things go bad…for her. It’s like it’s bad luck for the birthday girl on her special day. But the plot of this episode said that Linda feel so attacked when bad things so arouse on her. From waiting for hours in the grocery line…


…to the Grocery Store Parking Lot with gum on her hand and hair after getting a falling orange…


…to ripped pants after opening the car…


…all the way to being locked from the car.


And to make matters worse for Linda, when she tried to get home to get the phone, she tried to take the bus to Wonder Wharf, of course because it’s near the restaurant/home, but headed towards another town.


This is why I don’t use public transportation. Also, I can see something from the episode when Linda is headed off to the wrong destination, look at the sign…


…that looks like the same State Route sign you see in California.


Last time I checked, the show is set in New Jersey, not California.


And of course, a message to the creators, Long Island is not part of New Jersey, is in New York.


While in the ride, we meet the bus driver named Andrew, who at least cared on Linda’s birthday and told stories. Hoping maybe he could be a recurring character, if possible.


With Linda missing in action on her birthday means that the Belchers are on the hunt to find Linda. Meaning that the spa day preparations is on hold till they find the birthday girl. I had a little laugh when Gayle almost had a panic attack on the phone with Bob when she heard that Linda went missing on her birthday. Don’t worry, she’s fine, just go with it.


Teddy tagging along wasn’t that necessary to add for the search for Linda. But it’s the only mode of transportation for the Belchers to find Linda since she took the ONLY car the Belchers have. So add Teddy to the mix, make him a background character with a few lines to be safe.

With the hunt going on for Linda, there were some revelations around her and the Kids. Beginning with the bakery…


…Gene and Linda went there, worried about their weights for swimsuit season, since Summer is right around the corner and the Fifth Season and the School Year is ready to end sooner or later. And this is where it surprises me…


…Linda on the “Do Not Feed” list. How did she got on the list? Eating way too many samples. Including other people on the list like that one person for wanting the crusts off, the other one for inappropriate touching, one’s being a racist…yes, you’re now surprised that racism has now surfaced in this series, and of course, a baby…yes, a baby acting like a jerk. Wow, you know, there is a saying in all of this…

55617463 …take notes, Baker man who is voiced by Seth Rollins. But this is where things take to the opposite direction when the Baker talked shit about Linda. Talked shit so much, Bob threw free samples to the floor.


Way to go Bob, protect your girl.

Then came her and Tina in a fancy Five Star Hotel and look at that hotel…


…and of course, the inside…


…don’t know why Tina was involved in this because she knows where Linda goes when she’s taking a…dump. Yeah, according to the Wikia on the hotel, she visits 1-2 times a week to go to the bathroom. Of course, she’s not there.


Of course, we meet with the security guard, voiced by Jordan Peele.


Of course, if you don’t know who he is, he has a show in Comedy Central with Keegan-Michael Key, and the voices of Fanny from the Season 4 Finale, and most recently the voice of Henry from “Father of the Bob”. And of course this…



And it’s not just the unnamed security guard, we also have a pianist in the lobby.


His name is Tim and it looks like him and Tina did have an encounter before when Linda is taking a dump. Since when did that happened? And please don’t tell me Tina developed a crush when she saw him for the first time?

And of course, Linda is not in the pet store.


And oh my god, look at the cuteness above the text. Look at it, you can’t escape it! Spread it! Spread the cuteness like wildfire!!! So we got revelation not to Linda, but to Louise. She used to go to the Pet Store when she was young. Wait, Louise hanging out with Linda at a very young age? That’s surprising, I thought Louise would rather hang out with Bob rather than Linda. Now that scene with Louise holding that puppy, the one with his tongue sticking out above the text, and oh sweet Jesus…


…it’s too adorable to look away. My god, the Cuteness meter raised through the roof so high, it broke and head off from here to the Moon. Curse you, Bouchard! You win this round!!!

Transition back to Linda, where the real action happened. She got scratched and sprayed from not one, but TWO! Two skunks in between minutes.

linda_sprayed_by_skunksTried to get a ride, but failed due to stank, get another one, put in the trailer due to her stench, even the horses don’t want to get near her.


And that woman at the shop who talked to the cashier from earlier in the episode, found out her name is Deidre and she’s running the Chalk Festival that was mentioned from earlier this episode.


And I can think of one character trait about Deidre, a total bitch. Yeah, a total bitch. Linda had a hard day, want to go home, but can’t due to the straight that she don’t have a ticket. Which forces Linda to go straight ahead and for Deidre, chasing her down.


And of course, ruining a lot of Chalk Art.


Linda finally arrived at home, by breaking in through the window with a house plant while climbing up to the top layer of the building. Where did she get the house plant? Don’t know. And I know it ain’t that little house garden that fell from “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise”. Or is it? Linda is surprised when she saw what Bob and the kids made for her birthday. Of course, a Spa Day for her birthday. I’m guessing she really need it after a long day of bad luck.


Of course, due to the skunk smell, Linda bathe in a bathtub full of tomato juice. You know, because tomato juice gets rid of the skunk smell, remember to bathe in it, not drink it. Of course, the birthday celebration continues as usual. Despite how long will the skunk smell goes away. Who wants to bathe in Tomato Juice!? Anyone? Okay.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s a pretty simple episode with a few revelations thrown in revolving around Linda and the Kids. Thought it was going to be a Mother’s Day themed episode, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s like the creators dumped and changed Mother’s Day to Birthday. Though, it is weird to have an episode on June 3rd premiered on May 3rd, coincide with the fact that Linda’s birthday is coming up in a month? Possibly. Linda facing mayhem after leaving the house was unexpected to be at least but added humor for the plot to kick in, plus the Belchers finding her seems like a nice way to start a scavenger hunt to find the missing birthday. I love the scenes with Bob getting mad at the Baker for talking mess about Linda and the inescapable cuteness of Louise and that puppy. I give “Eat, Spray, Linda”…

8.5 out of 10

…an 8.5 out of 10. This episode brings out the best of the Belchers when it comes to birthdays…except for Bob because he doesn’t know his dates. But the real winner of this week’s episode is Louise holding that puppy and oh my god, you can’t escape the cuteness.


Oh, it’s so kawaii. Anyway, tune in next week as we head back to the old time slot, 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central, as the Belchers head to a vacation house, during a storm, and murder mystery involved? Talk about about getting a clue. In the Nineteenth Episode of Season Five, “Housetrap”.


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