Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 19 Review – Burger Family: Mystery Incorporated. Is Bouchard ready to kill a character off?



On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belchers are stuck in a Beach House during a thunderstorm and rumor has it, there’s a murderer in the house. This is my spoilerific review of the Nineteenth Episode of Season Five, “Housetrap”.


This episode is really simple, yet a bit slow and confusing to understand the plot. I mean yeah, the Belcher family are stuck in a Beach House during a thunderstorm that they didn’t know that the person who owns the house is a possible “killer”.


The house design (in and out) on the shore was breathtaking. The design of the house is like something you see if you travel to the New England coastline with the view of the ocean, the steps, the patio, even a boulder. Yes, a boulder.


Six, count ’em, six boulders next to the house. And the inside when the Belcher “magically” step in from the outside…



…the inside decor is pretty amazing. Fantastic artwork coming from the creators. The designs for the items, flawless. It’s like everyone want those thing that they wanted so much. God, it sucks being so poor! I mean seriously, who wants that house? Leave your comments and tell me why?


So we got to meet a new character in this episode. Her name is Helen and of course, is voiced by Kaitlin Olson from “Always Sunny”.


Have you ever watched “Always Sunny”? I don’t. The Belchers however when they saw her in pictures with her and her two husband, the one she left and the one that died, they accused of being a murderer. Thought she pushed her second husband off the balcony. But in her case, he fell because it was an accident.


I never would imagine Teddy and Helen to be a couple. Don’t forget, the Belchers accused Helen for being a murderer for “pushing” her second husband. I could see Teddy having a crush on her, but if Helen goes all “murder-y” on Teddy, there’s going to be a problem for the Teddy fans.

And of course, had to bring this one out of the bag, my question is this, is Loren Bouchard ready to kill off a character? This episode almost got a 50% chance of that. If an episode includes a murder investigation, somebody’s getting the boot, and by boot, I mean killed off. But the only character death we seen in this series is Moolisa.


Although she is the first character to die, and took three episodes in just the first season. But Moolisa is a animal, what I’m hoping for is the first Human death of the series. And it looks like Teddy is in the spotlight of a possible hit list from Bouchard. So unless he can kill off someone in next week’s season finale, Teddy is the possible choice. And if one of the Belchers get killed off…I can sense of the worse way possible.


Bob playing billiards was a bit uncalled for but I like how he acting like he’s an expert at this game…at his first time. Like if he ever played the game before.


Like it how H. Jon Benjamin acted like he’s the expert. It’s like he’s channeling his inner Archer than Bob. Anyone saw that crossover? I did, wow.








So how’s Bob doing in this episode? Lying on the couch. Because of a broken back. Yep, Linda broke his back. Bob on medication…and becoming a bit high was a nice drawback to the Season 2 episode “Burgerboss” when he took medication for the first time. Remember that? Remember that he tried to beat Jimmy Pesto’s score with the help of Darryl? He even tried to play Billiard when he became a bit loopy.


Is it me or is Bob is good at stuff whenever he’s on drugs. Don’t know, but remember kids, Don’t Takes Drugs. Drugs are bad, m’kay.



Linda confronting Helen on the roof of the beach house was something that was about to push the viewers off their seats when that dramatic scene took place. Thought the creators are ready to kill either Linda or Helen off by slipping from the roof.


Holy shit. Is the creators tried to kill Linda? Holy shit. That’s almost a green light on a character death. And Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, why would you try to kill off Linda on Mother’s Day!? Well, Helen saved her life. So, that was a close call.


The animation of Teddy falling off the house and injuring his back was handled perfectly with a few notes, okay, one note in mind. That note is this, if the house has 2 floors when it first introduced, why is there 6 floors when Teddy fell? Possible Design Error!


One of the two biggest mysteries in this episodes is the toolbox. Where did that toolbox came from? And why did it being left in the mud? Is it Teddy’s toolbox? My answer is No. Teddy would never kill anyone. Unless…


…unless Helen did killed her husband. But there’s no proof. Although I would want Helen to be a recurring character, something tells me whether or not the fandom knew if Helen did or did not kill off her husband. This could be the biggest talk on TV. Could end up surfacing on the Internet. This could become the new “Dress Debate”. You know, that dress that caused the Internet to start off a civil war for a month.


Yeah, that. By the way, that dress is Blue and Black, say anything else and I will burn your house down to see the color of fire. I apologize for bringing this “thing” back to the surface of the Internet.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think the plot and development of the episode was a bit simple, but surprised that we almost got a death in this episode. Basically, this episode revolves around Teddy and Helen, would never imagine them being a couple, meaning that Teddy could have a potential girlfriend, let’s hope Helen don’t kill him. I really love the design of the house, too artistic for the creators, like almost too realistic to say at least, per se. Linda and the kids freaking out that Helen could be the possible murderer may had caught me to solve a mystery, not in a Sherlock case, like in a Scooby-Doo level of investigation, which cause them to lose interest from “Hello, nice to meet you” to “Yeah, I know you sorta killed someone, just saying.” And I’m beginning to think that now the series is becoming popular, almost reaching Simpsons level, that Bouchard is ready to kill off a character, which we haven’t seen since Season 1. I give “Housetrap”…

8 out of 10

…an 8 out of 10. Anyway, tune in May 17 (this Sunday) for not one, but two episodes to wrap up the Fifth Season with Father/Daughter bonding and Civilians against Civilians in a “Hunger Games” type of competition. “Hawk & Chick” and “The Oeder Games” premieres on May 17, on 7:30 and 9:30. So don’t miss it!


One thought on “Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episode 19 Review – Burger Family: Mystery Incorporated. Is Bouchard ready to kill a character off?

  1. Fiona

    Not to be rude, but I don’t think this was a particularly strong review. For one, the point of this episode wasn’t Helen and Teddy liking each other- the main plot was, obviously, whether or not Helen killed her husband. Also, you said that Larry was Helens second husband, which wasn’t true. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Larry- Helen was his second wife. Finally, whether or not Helen killed her husband isn’t going to be a very big debate. Earlier in the episode, Linda theorizes that Helen loosened the railing with a hammer (taking out the nails) but is shot down bc Helen doesn’t have any tools. Towards the end, Bob finds a hidden box with a hammer and nails (bent from being extracted from something). Helen doesn’t want anyone else to know this, and it’s pretty clear she killed her husband.

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