Bob’s Burgers Season 5, Episodes 20 and 21 Season Finale Review – Emotional Father/Daughter Reunion and Rent Strike turns Civil War



On this week’s NOT one, but TWO episodes of Bob’s Burgers, as we prepare to wrap up the Fifth Season, Bob and Louise reunite a father and daughter, who used to be famous, back together after a 30 year separation for the first half, while in the second half, the organized rent strike turns into a civil war between tenant owners. This is my spoilerific reviews of “Hawk & Chick” and “The Oeder Games”.

Let’s begin the review with “Hawk & Chick”.


This episode introduces us to two characters that are new to us named Koujima and Yuuki, former actors from the Hawk & Chick films that Bob and Louise watched. This episode is written perfectly, finding an emotional yet comedic way to bring the father/daughter duo back together after 30 years. Like to take a notice that being separated from someone you cared like a friend or a family member can hurt you in the feels.


It’s nice to see Bob and Louise bond in this episode…for the third time I’m not mistaken. For some reason, this is the fandom’s way to think that this is show’s apology letter from what happened in “Late Afternoon” back in January of this year. Also, the flashback with Bob and Louise watching the Hawk & Chick movies and analyzing the scenes was a nice reminder when we first saw the two, or in this case, “Burn Unit”, hanging out in Season 1’s “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs”. ¬†God, I hope we see more of these two hanging without any interruption at all. (And yes, I’m adding both Gene and Logan into the mix).


So we got the story behind why both Koujima and Yuuki were separated after 30 years. Found out that Koujima and his wife were divorced and Yuuki decided to live with her mother in America. Haven’t talked for 30 years. That’s gonna hurt, seeing a family divorced. Never been through a divorced family, but I feel bad for people who had to suffered through it.

So what happened to Yuuki?


Yuuki’s now an accountant. At a tax firm.


Curse you, H&R Block! So Yuuki became an accountant at a tax firm in her adult life following the divorce 30 years ago. How did both Louise and Bob know about Yuuki’s whereabouts? Koujima. Kinda surprising, don’t you think?


And just like any other episodes of Bob’s Burgers, we meet a new character. This is Dominic, a sweeper at the theaters that Bob and Louise tried to hook up but failed. Dominic has the hook-up for bringing both Koujima and Yuuki back together is to show a speakeasy premiering. Sad news, the movie theater don’t allow VHS, so film…yeah…apparently in the age of the Internet, it’s still around. He was even about to binge watch the movies on the Internet. Surprise that he has a Netflix account. So yeah, he’s a fan of these movies, just like Bob and Louise.


Finding the old movie in film ain’t easy to find, but thanks to Dominic, the film has been retrieved. But there’s one problem…


…yep, The Belchers and Dominic are going to fandub it. That’s right, that movie is so old, there’s no need for translation. No English Dubbing, No English Subbing. It’s like¬†you found out that the new episode of an anime currently watching or just joining in just came out, head towards the streaming site you always watch, and what did you find…raw. “Raw” as in “It just came out, you had to wait for the subbed version to come out…in matter of hours.” Believe me because I faced that before when I watched Sword Art Online II last year, in the Gun Gale Online Saga. Had to wait it out on YouTube.


Everyone has a role and there’s no problem…well, except for Linda who wanted Tina’s role as the mayor. Changing a character you want is like you finding out that you got a part of a play or movie and just found out that your character is gonna die in the first scene.


The scene where both Koujima and Yuuki had to stay away till the movie ends was a bit far fetched. Bob, Louise, Koujima, and fans are waiting for the all clear signal from Dominic once the manager leaves. He did, but when Yuuki comes with the transportation of Linda, Gene, and Tina, the plan begins to go downhill from the start.



The scene with the movie looks incredible. The lighting in the movie theater looks incredible. That is all. However, the plan of getting Yuuki and Koujima is still going downhill. Beginning with the audio problem in the middle of the movie. Why is there an audio problem (aka Batteries Dying)?


Damn it, Gene! And things has gotten worse.


Yuuki begins to leave. And Koujima is by the right end side. The only way to get Yuuki to stay over is for the Belchers to lip-sync the voices.


Now this scene, this is the most emotional scene by far for the series, not just the season. It’s nice to see Yuuki and Koujima finally reunited after 30 long years of being separated. But that’s not it all.


That scene with Louise saying that if she’s gonna change someday in the future, or in this case, if she and Bob are not gonna talk for the next 30 years like Koujima and Yuuki almost made me cry. Literally, I almost cried. That’s the only side of Louise that we haven’t seen for a really long time. She’s afraid that what happened to Yuuki and Koujima 30 Years Ago will happen to Bob and herself in the next 30 Years. It’s like she’s afraid if what will happen if the Belcher family end up split ways. It’s like the episode just took the Steven Universe approach. Hoping for a fun and comedic episode, but instead, it’s grief and depression. Welcome to the fandom, they’re be more in the future. ¬†Lesson here, spend time with the ones you love, cause by the time that day come, they’ll be gone. That’s why they call it the “Present”. Because it’s a gift, and you don’t want to waste that. Remember that once you read this review of “Hawk & Chick”.

And now, “The Oeder Games”, the Twenty-First and Final Episode of the Fifth Season.


What’s this? No opening? This should be interesting. If you remember from my “Tina and the Real Ghost” review, you remember that I’m getting peeved off about no openings. 4 in a row. Of course, now I can add something to “Tina and the Real Ghost” that the no opening was uncalled for. Nothing serious for that episode, no wonder I gave that episode a 5.5 out of 10 for a rating. Anything, the reason why there’s no opening is because you can everyone on Ocean Avenue having an argument over the rent. Cause apparently…


…thank you, Jimmy McMillan. Yes, they’re angry over the raise of rent and went all “enough is enough”, time to fight back! Fight against the rich! Tax them! Sorry, sorry, mind of a Liberal because, I’m a Liberal…that also uses Satire. It’s nice to see the entire residents of Ocean Avenue to join up, but for 5-6 minutes long until Fischoeder announces his so-called “Summer” “Fun”.


The water balloon was a bit uncalled for but it’s a nice way to get together, that is if the prize is the rent being cut in half for the one left standing. It’s like The Hunger Games, hence the title of the episode, except there’s no dying and keeping it family friendly. It’s like Bullet of Bullets, but with water balloons.


The Aeriel View of the Fischoeder mansion looks incredible when the people ran around as the games began. You can see trees on the left, the water on the right. And the design of the house looks incredible as well when it first shown in Season 3’s “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”. Although, still better than than the beach house from “Housetrap”.


Sal is back! If you don’t know who’s Sal is, he’s that Porn Shop Clerk from “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Gentle-Mannequins”…


…yeah, him. He’s back in this season finale because he’s one of the owners who is affected by the rise of rent. He joined Bob, Linda, and Tina to get everyone’s sanity back, that is until he was manipulated by Jimmy Pesto when he gave him one of his water balloon to hit Bob, but hit Linda instead. Cause Linda got in the way.


I’m surprised Linda didn’t say her signature “Ouch, my face” like she alway does whenever stuff hit her. This time, she didn’t say the line and told Bob to win this for the family, which lead to Bob going lone wolf against the neighborhood and Linda got eliminated. Don’t know if Linda only got eliminated from the game is that either she protected Bob by sacrificing herself and hope to win this for the house or just wanted to enjoy the luxury elimination stands?


I know the entire neighborhood is worried and angry over the high rent prices caused by Fischoeder, but…why bringing in Pesto? Why is Jimmy Pesto involved in this? Last time I checked, Jimmy Pesto has some stuff that the Belcher don’t. Now he, along with Jimmy Jr., Andy and Ollie are affected as well! Also, where the hell is Trev? Did he took a note of absence when this episode is made? And of course, dare to say this, but I’m putting my hat into the ring, where’s Jimmy’s wife? Aka, Jimmy Jr., Andy, and Ollie’s Mom? Now that Season 5 is wrapping up, look like we had to wait for Season 6 for the answer.


The scene with Tina confronting both Jimmy Jr. and Zeke was very tense…if you’re a shipper.


Yep, the shipping wars has commenced…if you think it’s gonna think it’s a major spotlight in your point of view. Beginning to think that some people didn’t cry or almost cried at the final moments of “Hawk & Chick” is because they were so worried about who Tina will choose. I’m talking to you, Tina/Jimmy Jr. shippers.

When I posted (or shared) this video last Thursday, after the “Hoots” liveblog, of course to answer your question, “Hoots'” is the recent episode that premiered on a show called Adventure Time, which I haven’t reviewed since “Ocarina”. Yeah, that video fueled the shipping war by lets just say…about…


…not quite, but thanks Vegeta. Tina asking questions on the two like it’s a dating questionnaire, or in this case, like speed dating. Never imagine Zeke coming out saying that he likes Tina, prior back to my Midday Run review on why I should or shouldn’t ship Tina and Zeke, though it was hinted. Hinted, from “Broadcast Wagstaff School News” to “Friends with Burgerfits” all the way to “Midday Run”. Hell, he even talked smack to Jimmy Jr. about him using Tina to get attention. That’s harsh, but also a bit true. Jimmy Jr. taking Tina to a drugstore on a date? Really? I don’t think going to either CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens is gonna be a good ideal place for a date.


So thanks to Tina, Jimmy Jr. got the balloon, meaning either Tina or Zeke is the target. Would you want to hit your girl or your best friend? Well, don’t worry about that, while both Zeke and Jimmy Jr. having an argument, or in this case, a compromise, Tina ran away from being hit. Nice work, Tina.


The treehouse that Louise and Gene found was surprising to see in this episode, of course, in order to get to the treehouse, they need to take down both Edith and Harold, which they did thanks to Linda’s bra as a slingshot. Remember ladies (under the age of 18, don’t let your little brother use your bra as a weapon). And when watching the episode, I predicted that maybe that Gene and Louise might use it as a hideout, lure Bob, Linda, and Tina, and think of a strategy to take down everyone…or use it not get involved. I would imagine a treehouse, but that’s a tree mansion. Yeah, a mansion on a tree. Who knew?


Of course, it ain’t a Fischoeder house if you have two Fischoeders. Yep, Felix made a comeback in this week’s season finale, look like he survived the turkey attack from “Dawn of the Peck”. So lived in the tree mansion because Calvin (the OG Fischoeder) kicked him out. How and why? Don’t know. It was nice for Felix to hand over a catapult, yeah, he uses a catapult for his laundry, to Louise and Gene to attack the nearing resident who is still in the game. Using dirty laundry instead of water balloons.


The scene with Jimmy Pesto and Bob looks like the fight of the century.


Yeah…after Andy and Ollie got eliminated thanks to Louise and Gene, which…they aren’t disqualified because they’re with Team Belcher, after Andy and Ollie got eliminated, Jimmy dropped his balloons, which means Bob could win the match if he hits Pesto. But refused because of remember what he said back in the beginning of the episode, rise up against the rich. What I don’t like the idea, the tie-breaker.


So the new game Fischoeder created to break the tie is to chase Bob, which spells bad news to Bob and the rest of the Belcher family. It’s like the childhood game of Tag and¬†Deer Hunting just had a baby, but had to take classes to make it family friendly. Remember Hell Hunt from “Full Bars”? Yeah, it’s like that.


The scene of Bob seeing the old amusement park rides gave me chills. Beginning to question if that these rides are from the Wonder Wharf boardwalk, if so, then where’s the carousel that Tina once protected? And the creepiness of the abandoned rides almost reminded me of the broken down animatronics from “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3”. God, it’s so chilling.


The scene with Linda giving a speech while getting Bob down to let everyone to attack him is so powerful. She’s standing up against everyone who’s playing this game of hunting down Bob. It’s like this, “So what we’ll have no home. So what we’ll have to live in the streets. So what the children will have to work in the factories”, which okay, you’re drawing back to the Industrial Revolution where there’s no child labor laws. Remember when “Hawk & Chick” took the Steven Universe approach, now this episode took the Gravity Falls approach when it comes to fighting to protect their home. Reminded me of the Season 1 Finale of Gravity Falls when Dipper and Mabel are fighting back to get their home back from Gideon. Because of that speech, everyone stand down, you know, cease fire. Don’t shoot. And I gotta say, though she’s the fun mom in the fandom, she can be supportive as well.


So the reason why Fischoeder wants to raise to rent is to get Bob, and Bob only, to talk to him. Wanted to be noticed. Wow…a rich guy wants to be noticed from a businessman who didn’t pay his rent, live in “poverty”, take care of three kids, and he wanted to be noticed.


Aw, Fischoeder-san wants to be noticed by Belcher-senpai. Oh god, I should get off the Internet for a while. It was kinda nice for seeing that side of Fischoeder while talking to Bob. It’s like I’m being to questioned if Bob is his only friend, not just his landowner. Aw, friends. And of course, reverting back to the water balloon fight, but only this time, just for fun. So what? Is the rent lowered? I’ll say yes. Just in case.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episodes of Bob’s Burgers? Perfect way to end the Fifth Season. Just perfect, an A+ performance for the creators and writers to wrap up the Burger Season. “Hawk & Chick” is perfectly written and yet surprised that there’s no B-plot, only the A-plot is taking center stage. There were some few laughs, along with character development for both Koujima and Yuuki, along with Bob and Louise. And that final scene with both Koujima and Yuuki reuniting and Bob telling Louise that they’ll never not talk for the next 30 years almost made me cry. Would say “Best Episode of 2015”, but I’ll say 2nd Place, “Not What He Seems” still holding in first. As for “The Oeder Games”, it was pure and simple, but exciting mixed with tension, drama, and powerful speeches. We even got development for Fischoeder, who just want to hang out. Although, dick move for raising the rent. All in all, I think these last two episodes are just the perfect way to end the Fifth Season as we enter the Summer Months. I give “Hawk & Chick”…

10 out of 10

…a 10 out of 10. “The Oeder Games”…

9.5 out of 10

…a 9.5 out of 10. And now that the Fifth Season is over, it’s time for my Final Score for Season 5. Drum roll please…


…I give Season 5…

8.5 out of 10

…an 8.5 out of 10. So yeah, that’s it for the Fifth Season of Bob’s Burgers. It’s been a blast, had fun reviewing and enjoying the experience. Both in my site and my Tumblr. So yeah, until then, have a safe and pleasant Summer and I’ll see you guys in the Fall.



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