Fandom Update – Doctor Who Trailer Breakdown from Comic Con



The trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has premiered in Comic Con earlier today with a glimpse of what to come for Series 9 of the revived series.

What do I think about the trailer? Well…never imagine the trailer has gone dark. And by dark, I mean the tone. Let’s talk about the trailer!


Of course, this is Capaldi’s second second as the 12th Doctor along with Clara, who decided to stay for another season since last year’s “Last Christmas”. Beginning to like the companionship between Clara and The Doctor. Mostly on the 12th Doctor himself. Prior to my Top 20 Countdown with the episode of “Deep Breath”, I think that Capaldi’s acting was pretty spot on, besides previous Doctors like David Tennant, or Matt Smith, or even Tom Baker for the overall series.

Of course, the two episodes are given a name as about to start Series 9 in the Fall. Episode 1 of Series 9 is called “The Magician’s Apprentice” and Episode 2 is called “The Witch’s Familiar”. And we got a premiere date, finally announced at the panel. September 19, or 19 of September, is the premiere date, so don’t miss out that day. By the way, those two episodes are two parters.

And of course, guess who decided to come back?


Yep, Michelle Gomez as Missy, or “The Master” makes her return for Series 9 for the first two episodes. Though it is obvious since we saw that video of her eating an apple and quoting who ate the apple first, referencing Adam and Eve. But she also wore the teleporter wristwatch in that video meaning that Missy escaped the blast from The Brigadier in Cyberman form. So yeah, Gomez will be in the first two episodes of Series 9. Still waiting on an explanation on The Master became a Woman and escaped Gallifrey.


Also making a comeback for the new series, Daleks. Yep, they’re returning with a little Easter Egg hiding in the background. Yeah…see that in the background, the NOT gold color one, that almost looked like it’s from the Classic series.


Yeah…it almost look similar to that design. There you have it fanboys, you can stop whining now.

We also got enemies along the way, not just the Daleks.


Also making a return are the Zygons, which we haven’t seen since “The Day of the Doctor”. Now somebody better sum up that the Osgood Missy killed off is actually her or a Zygon? Somebody better have a long explanation,




Of course, it ain’t Doctor Who until we see new enemies along the way. Some look terrifying. No really, they look terrifying. I mean, the costume work for the new creatures is pretty spot on, despite giving an eerie look, which could explain why the costume work deserved my attention.

And of course, this scene at the end of the trailer…




We all know “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams will be in Series 9, but the at the end of trailer…that where the theories began to pop out of nowhere. Just like Series 7 with Clara and Series 8 with Missy, another Female Actress playing a role of a mysterious individual. So far, two possible theories had popped out from the Internet: One theory speculate that it’s Susan, the Doctor’s Granddaughter, which we haven’t seen since the Classic Era of the series. But that was Theory A, Theory B speculates that it’s Jenny, The Doctor’s Daughter, that haven’t been seen since Series 4 Episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter”. So, look like we’re gonna wait and see who this mysterious person is in the new season of Doctor Who. But anyway, that’s my take on the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. What’s your take on Series 9? Who do you think is this mysterious person that appeared in front of The Doctor at the end of the Trailer? Are you excited for Series 9 in September, get it, Ninth Season premiering on the Ninth Month…yeah, take it to the Complaint Department on that joke. So anyway, can’t wait to see the new season, and September is not that far away.


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