Fandom Update – Gravity Falls Trailer Breakdown from Comic Con



So the trailer for the remainder of Season 2 of Gravity Falls has just been released from the stages of the San Diego Comic-Con (sad that I’m not going). We already know about the upcoming episode of the series this coming Monday (July 13).

The twelfth episode, the episode after “Not What He Seems”, is called “A Tale of Two Stans” and just found out that this episode will not including Commercial Breaks. Yeah…no breaks…feel bad for people who had to take a piss during the commercials. So yeah, the episode is 30 minutes long and no breaks. And the plot of this episode is about Stan and his brother, how the Original Mystery Twins came to be, and how everything became connected to the series. By the way, the voice actor who gonna play The Author will NOT, I repeat NOT, be played by Alex Hirsch. No, it will be played by another voice actor, this time, an Oscar Winner. That’s right, folks…


Actor J.K. Simmons will be playing the part of The Author, aka Stanley Pines. If you don’t know who J.K. Simmons is, then you must know him as a certain character from a series that just ended 7 months ago. Yeah, Simmons played Tenzin from “The Legend of Korra”.

Also spotlighted on the trailer from the San Diego Comic Con is the upcoming episodes up to the Season Finale, guessing around next year if we enter another long hiatus.

And had been told that we already go the two upcoming episodes titles for August 3 and August 24. The episode for August 3 is called “Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons” and the episode for August 24 is called “The Stanchurian Candidate”.


Which could explain that screenshot above. Also, speculations for the upcoming episodes with new creatures, and I’m guessing bringing up the old ones as well.



Yep, the gnomes are coming back, could explain Candy, Grenda, and Wendy coming into the hideout ready to murder someone. Wonder what drive them to be so pissed off about? Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about about, but I’ll name a few.


First off, the scene with Dipper reading a file. The file said “The Cipher Files”, and who got the name “Cipher”? Yep, a possibility that we could learning about a possible origin of everyone’s favorite Demonic Triangle. And besides, the name of the Demonic Triangle, was the recent name for the Tropical Storm that hit Texas into the Central Plains and Ohio Valley early this Hurricane Season.


Also, Dipper got the Memory Eraser from “Society of the Blindeye”. But who is Dipper is pointing at?


Plus, that scene with the Mabel shouting at Dipper. Don’t know the reason why Mabel is mad about, if it has something to do with him not trusting her following “Not What He Seems”, that could be a possible possibility. But judging by the sweater…it’s a Birthday cupcake. Something tells me that this season could be the last season for the series since both Dipper and Mabel’s Birthday is on the Last Day of Summer. And you know when it’s the Last Day of Summer for the town in the series…things go bad. Hence, this screenshot…


Yes people, that is not a crop circle. That is not a crop field, don’t remember if Oregon got crop fields? No, that is a field of pine trees. And guess who’s coming back for another round in the remainder of the series? Yep…Bill is coming back. And something tells me…I feeling something that something bad is about to happen. And not “bad” as in “chill, calm yourself down and try to forget” type of bad. I mean “Bad” as in a mix between Catastrophic and Fucked. I can’t of any other word similar to “Catastrophic”. But anyway, that’s my take on the trailer for the remainder of the season. What’s your take on the remainder of the season? Do you think this is the last season of the series or will there be more in the near future? And if so, are you fully prepared? Are you ready for July 13? You know I am, HYPE mode, activated!


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