Gravity Falls Season 2, Episode 13 Review – Lord of the Nerds: The Fellowship of the Grunkles


Gravity Falls Season 2, Episode 13 Review Title

In this week’s episode of Gravity Falls, Stanford and Dipper played an unusual game of the show’s version of “Dungeons and Dragons”, which resulted into a real life version of the game with Stanley and Mabel playing along to save the brothers. This is my spoilerific review of the Thirteenth Episode of Season Two, “Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons”.

This episode seems pretty good, despite that it’s a bit of a filler episode, even after the events of both “Not What He Seems” and “A Tale of Two Stans”, it was nice to see some classic Gravity Falls hi-jinks in this week’s episode. Along with being the second episode of J.K. Simmons voicing Stanford.


It was nice, yet hilarious, to see Dipper and Stanford finally hanging out, despite Stanley told Stanford in last episode to stay away from Dipper and Mabel, to keep away from anymore danger. Stanford and Dipper finally bond over a board game, called “Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons”, which is the show’s version of the 1980s board game that totally ruin your social life. Surprised that both Dipper and Stanford had something in common. Reason why because Dipper got the game via package, and tried to get Mabel to play, but refused due to comparing to homework. And Soos refused because he’s LARP-ing, yes…LARP-ing. Live Action Role Playing. That and hated games that include pen and paper. Wonder if he’s not a big fan of Scrabble.


Besides Stanford and Dipper bonding, Stanley and Mabel also bond as well. Old Mystery Twins hanging out with New Mystery Twins, who knew? Yeah, both Stan and Mabel bond while getting ready to see the Season Finale of “Ducktective”. Even got look like a half a year supply of food to watch the show. I think perfect way to enjoy the season finale, beside whether or not you want to live blog/tweet about it, is of course, food. But also drinks. However, if there’s a sad scene or worried about a certain scene, grab the liquor. Don’t look or message me about it, I don’t drink liquor. If you want me to drink something heavy, I’ll take a soda instead.


The wizard was the main villain in this episode after Stanley accidentally threw the Infinity Dice to the ground. By the way, Stanford got the Infinity Dice while being stuck crossing dimensions after being sucked into the portal 30 years ago!

Weird Al Yankovic as The Probabilitor

And the wizard is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic. Of course, that was highlighted somewhere around the current season. So we got who Weird Al voiced. So the next voice actor or actress is next on the list of guest starring is Chelsea Peretti.


Grenda made a comeback in this episode, but this is a first we seen her without Candy tagging along. Whenever Grenda make an appearance, Candy tagged along with her. In this episode, Candy’s not there. Which is unusual, because she’ll be appearing in that upcoming episode where that screenshot you see with her, Grenda, and Wendy at the Gnome Hideout in my Comic-Con Update Post. So yeah, Grenda’s back, without Candy tagging along, and didn’t question Mabel what just happened episodes ago. Also, how did things go with that Austrian guy?


Of course, going back to the Infinity Dice that Stanford got. The Infinity Dice was illegal in certain dimensions, which he got it from a certain dimension while dimension travel while being stuck inside the portal. Of course, when Stanley and Stanford argue, Stanley threw the dice to the ground, which caused the game brought to life. Guessing the reason why that dice is illegal to have is because it could bring objects to life.


The scene with bringing the game to life, and which I mean Stanford and Dipper in the board as dressed up elves or warlocks or whatever the hell you call it, with Stanley and Mabel playing against the Probabilitor is somewhat great to watch.


The animators did an amazing job at the intro of the battle. It’s like CGI was used to built up the hype. It’s like you’re seeing a battle to the death, with both Stanford and Dipper’s life on the line.


Can we talk about Dipper’s sword fighting skills comparing both “Summerween” and this episode. I mean, his sword skill looks great. In my perspective. Beginning to have a Headcanon built on what I just saw. Video games much? I don’t know.


Also to talk about, Stanford’s Electric Glove when taking down the One Eyed Octopus. When being trapped in another dimension, you don’t know where you gonna end up. I mean, where did the hell did he get that Electric Glove? Future Industries?


Stanford dismantling the portal was the least worried by the end of the episode, hoping another incident like what happened few episodes ago don’t happened again in the near future. So because of that, it resulted to a what looked like a universal portal caused by a rift in a case. A snow globe that is. Anyway, Stanford told Dipper to not tell anyone, and he mean anyone, including both Stanley and Mabel. And I thought we’re done with the lies. Sad news, there’s more. And beginning to think this is just the beginning of what we’re about to see in the near future. But not only that…


Back when Dipper started hanging out with Stanford over the game, Mabel is still worried over what happened to Stanley and Stanford in the past, could happened to her and Dipper. That still got the fans majorly worried as we entered I guess the halfway mark of Season 2. And if my calculations are correct, according to my Comic-Con post, I say you guys should prepare now. In case of something going way downhill in the latter part of the season.


And can we talk about the part where the family and Soos and Grenda watching the season finale of “Duck-tective”? What Mabel said at the scene of the show where the character Duck-tective revealed that he has a twin brother…that was a major cop out. It was a major cop out. Where do I heard or see that before you may ask? The fans and Hirsch. This is following when fans are making theories that Stan has a twin brother following “Dreamscaperers” with Stan’s flashback, the flashback on why Dipper should man up. Of course, the “Stan Twin” theory is indeed canon in “Not What He Seems”, so yeah, it’s like Hirsch knew about this, so boom, there it is. Like I said, major cop out out of this one.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Gravity Falls? I think it’s a good episode, though it’s kinda like watching a filler episode, but at least we’re finally done with the whole Stan drama. Though Stanley told Stanford to stay away from both Dipper and Mabel to not get them to anymore danger in this town, it was nice for Dipper to bond with Stanford over a board game while both Mabel and Stanley bond over a television series. It’s like the Old Mystery Twins are hanging with the New Mystery Twins. The old and the new. Weird Al did an amazing job voicing The Probabilitor, besides listening to his parody of hit songs of the past and present over the internet, he did an amazing job over voicing the antagonist of this episode.


Also, really loving that one reference when Stanley squished that fairy on his back, she said the same thing that Navi said from “The Legend of Zelda” series. Okay, raise your hand if you wish you want to squish Navi to shut her up.


That what I thought. Anyway, I really enjoy the game scene with The Probabilitor against Mabel and Stanley for both Dipper and Stanford’s lives at the line on one certain duel. The entrance of Dipper and Stanford facing off against certain creatures look incredible, it’s like some CGI were mixed into this, either that or the panning of the camera. And their skills looked amazing, especially Dipper with that sword skill. Someone, get Pearl on the line. Also, the scene at the end with Stanford putting away that Universal Rift in the Case, I sense a major buildup coming in for the future of the season, and also the series along with Mabel worrying about the future of her and Dipper and not wanting to end up like their Grunkles a long time ago. Never wanted to see history repeats itself. So I give “Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons”…

9 out of 10

…a 9 out of 10. This episode looks good, despite we’re back to normal, classic “Gravity Falls” hijanks we all know and love, I say it’s a good one. And loving Weird Al for voicing the antagonist of the episode. Anyway, tuned it August 24 when Stan runs for Mayor…I’m not making this up. That’s the real deal I got for information. In the Fourteenth Episode of Season Two, “The Stanchurian Candidate”. Until then, see you soon!


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