Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 2 – Spraying Over the Ship



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, when Tina’s friends called her boring, she starts hanging out with a mysterious, yet mischievous guy to do vandalism while Bob faced…porta potties…I’m not making this up…to get business going during the Land Ship festival. This is my spolierific review of “The Land Ship”. Originally named, “Spray Anything”.

This episode was a good one to watch with suspense adding to the mix. On one side of the episode, it’s Tina wanting to prove her friends that she can be fun and exciting rather than dull and boring and always follow the rules like a goody two shoes. Then at the other, it’s Bob battling the city for putting porta potties in front of the restaurant. Hey, I agree to you Bob, porta potties are the fucking worst. It’s awful and dirty…and besides, you’ll never know the last person who went there is infected or not. God, I hate porta potties, also hating on public restrooms…and I’m a guy…it’s a one way ticket to “Oh God, why do I have to go there?”

Of course, this episode…


Yeah…this episode is what drove the Tina/Jimmy Jr. Shippers mad as hell when we get to meet Jordan, a.k.a. “Ghost Boy”, when she wants to prove to her friends that she’s not boring. And yet, Tina is hitting on Jordan…and Jordan is hitting on her back! Holy shit, and I thought the shipping war back in “The Oeder Games” was the one true war of 2015. And I just got out from the recent shipping war in the Gravity Falls fandom. It’s like World War II and eHarmony made a baby in the fictional world. No, what am I saying? This is worst than Twilight! And this is better than Twilight. There will be no survivors. What am I talking about? Oh yeah, Tina and Jordan.


Tina found out that Jordan is “Ghost Boy” all thanks to Ambrose, who made a brief appearance in this week’s episode. It’s like the writers gave Billy Eichner, who voiced Ambrose, a few lines in just one scene and then never seen again…till a latter of the show (or season). Although, Tina don’t think that Jordan is the perfect candidate of being the graffiti artist by judgment his personality, appearance, and the way he’s doing. Like his hoodie, or him drinking milk, or him missing the shot, as in throwing the carton away. Until, of course, drew a ghost at the trash bin. Jordan is like the Park Avenue of the show. If you don’t know who Park Avenue is, he is that one shot antagonist from the Regular Show episode, “Under the Hood” where Mordecai and Rigby had to hunt down the graffiti artist after finding out that Muscle Man didn’t spray paint park property. But instead of busting his ass over like a goody two shoes, she left him off the hook and join Jordan to vandalize property. With the next target in sight, is the ship that the town will use in the Land Ship festival.


Also…Jordan kissing Tina. I know that the Tina/Jimmy Jr. Shippers are pretty peeved off when that scene was shown. But to me…is Jordan really kissing Tina? It looked like he’s sucking Tina’s face off. That is NOT how a kiss worked. Well, it could be worse, at least he’s not a “Parasyte”.


Yeah…”Parasyte”, Saturdays at 1:00am on Toonami only on Adult Swim.


And just as we’re done with the lies…oh look, more lies! It’s like 2014 never left me. Tina had to hide her cover from both the school and the family, which gain Gene and Louise’s attention. Tina acting bad by sneaking out with a bad dude, Louise and Gene on a hunch, Tina feeling guilty, not to mention texting on the phone…it was a nice drawback to the Season 2 episode, “Bad Tina”. No Erotic Friend Fictions were harmed in the making of this episode. I mean last episode, we got drawn back to “Human Flesh” in Tina’s side of the story and now in this episode with “Bad Tina”. Wow, and with 10 more episodes till the 100th, it’s like we’re taking the nostalgia train that came out of nowhere and magically hopped into the ride.


Apparently, after vandalizing the iconic Land Ship, that’s where the guilt trip begins with paint left over on Tina’s palms, trying to wash it away until Louise and Gene heard the whole thing, despite that the door of the porta potty was OPEN! And besides, who want to vandalize in your PJs? Well, this is more like reverse the problem that both Tina and Jordan caused and Tina get both Louise and Gene to tag along to paint over the graffiti while the night is young. Which, apparently they did until the sun came up and that’s when the performers came in before Tina add one last drop of paint over the graffiti, which she did before the performers got into the storage to get the ship.


And of course, like “Bad Tina”, Tina stands up to herself against Jordan to prove to her friends that she’s not boring, she’s not a goody two shoes…also got Jordan to reveal himself that he is “Ghost Boy” to her friends…and apparently the entire school. Which of course, got a random girl’s attention from the background.

As for Tina…


Yeah…finally got recognition from Tammy, Jocelyn, Zeke, and Jimmy Jr. for what she did, what she done to stand up for herself. Even got to speak with Jimmy Jr. and got to watch the rest of the parade together. It almost sounds like Jimmy Jr. is jealous of Tina hanging out with Jordan. And Jordan is the 8th Boy that Tina been crushing on since the show began. Or 7th if you don’t count Zeke. Man, I beginning to question that if Tina was diagnosed with OMGD, or Obsessive Male Gender Disorder. You don’t know what that term means? I’ll tell you…


Obsessive Male Gender Disorder, or OMGD, is a type of disorder where a someone in the female gender is crushing on a guy within a 10-50 mile radius. The perfect example for how this term came to be is in the Season 3 episode of the hit Nickelodeon show, “Zoey 101”, when the character, Zoey (played by Jamie Lynn Spears), told Lola (played by Victoria Justice), that Nicole (played by Alexa Nikolas) was diagnosed with OMGD and had to put in a All Girls School. But however, the real reason why this term was came to be is because that Nicole was written off from the show due to Alexa Nikolas getting fired for off-stage fighting with Jamie Lynn Spears. That’s the real reason why OMGD came to be. So, remember kids…don’t hire someone who’s last name is Spears, That and don’t cause drama in your community that might end up getting you a police warrant. This world, man.

Bouchard, you better make Tina and Jimmy Jr. a couple by the end of this season or else, we’re going to have a problem. Also another fact, there was suppose to be a skit with a Tina/Jimmy Jr. Shipper talking to a Magic Mirror after feeling imitated after finding out that Tina is crushing on another boy who is not Jimmy Jr. and the Mirror already got enough with this shit with the whole shipping thing. I mean, this is the 3rd time, YES! IT’S THE THIRD FUCKING TIME THIS YEAR!!! And there’s already 2 months left until 2015 is over!!!


And of course, to finish off this side of the episode, the age old question. No, it’s not The Doctor’s name, or is the Government is hiding something from the public. No, the age old question is whether or not Graffiti is Art or Vandalism? Look, guys, I took Art Classes 3 times in High School (Freshmen, Sophomore, and Senior Years) and this always popped out of nowhere in the news and on school grounds. I currently reside in Houston and I see graffiti all around me. Whether it’s on a wall of a building, on a train, on a bridge, or on road signs, it’s all around me. That debate turn it into a civil war, even before the Dress that sparked the Internet came to be, and that rocked the Art Community. I would say that Graffiti is Art because they express their emotions through colors and design, but then at the other side, would say it’s vandalism because that is private property, not owned by the city. So…I’m going neutral on this and hoping this debate will never be brought up again.


Of course, Tina isn’t the only one who is revolting against the system, also Bob after 4 Porta Potties were delivered in front of the restaurant. Thought the festival would get restaurant to make money, but instead, it’s crap that’s scaring away the customers.


Try calling the city to remove the porta potties, put on hold and never calling back. Getting make fun of by Jimmy Pesto, that’s where the tides have turned. Going against the city! Against the system. And how, you may ask?


Like Tina helping Jordan vandalizing the ship then painting over the graffiti, Bob, Linda, and Teddy had to get the porta potties away from the restaurant. Did it work?


Nope. The plan failed so hard, it smells…literately. Should’ve used the forklift first to carry the porta potties. At least Tina, Gene, and Louise went away to fix the Land Ship so they don’t have to see that.


So apparently, after that attempt failed, after Tina stand up for herself and got recognition, Bob finally had an idea to gain customers…and use the porta potties to make money…and it all thanks to Jimmy Pesto. Who knew a portable crapper can make you cash. Just…good luck with the whole “Sanitation” thing.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s an okay episode, a bit of a roller coaster ride because of it’s ups and downs when it comes to the plot. I think that the A-plot was good enough to consider it as a good episode, but with the B-plot being a bit of a disappoint, something tells me this episode could end up getting a low rating number, somewhere between a 8 and a 5.5. The A-plot of the episode grabbed my attention, mainly because I can really relate to Tina, a goody two shoes who followed the rules, you know, teacher’s pet. But unlike Tina, rebel to prove my friends that I can be fun and adventurous. I’m pretty sure right now, I’m breaking various copyright laws right now. Of course, this is the 3rd time this year (6th-7th time overall) that the Tina/Jimmy Jr. Shippers feel imitated and teased that Tina is crushing on another boy who is not him. Of course, like the other episodes, they get a sigh of relief. Until Bouchard and the writers came up with another episode that can really pissing the fanbase off. Like I said Bouchard, better make the ship canon by the end of the season. The B-Plot however, seems a bit disappointed in my taste, don’t get me wrong, Bob hates the city’s idea of putting the porta potties in front of his restaurant and the smell and tried to get rid of them before the start of the parade. And I hate porta potties because of the smell of the last person who came in…and his or her “duty”…but, it’s the ending that made the B-plot a disappoint, leaving the A-plot the winner of this week’s episode. All and all, I think this episode have some ups and downs when it comes with the plot. But the visuals and audio are on sync, so there’s that. I give “The Land Ship”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8 out of 10. Like I said, the A-plot of the episode was alright, but the B-plot at the end seems a bit disappointed in my taste.  Would give it a C+ (or a 7.5 in my rating), but I did crunch the numbers, so it’s a B- (or 8). So there. Now let’s hope, we don’t see another fiasco like that when it comes to the shipping ever again. Anyway, tune in October 18th at a later time, at 9:00pm Eastern (8:00pm Central), as the Belchers take a trip to a Haunted House on Halloween Night to prove a certain 9 Year Old Bunny Hat Wearing Female that she’s brave enough to brace the elements, or to put into translation, not afraid. In the Third Episode of Season Six, “Hauntening”. I’ll see you then!


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