The Weather Channel releases it’s 2015-16 Winter Storm Names


Winter Season 2015-2016

For the fourth consecutive time since starting this trend back in 2012, The Weather Channel has released its list of Winter Storm Names for the 2015-2016 Winter Season earlier this morning on “AMHQ”.

Winter Storm Names 2015-2016

The list has been arranged of 26 names from mythological figures whether it’s Greek, or Roman, or Norse, or in this case, Biblical. Last Winter Season’s List started from Astro to Zelus with the “W” name being chosen by the viewers, now Wolf. This season, it’s from Ajax to Zandor. And no viewer decision this time. The list include the following: Ajax, Bella, Cara, Delphi, Echo, Ferus, Goliath, Hera, Ilias, Jonas, Kayla, Lexi, Mars, Nacio, Olympia, Petros, Quo, Regis, Selene, Troy, Ursula, Vexo, Waylon, Xenos, Yolo, and Zandor.

2015-16 Names Pronunciation and Meaning (Source: The Weather Channel)…

  • Ajax – From Greek mythology: a hero in Homer’s epic, Iliad, about the Trojan War known for his strength and courage.
  • Bella – The feminine form of the Latin word for beautiful. Also, coincidentally, Latin for wars. So bella bella means beautiful wars.
  • Cara (CAH-ruh) – From Latin, meaning beloved.
  • Delphi (DEL-fahy) – An ancient Greek city best known as the home of the oracle and the sanctuary of Apollo in Greek mythology.
  • Echo – From Greek mythology: Echo was a nymph given a speech impediment so she could only repeat what she heard.
  • Ferus (FAIR-us) – From Latin meaning wild or untamed.
  • Goliath – From the Hebrew name Golyat. Best known as Goliath of Gath in the biblical story of David and Goliath.
  • Hera – From Greek mythology: The perpetually jealous sister and wife of Zeus and the goddess of women and marriage.
  • Ilias (IL-ee-as)– Derived from the Greek name, Elias, which derives from the Hebrew name, Elijjah.
  • Jonas – From the Latin spelling, Ionas, of the name Jonah.
  • Kayla (KAY-la rhymes with say-la) – Short form of Katherine. Associated with the Greek word, katharos, meaning pure.
  • Lexi (LEX–ee) – Short for Alexander or Alexandra. From the Greek name, Aléxandros, meaning defender/protector of men.
  • Mars – From ancient Roman mythology: the god of war.
  • Nacio (NAH-see-oh) – Short for Ignacio, derived from the Ancient Roman name, Ignatius, related to the Latin word, ignīre, meaning to set on fire.
  • Olympia: An ancient Greek city. The site of the ancient athletic competitions which became known as the Olympic Games.
  • Petros (PEH-tros) – From Greek meaning stone. Evolved to be spelled Peter.
  • Quo – Latin word which generally translates in which or similar.
  • Regis (REE-jis) – The possessive form of the Latin word for king.
  • Selene (Seh-LEEN) – From Greek mythology. The goddess of the moon.
  • Troy – Best known as the site of the Trojan War described in the Homer’s ancient Greek epic, the Iliad.
  • Ursula (ERR-sel-uh) – Character name from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, from Latin meaning little bear.
  • Vexo – From Latin meaning I annoy or harass.
  • Waylon (WAY-lun) – Derived from Wieland from German mythology: a craftsman in metal of the highest skill.
  • Xenos (ZEE-nos) – Greek word meaning stranger or alien.
  • Yolo (yo-lo) – An acronym for you only live once. The modern version of the Latin phrase, carpe diem, which is usually translated seize the day.
  • Zandor (zan-door) – Derived from Alexander. From the Greek name, Aléxandros, meaning defender/protector of men.

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