Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 3 – Belcher Horror Story: Haunted House



On this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belchers are on the road to a Haunted House on Halloween to get Louise afraid, till it backfires when a “super scary” scenario takes place, leaving the Belchers scared straight. This is my spolierific review of “Hauntening”, or “The Hauntening” due to grammar. Yeah, not using the word, “the”, seems kinda out of place for a title…so…yeah…adding it there.


This episode was an amazing one, hanging on to my seat when the action takes place when Bob and Linda’s plan to scare Louise backfired. I mean, the guy standing under the lamp post with a hedge cutter, the phone line cut, power out, strange noise…holy shit, that totally made me excite for joy…until it was discovered that this was all planned. Would say that they’re all totally dicks for scaring the fans who saw the recent episode, but it did got Louise scared and yet excited. And of course, we got a surprise music video from Boyz 4 Now, which the group made it’s return since the episode, “Boyz 4 Now”.


Now of course, time to bring up the subject of “fear”. Yeah, this episode at the beginning revealed that Louise ain’t afraid of anything…


…which of course to the Belchers, Teddy, and Mort’s reaction…


Yeah…thought Louise is possibly lying for hiding her fear by being the brave one of the family. The message here is that, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, has fears. It’s human to be afraid for once. Like someone once said, “I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is all right. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you, fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster, and cleverer, and stronger.” You know where that quote was from? It’s from a show called “Doctor Who”, in the episode, “Listen”, when Clara told someone via under the bed that it’s okay to be afraid. The point is that everyone has a phobia, whether it’s the dark, spiders, heights, small spaces, or in this case…Donald Trump winning the 2016 Election.


*shivers*, that’s one nightmare that I hope that will never, never happen in real life. Not gonna lie here, but I have a nightmare that one night that I met the Donald, and he gave me a smile, despite I’m Hispanic Origin. Haven’t slept in weeks because of that nightmare. The point here is that it’s okay to be afraid…but it’s also okay to face your fear, be courageous for once. Don’t let fear control your actions.


Come on, who all knew that Bob and Linda’s first idea of scaring Louise backfired? Well, everyone, including Louise, knew that Bob and Linda’s idea of scaring her already reeked of failure. Which of course, which lead to Louise coming up with an idea of scaring Bob and Linda with the help of Tina and Gene. It was kinda paced a bit fast, but of course, it’s the calm before the storm, or in this case, where the real fun begins after Louise, Gene, and Tina scared the pants out of Bob and Linda.


The old man with a hedge cutter under the lamp post was a starter to what’s going down in this week’s episode. Even though the flat tire and no signal on the phone was the start up before the man with the hedge cutter showed up out of nowhere, but that one is totally the perfect build up to the upcoming scare fest.

It’s like the writers in this week’s episode is taking homage for the late Alfred Hitchcock, adding way too much suspense in my taste with the power going out…


…the tapping sound…


…the mysterious cloak in the basement…


…all the way to the baby doll with sticks on it’s eyes with blood bleeding out of the eyes…Jesus Christ, that’s frightening. Good luck sleeping tonight, kids. Sweet dreams.



Of course, the scene where The Belchers are trapped in the bathroom while the “ghost” was the most tense out of all in this episode. Though it almost, almost, referenced to the 1980 Horror Film, “The Shining”. Directed by Kubrick. Which, I know that it’s almost got the full reference when the wife is trapped in the room when the husband turned psycho and hold an ax to open the door to attack her. I didn’t watch the movie, I saw the parody version on “The Simpsons” in their “Treehouse of Horror” serials that they aired every Halloween. Of course, I said that the writers almost, almost got “The Shining” reference, but it’s not fully complete. Of course, it is a ghost because it’s a haunted house, but it almost sound like some psycho is attacking the family. So which reference I’m talking about from the movie? The “Here’s…Johnny” reference.


That’s right, that iconic scene from the movie…that you see around the Internet as a meme, yeah, that scene. That was not shown. I mean, of course, the family got out safe before the whole “ring of fire” lit up around the house. But…at least add the reference, just this once. But of course, it’s the writers’ decision, not mine. So instead, here’s the video of what I’m talking about.


Of course, we had got to talk about the ring of fire around the house with people in cloaks. It’s like you’re totally seeing a Satanic Cult trying to do a Satanic Ritual around the house where the Belchers are at, but of course, there’s no star around the circle…or drinking goat’s blood…yeah…heard 1692 is really a bitch of a year.


And…boom goes the dynamite. Our brave, little Louise finally got scared all thanks to the guy with the hedge cutter in the cloak, who is revealed to be Mort’s Mom’s new boyfriend. Yeah…found out the suspense was all planned out for Louise to get scared. And oh my god, it worked.


When I found out that this was all planned out from the start, yeah…kinda called them “dicks” for causing the fandom a panic attack, but…not to Louise. Though she did got scared straight, she really enjoyed it. The Belchers, Teddy, and Mort got Louise good, and she enjoyed it. I’m surprised that she’s not planning for payback by next Halloween.

Also to address something before ending the review and going to the Reaction/Thoughts aisle, the music video from Boyz 4 Now, which we haven’t seen since Season 3.


Yeah, apparently, you thought we’re gonna end the episode with the whole “Louise finally got scared” thing, right? Nope. I’m probably not the person who review music videos, but a reaction would be an easier way to get out of a situation like this. What do I think about the music video at the end? I think it has a nice touch to the Halloween Spirit. Kinda lost it when the members said that Halloween now became too “commercial”, mainly because of people spending money when it comes to decorations, candy, and costumes. Besides, I’m not the only one who react to music videos, mainly because when I liveblog Toonami on Adult Swim every Saturday Night, a music video pops out. Whether it’s trippy or weird or “Okay…didn’t see that one coming”, had to give away my thoughts. Besides, I’m not the only one, the Belchers after arriving back from the Haunted House also reacted to the video. And I kinda surprised continuity was added in when Louise sees Boo Boo in the video. Remembering back to the Season 3 episode, “Boyz 4 Now”, when Louise developed a crush on Boo Boo, man, the nostalgia train is still chugging along the tracks in this week’s episode. Anyway…it was also nice to see the Belchers dance along to the vid…it was nice. It was nice and cute to end this week’s episode as we enter a 2 week hiatus.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Though it’s the fourth time the show did an Halloween episode, this episode is now in the #2 spot in my favorite Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes. With the First being “Full Bars”, Third with “Fort Night”, and Fourth with “Tina and the Real Ghost”. The reason why is because of the suspense and the heart pounding scenes from the duration of the episode when Bob and Linda’s plan within a plan failed. That gave the fans a panic attack, till it found out that it was all a set up so that Louise get scared. And it worked. Although I would call the rest of the Belchers, Teddy, and Mort dicks…but Louise did enjoyed it. So, that’s about it. Also, the music video was a nice touch to end the episode, along with the credits with the Belchers dancing along. It’s funny why Boyz 4 Now was brought back because there’s a future episode in the show where Boo Boo leaves the group, you know, like what Zyan did when he left One Direction earlier this year. All and all, I think this episode is a good one, though the duration of the episode was all planned out, it did give Louise a memorable Halloween to remember. I give “The Hauntening”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a 9 out of 10. This the 4th Episode that Bob’s Burgers did an Halloween episode, and this is my 2nd favorite episode with a Halloween Theme. Let’s see what next year may bring for Halloween 2016? Maybe poking fun of the one of the two candidates running for president. Anyway, there’s no new episode on October 25 or November 1 due to a 2 Week Hiatus. But tuned in November 8, back to our original time slot, as Bob gets Gayle to the Belcher household to a Thanksgiving, but had to face the unimaginable to ruin the day of feasting, snow.


Yeah, Bob faced a Snowstorm (or Blizzard) to get Gayle to the Belcher Family Household for Thanksgiving. In the Fourth Episode of Season Six, “Bob Sled”. Until then, have a safe Halloween and see you guys in two weeks.


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