Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 4 Review – A Blizzard of a Thanksgiving



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Thanksgiving start off to a snowy start as Bob tried to get Gayle, who got injured, to the Belcher household for Thanksgiving Dinner as he faced a Holiday Blizzard. This is my spoilerific review of “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”.

Of course, this is the fourth time that the show is doing a Thanksgiving special. And of course, this is my first time review a Thanksgiving special because I was supposed to the “Dawn of the Peck” review last year, but my computer battery was out of steam and needed a replacement during that time, that’s why you haven’t saw my review or my graphics during that week till the 28th of last November. Luckily made it to close out my 2014 Toonami Liveblog and liveblogging and reviewing “Best Burger”. And hoping it doesn’t happened again. Have a replacement on standby just in case.


Anyway, it’s the fourth Thanksgiving episode of the series, despite that Thanksgiving isn’t till another 2-3 weeks here in the United States, and another unfortunate events had to take place in this special. With the first special with Fischoeder trying to get Linda, Louise, Tina, and Gene to pretend to be his family to get a woman jealous while Bob is stay put in the kitchen, the second with a turkey in a toilet, third with turkeys rebelling against Thanksgiving, you know, “Fuck Thanksgiving”. Nah, that quote never happened, but imagine hearing that, ladies and gentlemen. Now, in this year’s special, it’s Bob to get Gayle to the household while facing a blizzard that’s been going on.


Okay, time out. A blizzard on Thanksgiving Day in the Northeast? Really, writers? You can’t call the shots on making a snowstorm on a major holiday? You’re not The Weather Channel? I don’t see news reports saying, “Oh, snowstorm came, people in the airports are now stranded.” Well in this week’s episode, the snow probably dumped about between 12 to 18 inches. If you live in the Northeast or in either Canada or Russia, you probably thinking, “12 to 18 inches? That’s cute.” Taking notes from this photo I found on the Internet.


Yeah…also found this if you live in the United States.


I live in the south and snow is pretty much uncommon. Forecasters are calling for a cold, wet South this winter due to El Niño. Snow and Ice could be a factor. So yeah, ballgame’s on you, Northern States!

Questionalbe Ship: Frond and Gayle

So…since when Gayle and Frond became an item? It was revealed in the beginning of the episode that both Gayle and Mr. Frond “used to date”, revealed by Linda. And yet, no backstory on this. It’s like whoever wrote this episode decided to put these two together and play Love God for no apparent reason. Of course, the reason why Gayle thinks the relationship is because Frond is heading off to his aunt for Thanksgiving dinner, and which to Gayle, she thinks it’s some cheap gimmick to get dumped. Really?! Why can you just make a potato and a tomato paired up. But then, they’re both single…and really desperate. For Gayle, it’s questionable. For Frond…my only choice to pair Frond up is Ambrose. No question asked, but I’m totally jumping aboard to that ship.


Of course, the trip to the Belcher household was a bit of a bumpy ride, started off to a rough start. Beginning with get Gayle out of the house. Of course, she’s holding on crutches due to her injury during salsa lessons…while carrying literal salsa. Yeah, don’t go literal on words. Of course, after getting her bowl of lettuce and her cat, looks like we got lift off, right? WRONG!


Thanks to Mr. Plow passing by, the car is now cover in snow piles. And it look like Gayle is making Bob sled. And did it work? It did, but gone off to the wrong direction…and I mean, the wrong direction. Because where the whole thing began, Bob and Gayle heading towards the wrong direction.


The scene with Bob and Gayle lying down on the snowy ground was something interesting to watch see. Seeing both husband and sister-in-law interacting. But then, I’m pretty sure there’s some of you guys in the fandom thinking, “Oh god, I better not think we’re going are we?” Added that quote because of you know what happened with Bob and Gayle in the Season 2 episode, “Dr. Yap”, when Bob was on Laughing Gas after a dentist appointment and kissed Gayle when he though we was kissing Linda. Yeah, don’t want a repeat of that.


Of course, that scene was ruined when Mr. Business, Gayle’s cat, ran pass towards where Gayle and Bob, causing Gayle to get her cat back, meaning that she faked her injury. Yeah, she pulled what soccer players do when on the field, faking an injury.


And she did it just to get attention. Every time after getting dumped…wow. And to make things worst, Linda knew about this. Oh my god, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Gayle, but in this week’s episode…wow. But of course, all is forgiven when both Bob and Gayle arrived at the household on time.


The scene with Bob saving Mr. Business was somewhat tense, and I’m not saying that because it was a tad cold in my living room when the episode premiered. It was a challenge for Bob to get the cat down from the tree, which he did, but remember, Bob is allergic to cats as said from “Turkey in a Can”. So it was nice to save Gayle’s cat from the brutal snowstorm, which of course, led to Gayle meeting up with Bob and Mr. Business. Which also led to him hurting his back when landing to the ground. Man, in his mid to late 40s, he’s getting pretty old. Might want to get some Icy Hot along the way.


Of course, it ain’t Thanksgiving without the food. While Bob is getting Gayle to the Belcher household safely during the snowstorm, looks like it’s Linda and the kids that will cook dinner this year. And you already know the outcome, gone really bad.


Beginning with the turkey. Yeah, the big dog at Thanksgiving dinner. Despite that the turkey in this year’s Thanksgiving episode has no name, the turkey came a bit unprepared on what Bob said to Linda when it comes to basting. Which lead to the turkey legs to easily come off.


And if that’s not enough, Gene and Louise on sides. With Louise making mashed potatoes and gravy…or in this case, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. And for Gene with a bowl of green beans covered in gummy worms and cookies and…this sounds like a recipe for diabetes ready to happen.


And of course, trying to get the stuffing into the turkey…by stitching the turkey shut. I feel bad for the millions of people who are making Thanksgiving dinner this year with hours and hours of cooking. Not to mention, millions of turkeys slaughtered for this holiday. This is why we’re losing family time to Black Friday shopping. Make that idea into next year’s Thanksgiving episode.


And of course, it not Thanksgiving without family time, this is what I’m talking about, people. Anyway, Gayle gave thanks to Bob for getting her out of her home to get to the Belcher household, despite getting stuck in a few problems going on with the snowstorm. Of course, you already know that Gayle and Frond “called it quits” after she thinks that Frond is visiting his aunt for the holiday. Which of course, lead to a phone call.


Go away, Adele, I’m talking about Gayle’s call from Mr. Frond. She was going to answer the phone, but it’s Thanksgiving, got to hang with the family first. So I’m guessing that’s a maybe on getting back together. Of course the episode end with the Belchers and Gayle getting ready eat the stuff Linda and the kids made for the Thanksgiving dinner, dibs on probably not eating that.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s a good episode, for the most parts that is. So this is the 4th Overall Thanksgiving Episode for the series, so where does this episode fall? Somewhere around the Number 3 spot with the first being “Dawn of the Peck”, second with “Turkey in a Can”, and fourth with “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”. We haven’t seen any episodes with Bob and Gayle just hanging out despite being stuck in a snowstorm and despite not referencing what happened last time, you know, the whole thing back in “Dr. Yap”. Just be thankful for that. The scene with Bob getting Mr. Business down from the tree was rather a tad tense to be honest, but at least Bob got the cat down, with his back breaking his fall…and his back. Of course, my favorite part of the episode has to be the chaos unraveling with the Thanksgiving cooking while Bob is away. Again, sorry for the millions of people who had to cook this Thanksgiving. Of course, still don’t know how Frond and Gayle came to be. I’m guessing it has something to do with Belcher Children getting in trouble, that’s one probability. But according to the Bob’s Burgers Wikia, there’s a future episode called, “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and Her Lover” that could connect the dots. But then again, me and the Wikia could be wrong. But that looks like one thing that fans now have to make on how this came to be. All and all, I think this episode is a good one, but rewatch it and tell me what you think in the comments below. Of course, this episode fell third in my Favorite Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving Episode List. I give “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, it’s a good episode, fell third in my favorite Thanksgiving episode list for the series and it’s nice to see an interaction between Bob and Gayle, despite being stuck in a snowstorm.


Also surprising to see Teddy escaping the brutal snowstorm by heading off on a Thanksgiving cruise with his mom…and hating it. Don’t worry, Teddy, it’s only for the weekend. Anyway, what’s next episode’s, guys?


Really? Really? *sighs* Anyway, tune in next week for a Christmas Special…in November. La Navidad en Noviembre?! That’s right, folks, Christmas in November as the Belcher Kids try to commit good deeds to prevent themselves from getting into the Naughty List. The fifth episode of Season Six, “Nice Capades” premieres November 15th. Until then, see you guys next week.


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