Gravity Falls Nearing it’s End! The Countdown Begins.



Say it ain’t so, Alex? Say it ain’t so? As the news ain’t depressing enough around the world, now it’s hitting the fandom world as Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch announced that the show is on it’s last leg.



This was said on his Twitter account, and also on his Tumblr account that the rumors were true, the show is ending. No Season 3 in the works. I knew that the series is ending because there’s a week of Summer Vacation left in the show, as revealed in “Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future”. The last time a creator announced that a series I like is ending was just last year when Manga Artist, Masashi Kishimoto, said that the Naruto manga is ending. This announcement that Hirsch released was popped out of nowhere. This is breaking news written all over. The upcoming episode, “Weirdmaggedon Part 2: Escape from Reality” premieres Monday, this upcoming Monday, November 23. And this is the second to last episode, meaning that once this upcoming episode is released, we’re nearing the end. The final episode could literally be released in weeks, if not, months. 2015 is nearing it’s end and it could be possible if the final episode airs in either December 2015, if not, somewhere around early 2016. What does it mean for me? As a live blogger? I watched the first episode in the Summer of 2012 and Gravity Falls is the reason why I got into Tumblr four months later. And I guess, once it ends, another show has to take over. And…it look like I’ll make that announcement on my Tumblr on the night of December 18, the same night as I announce the winner of the 2015 Battle of the Week, if not, December 19. So guys, what do you think about this sudden announcement from Alex Hirsch? Are you upset that Gravity Falls is ending? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later.


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