Top 20 Countdown Begins! Number 20: “The Daily Show” – Jon Stewart’s Final Episode as Host



You would never imagine this would start off the Top 20 Countdown for the 2015 Fandom Season, but of course, this was the big talk when that episode premiered, or in this case, before. Coming in on Number 20 on the “Top 20 Countdown”, Jon Stewart’s Final Episode as Host of The Daily Show.



Flashback to earlier this year when Jon Stewart announced that he’ll be leaving The Daily Show, the world was in shock and sadden to hear this news broke out, according to the Comedy Central Twitter post on Jon Stewart’s departure. And just as the 2016 Presidential Election just got underway.


This episode was stunning, I mean, it’s sad to see a great man like Jon Stewart leaving after 16 years of hosting this amazing political comedy show in Cable Television, but at the same time, we mush appreciate on what Jon Stewart has done not just the United States in general, but also the entire world.


Every correspondent, past and present, came in to the show to say goodbye to their boss, starting with the current seven correspondents and contributors reporting on the First Republican Debate, also aired on that same night, and with a sudden surprise, all the past correspondents and contributors that Jon worked for the past decade and a half. People like Samantha Bee, Steve Carrel, Beth Littleford, Larry Wilmore, Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, Olivia Munn, Rob Riggle, John Oliver, etc. Even the people that Jon targeted in his 16 year tenure like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Arby’s CEO Paul Brown, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Riley, Current Secretary of State John Kerry, even Arizona Senator John McCain, holding a Jon Stewart puppet after poking fun at the current Senator with a puppet persona. Even new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, making a cameo when trying to measure the set to make room for him as he gets ready to take center stage.


But of course, the biggest moment in that episode is when Stephen Colbert enter the stage to say one final thing to Stewart, and not in character. You guys remember when Colbert said goodbye to The Colbert Report just last year as he about to host The Late Show, replacing David Letterman, who retired just this year. Comparing him to Sam and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can see Stewart trying not to cry as we head off to commercial break.

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" #JonVoyage

Besides the tour of The Daily Show studios, it’s Jon’s Final Speech is why this has made it to the Number 20 list. Jon’s right, bullshit is everywhere. It’s like wherever we hear or see in the news or the Internet is total bias. And people want the truth. But it’s like wherever or whenever shit happens, who do we go for trust when it comes to information. I don’t trust Fox News because it’s unfair and unbalanced due to it’s total bullshit by it’s reporters and it’s sponsored by the Republican Party. CNN, used to watch when it comes to news, but after what happened last year and earlier this year following my years watching political comedy shows, yikes. And MSNBC…I only like for your election graphics. That is all. Of course, the end of Jon’s speech, that’s where the real war begins, and we’re not talking about the ongoing “War on Terror” or “War on Drugs”, it’s the “War on Bullshit”. And of course, when Trevor Noah took over the show a month later on September 28, he’s continuing where Jon left off. And so far, Noah is doing a pretty good job as host. And as 2016 draws near to vote for our 45th President, replacing the Incumbent President, Barack Obama, due to term limits, Noah’s going to face a major challenge, so I wished him the best of luck as I continue watching The Daily Show for the 2016 Fandom Season. As for Stewart after leaving the show, heard that him and his family moved to a farm in the outskirts of New York state and signed a 4 Year Deal with HBO. So…can’t wait for Stewart on HBO to stump the Trump in the 2016 Election.


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