Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 16: Gravity Falls: “Northwest Mansion Noir”



We continue with our Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season with the first Gravity Falls episode that I reviewed back in February. And this episode, like our Number 17 counterpart, it had it all. The suspense, the comedic relief, character development, that cliffhanger, and of course…a ship being made. Coming in with Number 16, it’s Gravity Falls with “Northwest Mansion Noir”, or “Northwest Mansion Mystery”.



This episode revolves around Dipper and Pacifica hunting down the ghost that been interrupting the Northwest manor party. I mean, this is a kids show and we see blood dripping down on the memorabilia, way to keep the Age 6-12 demographic entertained, Disney.


Of course, they did catch the ghost and Dipper is ready to seal it away until he heard about the Lumberjack Ghost’s past and his relations with the Northwests. Of course, finding out that after building the Northwest Mansion, they were invited to a party, but locked out in the rain because…you know, they’re rich and they’re poor, which cause Dipper to release the captive ghost…to terrorize the party. And the only way to stop the attack is for a Northwest to open the gate, as in let the poor in. Which of course, led to Pacifica.


This episode has major character development from Pacifica and the way she acted in the past. Found out that her parents are the reason why she been acting so bitchy. She was felt mistreated by her parents, all thanks to a ringing of a bell. Let’s not to mention, cheating their way into fitting in with society. I mean, I used to hate Pacifica for the way she acted, but after watching this episode, now I felt bad for her.


Of course, had to talk about the moment when Dipper and Pacifica finally caught the ghost. Of course, they hugged and may have heard thousands of Dipcifica shippers squeal while on their seats when that happened. Of course, like I said from my review, I’m a CanDip shipper and after what happened with Pacifica and how my opinion about her changed, I’m torn on this. Of course, as of after the events of “Roadside Attraction”, Dipcifica is the only ship remain standing after Candy loses interest in him and decided to stay friends. At least the apology is cute, don’t judge me.


Let’s not to forget about the B-plot with Mabel, Candy, and Grenda fighting to get Marius’ attention. At least Grenda got to be herself to get a boy’s attention and it worked. Again, props to Grenda.


Then of course, we got to talk about the ending of the episode when McGuckett told Dipper that the end times is near when he fixed the laptop, broken by Dipper when he was possessed by Bill, countdown down to the apocalypse. Of course, to connect the dots here, the countdown on McGuckett’s laptop is the same as Stan’s portal ready to open, the setup to “Not What He Seems”. Also a perfect setup to the next episode, the Government Agents. Yep, they’re finally noticing a major reading coming from Gravity Falls, which of course, lead up to “Not What He Seems”. And that thing over the door, yeah…talk about foreshadowing to the now Weirdmageddon.


So why is this episode got the Number 16 spot? Like Number 17 yesterday, this episode got everything. Thought it was going to be a filler episode, you know, normal Gravity Falls stuff, but now, it’s like every time the intro is cut short, you know shit is getting real, and this episode started it all. Surprised why we didn’t have that in the Season 1 finale. But of course, this episode is amazing, it has everything on the menu just like Number 17 yesterday and it’s the perfect setup for the next episode. That’s it for Number 16, so stay tuned for Number 15 as we head back to the anime world to an episode that has a major character death involved. So stay tuned, everyone.


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