Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 15: Akame Ga Kill (Toonami): “Kill the Absolute Justice”. アカメが斬る!



It’s only the sixth episode of the anime series and holy crab, never imagine a major character death this early in the game. So spoilers if you haven’t watched it or catched up. Coming in with Number 15, it’s Akame Ga Kill with “Kill the Absolute Justice”.


Although the episode began with Leone and Tatsumi beating up a group of men hoarding women, you know, human trafficking. Of course, they did took down the crooks and freed the women from the place. But that was the appetizer, time to talk about the main dish, the battle between Seryu and two members of Night Raid, Sheele and Mine.


If you haven’t noticed or this case, caught up, that we met Seryu in the last episode when Tatsumi got lost. Thought she’s a nice person with an adorable dog of a Imperial Arms, but when found out that she’s Ogre’s apprentice and want revenge on the people who killed him…*cough* Tatsumi and Akame *cough*…she wants revenge on Night Raid. Which lead to her fight against Sheele and Mine. Thought Seryu was a nice person, despite her allegiance to the government, but while watching this episode, this chick is psycho. And I mean “Charles Manson” type of psycho.


And her Imperial Arms, from cute little dog to vicious dog that should put down. Jesus Christ, that dog reminded me of Akamaru from Naruto when fought along with Kiba. If you watch anime in a daily basis, you know what I mean.


Anyway, the fight was amazing, yet surprising for most parts, mostly around the middle and ending parts. Sheele taking on Seryu while Mine taking on her Imperial Arms. May have some difficulty with the battle but of course, got in under control with Sheele cutting Seryu’s arms off. Then finding out that she has guns implanted in her. She’s a walking gun. Of course, Sheele cut the guns of her cut arms.


Of course, Mine is having some major difficulty dealing with Koro, Seryu’s Imperial Arms, with a broken arm. Thought it’s going to be the end for Mine, but here comes Sheele, saving the day and made in time. And thought the battle is over, right? Well…


Yep, Sheele got shot by Seryu, who’s still alive and shot her via her mouth. Again, a walking gun. Man, this fandom needs strict gun control because this is getting out of hand. And to make things even worse, Sheele got bitten in half and about to get eaten. But not before she told Mine to retreat, retell her time at Night Raid, and to apologize to Tatsumi for willing to come back after fight.


While Seryu celebrates, Mine told everyone at Night Raid that Sheele died in action. Everyone’s in shocked and sadden to hear, Tatsumi at the other hand, took a major hit when hearing the news. I mean, the dude just lost two of his friends and now he lost another with him vowing revenge till Bulat knocked the sense out of him, telling him that vowing revenge is a childish act. Mourn first, fight back later. Which we transition to Tatsumi at his two friends’ graves, mourning Sheele, and that’s where the ghost of Sheele holding Tatsumi.

[Vivid-Asenshi] Akame ga Kill - 06 [4EBAC9E9].mkv_snapshot_21.52_[2014.08.14_19.37.51]

And the episode ends with Esdeath, overlooking at the Capital, as she about to head over there, announcing her return. Don’t forget back in Episode 5, Esdeath, not the type of person you want to mess with. And the perfect setup for Episode 7.


So why did this episode got into the Number 15 slot of the Top 20 Countdown? This episode is a crazy one for the series. I mean, we’re only six episodes in. SIX!!! Six episodes in for the series and already we got a major character death. I know the beginning with Leone and Tatsumi is just your ordinary mission, you know, like the past episodes with the missions, but by the time we switched to the fight between Seryu and Mine and Sheele, that where the episode decided to take a crazy turn. And I would never imagine that it will be Sheele who got the axed and just I beginning to like her as a favorite character. You will be missed, Sheele. Of course, after this, we got another character death, but that’s another conversation that will told somewhat never. So anyway, that’s it for Number 15 in our Top 20 Countdown, stay tuned for Number 14 as we stay in the Anime world to witness the epic fight of the century that the fans will enjoy, and of course, storytelling. So until then, stay tuned.


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