Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 14: Naruto Shippuden: “The Eight Inner Gates” & “The Sage of the Six Paths”. ナルト 疾風伝



Number 14 in our Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season is what the fans of the anime version has all been waiting for, the fight of century, not really, but hell, this is one epic battle that the fans will never forget in this year alone. Coming in with Number 14 in our Top 20 list, Naruto Shippuden, “The Eight Inner Gates Formation” and “The Sage of the Six Paths”.


These two episodes cover Chapters 668-672 and I gotta say about these two episodes, holy shit. This fight between Guy in his 8 Inner Gates and Madara in his Sage of the Six Paths mode should be in the Top 10 Fights…in my opinion of course.


The episode that started the fight is where we left off from last episode when we were finishing up with the flashback between Guy and his dad. Of course, Guy started the fight when opening the Eighth Gate against Madara, which, holy shit, that should knock Madara out but after the first attack, he’s still standing. So he had to attack again head on. Which lead to Kakashi, Gaara, Lee, and Minato to help out when doing the second attack, which totally damage him when being kicked in the back. Let’s not forget about what happened during the first attack, you see, when Guy is about to tackle Madara midair, you can see one of his bones about to crack. Who knew that opening that many gates can cause major damage to your body.


Of course, the person who is really enjoyed Guy’s company is Madara. Yep, after Madara is getting his ass handed by one of Guy’s attack, he got excited over this. Stating that he haven’t felt that excited in action since his fight with Hashirama. This guy is hungry for a battle. It’s like he’s craving for a battle that would almost kill him, and this battle is perfect for Madara, trying out his Sage Mode.


The moment when Guy using the “Night Guy” technique, oh man, the epicness continues. And when he attack Madara head on, that got Madara some major damage to take. So much, that he’s nearing death, but of course, he has Sage Powers, so he can regenerate after taking the blow. As for Guy, his chakra has been used up and his body got majorly burned, like 3rd or 4th Degree Burns. And thought Guy was done when Madara threw the one of the black balls to him, but of course, Naruto came in and kicked it to another direction.


And where did Naruto come from when that happened? Well, when the fight happened, he had a little chat with The Sage of the Six Paths in the inner world, what looked like the same place the Nine Tails was placed, or were placed. Which, we found out about the history of him, about his mother, Kaguya, and of course, how the conflict came to be. Not to mention, founding out that him and Sasuke are the reincarnation of the Sage’s sons, Ashura and Indria. Of course, they did get an upgrade when gaining the sun and the moon icons. The sun for Naruto and the moon for Sasuke. As we set up for the battle between these two and Madara.


So why did these two episodes of Naruto Shippuden got the Number 14 spot? All though we got a history lesson on the Sage of the Six Paths and the conflict, the fight between Madara and Guy overshadowed those two episodes. Studio Perriot did not disappoint when it comes to the animation of the fight. And finally got Guy Sensei kicking major ass, his toughest battle yet, besides his fight with Kisame. When I read this in the manga, I never knew this was coming. The fans know this was coming. And for a second there, thought Guy was going to die because using that technique can really cause major damage to your body. Of course, this lead up to the Madara and Naruto/Sasuke fight, which leads to Madara activating the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which leads to the ongoing Infinite Filler. God, the fillers has to end so I can watch more canon action. Anyway, that’s it for Number 14 in the Top 20 Countdown, stay tuned for Number 13 with an invasion turned prison break and a huge revelation revolving around a certain gem.


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