Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 13: Steven Universe: “The Return”/”Jail Break”.



Our Top 20 Countdown continues deals with an invasion from Homeworld turned prison break where we get a revelation revolving around a certain gem, or gems, if you know what I mean. Coming in with Number 13, it’s Steven Universe with “The Return” and “Jailbreak”.


Let’s recap what happened before these two episodes premiered. Steven and the Gems received a threatening message from Lapis Lazuli that there’s someone coming their way, that individual knows about them since their last encounter, and not to mention, bringing a partner along to the ride. Which of course, that individual was Peridot. You know shit is going down hard when all four of the Crystal Gems are feeling scared when they heard the news.


Anyway, to “The Return” and “Jailbreak”. As the Crystal Gems prepare to attack the incoming ship, Steven alerts Mayor Dewey to alert the town to evacuate, which of course, led to the Gems’ decision to get Steven out of harm’s way. Which of course, Steven refused and wants to fight in the battle since this planet is his home. But we also got a revelation that the reason why Rose Quartz rebelled against Homeworld is because the planet is doing something “illegal” to her kind, which lead to this big war that cost many lives during that event.


Anyway, Steven left the scene of the ongoing evacuation and heads towards where the Gems are, already battling against the ship. Thought we’re going to have a family discussion with Steven arriving at the scene, but that looks like that’s going to have to wait because…


Yep, Peridot arrives and she (even though gems have no gender, their voices are voiced by females) brought a gem named Jasper, who brought Lapis Lazuli along with them. Of course, Jasper was about to call it quits until Steven brought out his shield after Peridot attacks, that gained her attention because she recognizes that symbol and shield. That’s where she’s ready to go. Even though she didn’t know that Rose gave her life to give birth to Steven. Of course, Garnet rushed in and tried to protect Steven, telling him to run which facing Jasper one on one. And did it work? Well…


Yep…poof. Garnet got ripped in pieces thanks to that weapon Jasper was carrying. Then he grabbed Steven and just before Pearl and Amethyst heads towards Jasper, Jasper knocked Steven unconscious.


Of course, that was “The Return”, now we go to “Jailbreak” with Steven with black eye, waking up in a cell and got out because the gate of his cell have no effect on him. Ran to find Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst, only to find another gem locked in the prison.


Yep, we got introduced to Ruby, who is voiced by Charlyne Yi, who, fun fact, also voiced another character in another Cartoon Network show. Anyway, Ruby noticed Steven out of his cell and tried to do the same thing he did, but it didn’t work because even though he got out without feeling any effects, Ruby did. Guessing that only work on Gems and not Humans. Steven set Ruby free, and rushed through the halls to find another gem in the name of Sapphire. Of course…


Led to Lapis’ cell, which to Ruby, doesn’t give a fuck about her and had to find Sapphire. Steven on the other hand, wants to get Lapis out but of course, Lapis don’t want to be free because she think that she already cause enough trouble and don’t want to cause more.


Steven found Sapphire, which is weird when they first met because Sapphire knows who Steven is. I’m guessing that happened during the time he was growing up. Anyway, Steven freed Sapphire, which the two heard Ruby’s voice and rushed towards the middle of the hall and the two are reunited. Finally happy that they found each and dance in joy and that’s where the surprise takes place.


Surprise, Garnet is a fusion. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this badass of a gem is a fusion. And when the fans first saw this when it premiered, they lost their marbles when that happened. Steven now noticed that Garnet is a fusion of both Ruby and Sapphire, was suppose to keep it a secret but the gems already love him, even if they keep the whole “Garnet being a fusion” a secret.


Anyway, the fighting scene with Jasper and Garnet was something that should be watched over and over, not because of both Garnet and Jasper kicking the crap beating the shit out of each other, but the song that Garnet sang when taking on Jasper. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Coming from the minds of Rebecca Sugar and the voice of Estelle. Bravo. And while the two duke it out, Steven got Pearl and Amethyst out of prison and had to face Peridot 3 on 1, in which Amethyst captures Peridot while Pearl works on the control panel. And while heading towards a collision course with Earth, all thanks to Garnet and Jasper fighting, Peridot escape to Earth, nowhere to be seen. And of course, the ship crashed into a million pieces but luckily, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet survived the crash. And so does Jasper and Lapis as they ready to fuse.


That’s right, they fused into a new gem named Malachite and they’re ready to fuck shit up…that is until Lapis goes onto the offensive and trapped herself and Jasper to the ocean. And the episode ends with Steven and the Gems surprised at Lapis’ decision to trap Jasper to the water and Steven getting a call from Connie, wanting details from what they’ve witnessed. Which of course, a setup to the follow up episode, “Full Disclosure”.


So why did this episode got the Number 13 spot of the Top 20 Countdown? Mainly because of the revelation of Garnet being a fusion, not to mention, the invasion of Jasper and Peridot into the planet Earth, and of course, the fight between Jasper and Garnet in the ship. These two episodes are amazing from the First Steven Bomb, of course, falls on the same week we got the Stan Brother revelation. So yeah, that week for both Gravity Falls and Steven Universe fans, pretty crazy and shocking. So yeah, that’s it for Number 13 in our Top 20 Countdown, tuned in for Number 12 for a homage to Japanese Anime involving…retail sales? Stay tuned for that as our Top 20 Countdown continues.


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