Entering the Final 10! Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 10: Regular Show: “Dumped at the Altar”



Here we are Ladies and Gentlemen, the Final 10 List of the Top 20 Countdown and coming in with Number 10 in our list, we return to Regular Show as one man’s special day for a wedding overshadowed by another man’s girl problems. Coming in with Number 10, it’s Regular Show, “Dumped at the Altar”.


This episode of course is a follow up to not one, but two episodes in the series for 2015. Okay, mostly one because we know that Muscle Man and Starla got the money for their wedding when winning the game show. And of course, from what happened at the end of “Not Great Double Date” when Margaret revealed that she still has feelings for Mordecai. Which got CJ really upset over this when Mordecai not answering her response. It’s like ever since the end of “Merry Christmas, Mordecai” when Mordecai and Margaret kissed under the mistletoe and CJ witnessed the whole thing, not to mention that Margaret moved back to town (to finished up her studies), the “Cloudycai” and the “Mordaret” shippers are at each other throats, and it’s almost like Quintel is going for Team Mordaret, just to poke fun at the fans.


Of course, the biggest event that been buzzing in this episode is of course, the big day when Muscle Man and Starla finally become one, as in getting married. I mean, you can see Muscle Man getting emotional over this day when he broke the ice sculpture of him and Starla, which the Park is lucky to carry a spear. Of course, as Benson tried to get Muscle Man to calm down and the park to get ready to set up for the big day. I mean, nothing can go wrong, right?



Apparently, it can go wrong because this wedding has been overshadowed by Mordecai and his problems with both CJ and Margaret. Oh Mordecai, what are we going to do with you? The whole who ships Mordecai with who thing is something that I have to stay away from because what I know, this is an unwinable war. And I am so Rigby in this episode whenever Margaret or CJ was brought up. Speaking of ships, Rigby…


​…yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Rigby and Eileen are officially a couple, revealed by him when he and Mordecai are looking for Muscle Dad’s letter to Muscle Man. And when I heard that when it premiered, holy shit, I lost my mind, pretty sure a lot of fans have lost their minds. And those two have been dating for months! Months!!! And of course, he wants to shove it down at throat, but Eileen said no. And by that, I mean “I have a healthy relationship and you don’t”. Of course, Mordecai is happy for him that he and Eileen are dating and Rigby told Mordecai to follow his gut on who should he be with.


The speech at the wedding was amazing from Muscle Dad. Even though he’s not alive to see his son’s wedding, that was touching. And it’s the same thing as what Rigby said to Mordecai when Mordecai read the speech, “Trust your gut”. And he was so inspired by that speech, that he’s going to say what he’s going to say…until he got interrupted by CJ because she knew what’s Mordecai is going to say.


Yep…Mordecai and CJ are now broken up over a speech. God, Mordecai, you totally fucked up this time. This is why I don’t get into the Mordecai shipping thing. Not my forte. All I know is that the Cloudycai ship is now dead as the reception party takes place. And of course, marks the end of Season 6 for the series as it about to start off Season 7 with the aftermath. A setup for “Dumptown USA”.


So why did this episode got the Number 10 spot? Apparently I would say either it’s Mordecai and CJ calling it quits or the wedding between Muscle Man and Starla, but the real reason why it got the Number 10 spot in the Top 20 Countdown is of course, Rigleen being canon. Yes, after years and years of hinting and fanfics and fan art of these two, not to mention, the whole Eileen doing the nice things to Rigby and Rigby doing the nice things to Eileen, you know, reciprocity, Quintel finally have the balls to make these two a couple. Team Rigleen all the way, baby. Forget about the whole girl drama that Mordecai faced, I’m glad that these two are finally going out, even though they have been dating for a couple of months. (Also, apologizing to the Mordecai, Cloudycai, and Mordaret fans for talking shit). Anyway, that’s it for our Number 10 spot in the Top 20 Countdown, stay tuned for Number 9 tomorrow as we talk about vampires, and no, it’s not Twilight, and this episode spotlights our favorite vampire queen. So anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for Number 9 in our Top 20 Countdown of the Fandom Season.


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