Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 9: Adventure Time: “Stakes”



Coming in with Number 9 in our Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season is one hell of a mini series spotlighting on everyone’s favorite Vampire Queen. Coming in with Number 9 in our Top 20 Countdown is Adventure Time, the “Stakes” mini series.


One word to think about the Stakes mini-series on Adventure Time is absolutely phenomenal. This mini-series is spotlighted on everyone’s favorite Vampire Queen, Marceline. This is not your typical Adventure Time episode that you would ever imagine, this is where the real shit takes place for Adventure Time in 2015, besides the whole comet thing.


Everything we see in this mini-series is all Marceline. We got to know about Marceline’s past. Everything like who’s her mother? How did she became a vampire? What made Marceline into the person that the fans know today? It’s like every question that the fans want to know about Marceline, this episode will answer their call. Everything we see in this mini-series is all Marceline. We got to know about Marceline’s past. Everything like who’s her mother? How did she became a vampire? What made Marceline into the person that the fans know today? It’s like every question that the fans want to know about Marceline, this episode will answer their call.


And that Bubbline though. Yep, this mini series also had some Marceline/Bubblegum action and interaction ever since the part in the first episode of the mini-series when Marceline told Bubblegum to get rid of her vampire abilities. And when I heard and saw what she said, I question myself, Marceline lived for almost 1000 years because of her vampire abilities, if she wants out of the vampire business, won’t she die? Well, after the whole “anti-vampire” stuff come and gone, she still lives. She still lives.


Of course, it ain’t Adventure Time without Finn and Jake, because it’s their show. But this mini-series is all about Marceline, so Finn and Jake have been pushed into the back of the bus. Heck, in the episode, “May I Come In?”, Finn is used as bait to lure The Hierophant to his death and talk about that pose he did. And of course, bringing back Jake’s fear of vampires.


Of course, got to talk about Marceline’s backstory beginning with the events of the episode, “Everything Stays”. We finally got to see what Marceline’s mom looks like, and…she’s a person of color. So I’m guessing Marceline is a person of color, too. Of course, Marceline’s mother is voiced by none other than former Adventure Time staffer and now creator of Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar. Heck, she even wrote the song for this mini-series. Of course, fans lost their minds when that scene was surfaced during San Diego Comic Con earlier this year.


We also got how Marceline became a vampire in the first place when she fought against the Vampire King, which will talk in the later part of this post. But the action in that backstory is absolutely amazing to watch, adding suspense to the mix along with some dialogue. Of course, the fight between her and the Vampire King ended when the Vampire Queen bit Marceline in the neck.


And of course, during one of the flashbacks in “Everything Stays”, we transition back to her and Ice King when he filmed a video, which is the same video that Finn and Jake witnessed in “Holly Jolly Secrets”. Of course, after the video, Simon (or Ice King) told Marceline that they need to be apart because the crown is already messing him up. Like it’s already hurtful enough that know about Marcy and Simon’s backstory…why must you hurt us!


Also to talk about is the dream sequences throughout the episodes. And of course, the only ones I can talk about is in the episode of “Take Her Back” when we see both Simon and Betty cooking some food and then expecting Marceline in front of their house. And of course, this…


Yep, this is the closest we get for a kiss between Bubblegum and Marceline. And man, Marceline in that dream sequence looks like she aged a bit.


Of course, there’s the antagonists, the five Vampires. The Fool, The Empress, The Hierophant, The Moon, and the Vampire King. Of course, four out of the five got killed off by Marceline and the gang.


The Fool got killed by Marceline…that easily…he’s the Yamcha of the group if you don’t get the reference. The Empress got killed off by Bubblegum via gun. The Hierophant got killed off by…himself because he broke one important rule when wanting Finn’s blood, invite them in. Finn and Jake almost the kill on The Moon but no effect when she was asleep during the day, so Peppermint Butler got the kill when she attacked what was Bubblegum’s castle when saving Marceline from death. Then came the Vampire King, not killed off but in the episode, “Checkmate”, thought he was calmed and collected, but he facing against Marceline, he’s becoming a tad insane because he wants Marceline to fight him. So much that he stripped down to his underwear…dude’s that obsessed when trying to make a deal with her. But of course, dude tapped out and want to do the same thing that Marceline did in the beginning of this mini-series. It worked, but thanks to a simple screw up, a dark cloud appears.


And it looked like Marceline is not joining in the fight against the Dark Cloud as Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and the rest of the Land of Ooo fighting against the Dark Cloud till Ice King comes in to Marceline’s side and finally snap some sense into her and that’s why she came into the fight and finally took down the Dark Cloud, which not only saved the Land of Ooo, but got her vampire abilities back. And that’s where everything turned back to normal, the Land of Ooo is safe, Marceline got her abilities back, and Bubblegum got her kingdom back after the citizens of the Candy Kingdom overthrew the King of Ooo.


So why did this mini-series got the Number 9 spot? Where do I begin with this mini-series? I got to say, this mini-series is by far the best I ever saw in Adventure Time history. This mini-series is all about Marceline, the whole entire mini-series from beginning to end is spotlighted on Marceline. And man, this mini-series is one huge pile of character development when it comes to Marceline. Still hoping on how Bubbline came to be, I mean the ship is canon as of last year but can’t show it due to the show being popular that it aired in countries where that type of stuff is illegal. All and all, I say this mini-series is the best for Adventure Time and of course, for 2015. Would’ve been in the Top 5, maybe in the Top 3 if it weren’t for other shows clinging on to that list. Speaking of that, stay tuned tomorrow for our Number 8 spot of our Top 20 Countdown as a battle has already taken place as we head back to the Anime World. So until then, stay tuned.


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