Adventure Time Season 7, Episode 16 Review – The Good, The Bad, and The BMO



We begin the week of new Adventure Time with a BMO episode playing pretend and of course, the return of a certain character that we haven’t seen in a really long time. This is my spoilerific review of “Angel Face”.



Like I said in the intro of this review, it’s another BMO-centric episode with BMO playing pretend to get through the day and in this episode, he’s posing as a Cowboy, like someone you see in a Western Movie. Wow, is it Rodeo Season already? Anyway, BMO is playing a cowboy in this episode, tried to be the big hero in his imaginative adventure with Jake being his trusty steed. So why did Jake becomes a horse? BMO made food for Jake to enjoy but there’s a catch, in order for Jake to eat the sandwiches that BMO made when cooking by the hot stove for 6 hours, he has to play horse. And which, he did.


The duration of the episode is about BMO hunting some “bounty”, and by “bounty”, I mean Finn, who became the background character in this episode. Going back to BMO, he and Jake traveled to the desert to look for Finn when getting into a town…a small town…a REALLY small town. I mean, this isn’t a real town, this feels like a scale project that a 4th Grader would make. And let’s not to mention the part where BMO beat the crap out of the enemies in the town, or in this case, a pair of socks and underwear with faces drawn. Yeah…not going to mention that because by the time BMO’s done beating up a pair of underwear, NEPTR comes out of nowhere, mad at BMO for completely destroying the town that he made for months. Wow, NEPTR must really put all of its blood and tears to make that town. But then again, it does looked like a 4th Grader made this for a school project.


Guess who decided to come back after a really long absence since Season 3? That’s right, Me-mow is back in this episode, being the mysterious individual that is after the same “Bounty” (Finn) that BMO and Jake are after. But of course, when I first saw this episode, it was pretty obvious it was Me-mow in the trench coat, hat, and bandanna because her voice. The voice pretty much gave it away. Congratulations producers, you gave away the revelation of a certain character. Anyway, Me-mow has all of this planned from the start since we last saw her when failed to assassinate Wildberry Princess, getting kicked out of the guild, get her bounty, and take revenge on Finn and Jake for getting her kicked off of the Assassins Guild for unsuccessfully getting rid of Wildberry Princess.


Of course, what got me interested is the battle between BMO and Me-mow, which turned into a fake gunfight to a real gunfight because BMO did NOT use his fake gun, but a real gun, in which he pulled out of nowhere. Wow, talk about Open Carry, am I right, folks?! Anyway, two or three of the blasts that BMO fired wasn’t aiming at Me-mow, it was aiming at the ropes that Finn was tied up, don’t worry, Finn fans, he’s not harmed…well, by BMO. Of course, by the time BMO ran out of ammo and Me-mow still firing, Finn regain consciousnesses and knocked Me-mow out. Yeah, talk about payback. Even though the fight was a tad paced…okay, way paced, even though the episode is 15 minutes in length, it was a good fight.


Just be thankful that the whole fiasco is finally done, everyone’s safe, and for Me-mow to be locked up in prison…maximum security, as in being locked up in a glass box. With the episode ends with another individual wanting Finn, in which BMO told him to back away. Yeah, don’t touch my bounty, bitch. Oh BMO, you and your imagination.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this episode of Adventure Time? I think it’s a pretty good episode, deemed rewatchable in my book. We started the week of new Adventure Time with a BMO episode, that we haven’t seen since…well most recently, the Holiday Special back in December, and of course, I like BMO, he or she is my favorite character in the show, and I think it’s nice to see a third BMO episode this season, despite that whenever a BMO episode aired, the plot seems a bit confusing in my book. Of course, we get to see Me-mow again since Season 3 and hold a major grudge against Finn and Jake. I mean, she got the whole thing planned from the start up until the end of her battle with BMO when Finn knocked her out and put into Candy Kingdom Prison. So yeah, it’s nice to see Me-mow again, and grew double in size when we last saw her. So all and all, I think this episode is a possibly good one, but of course, deemed rewatchable in my book. So I give “Angel Face”…

Rating + Episode Info (Adventure Time)

…an 8 out of 10. Like I said, this episode is deemed rewatchable, and of course, it’s nice to see Me-mow again since Season 3…just to be locked up after losing the fight against BMO. So yeah, that’s it for this episode as about to see day two of the week of new Adventure Time as we find a missing dolphin. As the week of New Adventure Time continues.



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