Adventure Time Season 7, Episode 17 Review – Finding Dolphin



Day 2 of the Week of New Adventure Time and we continue with Finn and Jake on a mission to find a missing Commander in Blowhole (I made a dolphin pun, by the way). Anyway, here’s my spoilerific review of “President Porpoise is Missing”.



This episode was rather decent because it almost looked like the plot of the episode was rather predictable or lacking a few things in my book. It feels like this episode is going nowhere when it comes to the plot. Because it almost looked like it’s going nowhere.


The highlight of the episode is of course, President Porpoise, who gone missing all of a sudden when Finn and Jake heard the news the the Commander in Blowhole has disappeared without a trace. And we got a full appearance of the Leader of the Water World in this episode following his cameo in Season 4’s “Burning Low”, chatting with the dolphin on video chat. And in this episode, he was gone till the near end of the episode when we found out that he wasn’t missing, he was taking a vacation. If you live in America like I do, don’t panic when the President goes on vacation, because you might make the country get into a mass panic. But then again, the opposite party, which I’m NOT gonna say it who, would have a field day on this.


This episode also saw the return of Banana Man, magically appeared out of nowhere when Finn and Jake are about to head out to find the missing dolphin. And of course, he piloting the submarine that Finn and Jake need to head to find the missing dolphin. Let’s not to forget, his romance with a female fish, who is also one of the Representatives of the Parliament. I mean, he tried to find President Porpoise on his own but got distracted by the Representative. So distracted that he ditched his search and go on a date. And will never be heard again…or until Banana Man comes back and him and that female fish’s relationship ain’t working out.


Of course, when Finn, Jake, and Banana Man head out to find President Porpoise, BMO has to be the distraction for Ice King to not interfere with the mission. And of course, like yesterday’s episode, we’re playing with our imagination with BMO and Ice King imagining that they are in the submarine so Ice King won’t interfere with the mission. Nice work there with the distraction, BMO.


Of course, when Finn and Jake arrive at the Parliament and tells them that they’ll be on the case to find President Porpoise, everyone was excited except for one person, and that is Vice President Blowfish, who wants to be the Commander in Chief because there’s that one law that if the President doesn’t come back by the time the clock hits 5:00, the vice president will become president. And Finn and Jake are growing suspicion on Blowfish, think that he has something to with the disappearance of President Porpoise. Thought that getting rid of Porpoise and waiting for the clock to hit 5:00 would be the perfect opportunity for him to get the highest office in the ocean. I mean seriously, name a Vice President wanting to get his or her hands of getting the highest office in the land, and don’t even say Lyndon Johnson, JFK theorists. I’m watching you. Of course, Blowfish is off the hook when Porpoise returned from his vacation by the time 5:00 hits. Yeah…thought something shady is going on here, but that blew over by the time we are nearing the end of the episode.


Let’s not to forget the moment when we found out that Jake is claustrophobic when riding on the submarine. That’s something new to see in the character development and revelation in this episode. Yeah, Jake’s so claustrophobic that when shrink himself all the way to microscopic side, as in you can see Jake via microscope.


And let’s not also forget the moment that after Finn, Jake, BMO, Banana Man, and Ice King leave the Treehouse, everyone popped out of nowhere without them noticing. I mean, you got Marceline, Bubblegum, Starchy, and the rest of the Candy Kingdom. Wow, it’s like the gang’s all here, even after the events of the “Stakes” miniseries. But surprising that neither Finn, Jake, and/or BMO did noticed that they were in their home. Might want to put security cameras around the house so you can spot someone inside the Treehouse.


Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this episode of Adventure Time? Well, like I said in my introduction of this episode review, it was a decent episode, but of course, like yesterday’s episode, deemed rewatchable. We got to see a full appearance of President Porpoise and his cabinet, despite that he was missing, and by missing, I mean on vacation. And Finn and Jake thought Blowfish has something to do with his disappearance. Way to scare the public and your video chat buddy, Mr. President. Of course, that spotlight was taken by Banana Man, who ditched his search for President Porpoise just to fall in love with the female fish, whose name is Rep. Cybil. So yeah, it’s nice to see young love in this episode, despite that it’s not even Valentine’s Day, but who cares, love is love, let them be. All and all, I think this episode was a bit paced in the works, adding in development for Banana Man rather than searching for President Porpoise. I give “President Porpoise is Missing”…

Rating + Episode Info (Adventure Time)

…a 7.5 out of 10. Like I said, this episode was a decent one, deemed rewatchable. Seems a bit predictable in my book but got some development on Banana Man when hanging out with Cybil. So yeah, that’s it for Day 2 of the week of New Adventure Time as we head on to Day 3 with Finn and Jake facing a mythical creature, and last I check, it’s January, not October. As the week of new Adventure Time episodes continue.


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