Adventure Time Season 7, Episode 18 Review – It’s Not Even October!!!



We are now in the midway point of the week of New Adventure Time and you’re beginning to think for yourself, it’s January, why do we have an episode that should be airing in October? We don’t know, but check out my spolierific review of “Blank Eyed Girl”.


First of all, before we begin this review, you may or may not noticed that this, “Bad Jubies”, and “King’s Ransom” got leaked online. This is what I found out on the KissCartoon site. So you might see this review coming out hours earlier after those episodes premiered on their official time. And of course, PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!


The main highlight of this episode is the creature of the so-called “Blank Eyed Girl”, which is a mythical creature in a shape of a little girl with black hair, black eyes, and light pink clothing. The design of the Blank Eyed Girl almost looked similar to that girl from the 2002 movie, “The Ring”. Hell, the way she act is creepy, but of course, Adventure Time is a Children’s show, so I’m guessing the producers had to drop like 50-70% of the creepiness to keep it “kid friendly”.


Of course, the whole thing began with Jake denying what Starchy said in his radio show. It’s like Jake is not a fan of conspiracy shows and doesn’t believe that the whole “Blank Eyed Girl” thing is a total hoax until the duration of the episode when the Blank Eyed Girl appeared out of nowhere when Finn and Jake arrive at the Treehouse. Yeah, perfect use of a jumpscare, man.


Of course, Finn, Jake, and BMO tried to get rid of the Blank Eyed Girl with instructions from Starchy. Thought the cream was going work, nope, because the Blank Eyed Girl licked Jake’s hand rather than the cream, guessing Plan A doesn’t work so they have to go with Plan B, the clarinet. That doesn’t work because the Black Eyed Girl danced along to it and to make things worse, she multiplied from one girl to six girls appearing out of nowhere, being attached to the music. And hell, Plan C is a no go when Jake saw the girls taking the feathers out of his pillow. Don’t mess with the man’s pillow, bruh. Don’t mess with his shit.


By the time Finn and Jake comes back from the library, they found out that it’s a fragment of their minds. Pretend that they’re not even here in the Treehouse. Of course, Finn is busy chillaxing while Jake has to suffer the soon to be touch by the army of Blank Eyed Girls and shrink himself down to the floor until the Girls got rid of their wide eyes from their faces. That got Jake back from being scared to “not buying it” in one fatal swoop. But that doesn’t end there.


Because the girls took their wigs off, yes, wigs. But that’s not all, because that’s where they spin their heads around in a 360 degree spin, take the heads off, revealed to be what they’re not used to be. And…we have got to talk about that ending…


What the hell was that? What the hell is that?! I mean, this ending of this episode may have shocked some people in the Adventure Time fandom. I’m kinda surprised that passed the censors. And holy shit, when Finn and Jake got emotionally scared when those things that look walking dandelions walked out from the Treehouse via window, BMO wasn’t scared when that happened. It’s like BMO felt nothing at all, even though Finn and Jake, and mostly the rest of the fandom, felt emotional scared for life…or in this, for the night into tomorrow.


Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this episode of Adventure Time? I think it’s a good episode, to be honest, I thought it’s going to be a decent episode but that ending, holy shit, man. I got nothing to say about this. Oh yeah, got to talk about Jake. Something tells me that Jake is not a fan of conspiracies with Starchy’s late night show on the radio. Thought it’s like some “Cabin in the Woods” type of episode, but I guess not. Like I said about the design of the Blank Eyed Girl(s), it looked similar to that girl from “The Ring” until the end of the episode when “she” became a “it”. Even though it’s January, this episode feels like it should be appropriately be aired in October. All and all, I think this episode is how you say, 2spoopy. I give “Blank Eyed Girl”…

Rating + Episode Info (Adventure Time)

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, this episode is 2spoopy and it’s like this episode should be aired in October rather than January. Good luck sleeping tonight if you watched this episode. And stay tuned tomorrow as the show goes stop-motion. That’s right, we’re getting a stop-motion episode tomorrow as the week of New Adventure Time Episode continues.


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