Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 7 Review – A Romance that Shocked the Fandom.



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Gene and Courtney got themselves a gig in the morning announcements just in time for Valentine’s Day while Tina lends a hand to organized a fundraiser for this romantic holiday of the year. This is my spoilerific review of “The Gene and Courtney Show”.


It is Valentine’s Day here in the United States…or in this, was Valentine’s Day by the time this review is published and of course, this is the THIRD, yes, THIRD Valentine’s Day Episode for the series with the last two being Season 3’s “My Fuzzy Valentine” and last season’s “Can’t Buy Me Math”, which reviewed last year and to add insult to injury, it’s the third time that Courtney Wheeler makes her debut since Season 5’s “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” and whether you either like her or according to the majority of the fandom, hate her, David Wain, who voiced the necklace sucking female, did a phenomenal job playing her. And her and Gene…that’s something we got to talk about…now.


Yes, this episode is about Gene and Courtney getting a gig at the morning announcements following Ms. Labonz boring the shit out of the students.


I can relate to that. This is me watching cable news…or in this case, the Presidential Debate…mostly around the Republicans. Anyone, they got the gig, which of course got discovered when the AV teacher (voiced by Will Forte) got those two a job for a week to living things up for the mornings. Kinda wish morning announcements are like that you know, except that I’m no longer in school and now in college, so I’m guessing not the best thing I ever come up with.


I thought Gene and Courtney’s morning show was something to enjoy listening to, take notes, NPR. I mean, they did bring the magic into the morning announcements and I gotta say, these two, even though they’re terrible as a couple, they would be the perfect duo when it comes to show business. I mean, nothing can go wrong, right? Right? RIGHT? RIIIIGGGHHHHHTTTTTTTTT?????


Goddamn it. Yeah, Gene and Courtney became a couple AGAIN in this week’s episode following their success with the morning announcements. Spending the night in Courtney’s house, coming up with ideas for the new day then all of a sudden, they hold hands awkwardly, leaning toward each other, and kiss. And this is not staged, this is legit. This is 100% real. I mean…they just went 0 to 100 real quick. Jumped to Tier One to Tier Two in just seconds. And boom, they become a couple again. And if you’re new to this, I’ll tell you about Gene and Courtney’s relationship since this is Valentine’s Day (or was), so here it is…


So in the Season 3 episode, “The Unbearable Like Likeness of Gene”, someone was crushing on Gene, which revealed later that it was Courtney who had a thing for Gene. Gene tried to break up with her, but didn’t because apparently, her dad, Doug, is in the Jingle Business, and that’s why he cannot break up with her, despite that Bob, Linda, Tina, and Louise wants Gene to break up with Courtney, which leads to her birthday party, when Gene tried to perform a song, but Courtney keeps on interfering, and that’s where Gene yells at her which lands Courtney to the hospital, where she was presume dead, but tricked Gene and that’s where they break up.


They become rivals in Season 5’s “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” when the school pitched Courtney’s “Working Girl” musical over Gene’s “Die Hard” musical which led to the two plays opening on Opening Night, where there were some problems. Of course, the rivalry lead to Frond shutting down the two plays and that where both Gene and Courtney’s plays become one when Frond changed his mind. Which again, the musical is amazing, please don’t judge. And things changed after the musical. No longer rivals, now buddy, buddy with each other despite that they kissed on stage, even though the kiss is staged. Not to mention, finding out that both Gene and Courtney have something in common.


Wow, that’s a mouthful. Anyway, I can see why Courtney is mostly hated according to the majority of the fandom, becoming the “Jar Jar Binks” of the Bob’s Burgers fandom. When they became a couple, things go downhill that fast, so much that their career are on the line and in order to save their careers, they have to break up, which they did a day later. I mean, Gene and Courtney as a couple…they’re terrible as a couple but they have something in common and they look a tad adorable as a couple…God, this is “Northwest Mansion Noir” all over again. DON’T PLAY WITH ME, BOUCHARD!!!


The scene when Gene sang a song to the entire school…wow, what a scene. I mean, the song Gene wrote made the entire school emotional. So emotional that it might have slap the sense out of almost the entire population. So emotional, that it beats Adele’s “Hello” by a mile. Look out, Adele, you have some major competition up ahead. Of course, Courtney thinks that the song is about him and her’s time as a couple, in which Gene replied that it’s not. It almost sounded like it’s about you and Courtney, Gene. You can’t deny it, man. You can’t freaking deny it. Goddamn it, Bouchard. I mean, goddamn it, man. Look what you become!


This episode isn’t like any other because instead your typical A-plot, B-plot episodes because we got three plots to cover. Well, Two plots and a subplot to follow that one plot to keep the episode going. And of course, we’re talking about the whole Tina organizing a fundraiser plot with Bob finding flowers for Valentine’s Day for her fundraiser and that’s where I got to talk about it first before talking about the big cheese which is Tina’s side of the episode.


So Bob forgot to buy 250 roses for the fundraiser…yeah, that’s not good man, that’s not good. Cue the Jigsaw meme.


Yeah, Bob got till Valentine’s Day to get 250 roses for Tina’s fundraiser and tried to contact each florist shop after shop after shop after shop, pretending to be someone is not who what they’re are and…they’re not buying it. Almost sounded like either it’s Caller ID or in this case, Bob being horrible at impressions. I mean, no shop wants to hand over their roses to Bob before Valentine’s, he even tried to get the flowers from Mort, but there’s no roses, only tulips.


Tulips. The flowers you see when you’re traveling to The Netherlands. Also, shout out to my Dutch readers for being mentioned in this week’s review. Anyway, the only for Bob to get 250 roses before the big day is to head towards a florist shop, where it’s a flower shop…full of flowers. Or in this case, a store that sells gardens and garden accessories. Any plant from flowers, to trees, to bushes, to crops, even pot…even though the show is set in New Jersey and pot over there is illegal. Do not want a repeat of that summer vacation back in Season 3’s “Bob Fires The Kids”. And let’s talk about the flower shop…it looks like a Costco, but with flowers. Anyway, Bob got the flowers just before the school begins on Valentine’s Day where Tina has to pass the roses around the school. Look at that, a Valentine’s Day episode that is not centered around Bob. And please don’t remind me of the strip tease from last year…it’s a dark, dark thing to look at.


Of course, got to talk about Tina. Running a fundraiser by putting someone’s name on the ballot so when comes Valentine’s, somebody will get the most roses. And the money is for a good cause, aiming for either fix the parking lot or end world hunger…at least it’s for a good cause. Anyway…


Helping out leads to snooping because in that one scene, Tina wants to check inside the box to see if her name is on the ballot…which, there’s no pieces of paper that has her name written on it. And has been checking it twice. In which to Tina, the girl needs to chill because this is going out of hand. I mean, the worst she can do is write her name in tiny pieces of paper and try to cheat her way to get the most roses, but that’s not gonna work. You have to be very stupid to do that. But of course, Tina didn’t do that, she just had to say nothing to Mr. Frond about her snooping and pretend that everything is a-okay. So technically that’s a lie. And I thought we’re done with that, but sadly not. And look at that face.


Yeah, a lot of Season 3 References in this week’s episode from Gene and Courtney dating to Tina making her “everything is okay” face. That face symbolizes that it’s the guilt talking, but unlike what happened in “Tina Rannosaurus Wrecks”, instead of the guilt coming into her and breaks her, it’s like, “you know what, pretend it never happened and let bygones be bygones”. I mean, this is Tina following going into the box full of notes…


Yeah…we all wanted to be loved but looked what happened. Anyway, by the time Tina passes over the roses to the students at the school on Valentine’s Day following Gene’s song via intercom, the fundraiser is over with and it looks like Tina haven’t received a single rose. Well…except for one person who gave Tina the rose on Valentine’s Day.


Yep, Jimmy Jr. Jimmy Jr gives the rose to Tina on Valentine’s Day, and that’s where the shippers lost their fucking minds when that happened. But that doesn’t ends there…


Yep, three times! This is the third time that both Tina and Jimmy Jr shared a kiss. I believe the last time they both kissed is back in “Gene It On” when they were on a date, with Louise interfering. Anyway, the shippers lost their minds when that scene first came on. This is their reaction to the kiss…


Yep, I can tell you that this is 100% real. Yeah, pretty sure you guys were probably thinking about my reaction to this. I was shocked. Even though I was getting prepared for the upcoming event, which is the Gravity Falls Series Finale, it’s still shocking yet sweet to look at. Huh, it’s like the writers and creators actually listened to my “demands” when it comes to this episode. But I’m guessing more bullshit will be coming in the near future as the season progresses. And I don’t want to be around to see it…okay, I will see it to keep the people happy. So yeah, Tina and Jimmy Jr kissed for the third time, that’s something to enjoy whether you ship them or not. And hoping these two become a couple by the time the season ends.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Wow, what an episode to watch. For a Valentine’s Day episode for the series, this sure has a lot of surprises to throw in. So where does this episode lands when it comes to Valentine’s Day, this episode lands at the Top 1 spot, beating out both “Can’t Buy Me Math” (which came in Second) and “My Fuzzy Valentine” (which came in Third). Would never imagine Gene and Courtney to become a couple again despite the whole fiasco back in Season 3. I mean, they’re as a couple but holy shit, they look cute together, goddamn it, Bouchard. The show that they perform for the morning announcements was oddly good for some reason, trying to get the people’s attention without boring themselves to death and the song by Gene, emotional as fuck. Got the school emotional. I didn’t because worrying about the elephant in the room if you know what I’m talking about. Bob’s subplot was something to enjoy, probably watching him getting rejected by numerous flower shops till he tagged along with Teddy and get the flowers just in time for Valentine’s Day. Of course, the whole Tina snooping thing, yeah, it’s something to enjoy watching too. Caught in a web of lies to prevent herself from getting kicked out. It almost feels like this is going nowhere despite that the girl wanted a rose just for once! Of course, that leads to Jimmy Jr coming in for the kill and hand over a rose to Tina and to pay it back, Tina giving a kiss to Jimmy Jr for the third time. It’s shocking yet sweet at the same time. And let’s hope they become a couple by the time the season ends because I don’t want to get into the whole love triangle bullshit again. So all and all, I think this episode is a Valentine’s Day that Gene, Courtney, Tina, and the fans will never forget. I give “The Gene and Courtney Show”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a 9.5 out of 10. Like I said, this episode is something that the fans won’t forget. And holy hell, I would never forget this episode…that is if we get a new episode, which is next week when Bob lands himself in a hospital following a mishap and an old face is finally making his return after a 5 year absence. In the Eighth Episode of Season Six, “Sexy Dance Healing”. So that’s it from me, and I’ll see you guys later!



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