Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 8 Review – Jairo’s Gay Adventure



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Bob faced major stress following a dislocated shoulder till a certain character that we haven’t seen for a while changed all that. This is my spoilerific review of “Sexy Dance Healing”, not to be confused with “Sexy Dance Fighting”, which I think this and the next episode’s title are possibly Season 1 references. Yeah…Happy Belated Fifth Anniversary, Bob’s Burgers.


And of course, it ain’t “Sexy Dance Healing” till a character we haven’t see in a really long time since his last appearance back in 2011. You know who am I talking about?


Since you’ve been gone, la da da da, da da da da da. Since you’ve been gone, yeah yeah! God, I have missed you. It’s like a shirtless Brazilian man with abs cover in body oil flew across the Atlantic riding a unicorn. Which is good…for me. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Jairo is back after a five year absence. And wow…it’s been that LONG?! Yeah, he’s back in this week’s episode by becoming Bob’s masseuse following a mishap with him slipping on the sidewalk which resulted with him receiving a dislocated shoulder. It’s not broken, it’s just tied to a knot. I’m not a doctor, you know.


Of course, the reason why Jairo became Bob’s masseuse (and spiritual guru) is because Bob was gonna sue Jairo for the accident in order to get the money for the surgery, but of course, Jairo has other plans for Bob to help him fix his shoulder following his soon to be lawsuit against the Capoeira teacher for his accident. And I mean “other plans” for Bob. Not in a sexual way, of course. Valentine’s Day was last week.


The therapy scene with both Bob and Jairo was something worth watching…feels like I’m watching the beginning of a porn flick. Cue 70s Porn Music! Anyway, the therapy scene was something to enjoy watching because Jairo just healed fixed Bob’s stressful body, even though he massaging Bob’s ass rather than his shoulders because apparently, his entire body is covered in stress. Mostly because of money to pay off the rent. And you know what they said, stress kills. Been dubbed the silent killer, besides a heart attack, stroke, and a new deadly killer, Chipotle. And truth be told, I can relate to Bob to this because to tell you the truth, I’m a very stressful person. Take a moment to experience it…okay, moment’s over. And of course, session after session after session after session, Bob receives a colored scrunchy from blue in the duration of the episode to purple at the end. And beginning to question myself, how did the whole thing started?


Yep, the beginning of the episode when Bob can’t think of a title on the chalkboard for the Burger of the Day. Which I can also relate because I to, am having problems with coming up with the titles. But instead of the Burger of the Day, it’s the reviews. Remember my “Eat, Spray, Linda” review? The title came from a Tumblr user on the day of the premiere because I’ve been having trouble coming up with the title of the review. Mostly coming this, Adventure Time, and Bleach. Coming up with quirky titles is hard to get the people’s attention. Took me 3 years to get to the top…well almost on top. Anyway, when Bob took Jairo in following him getting evicted and Jairo had to teach his class in the basement, after the class and enjoy what looked looked like a glass of broccoli smoothie, can’t find that in any smoothie shop in your local area. And when Jairo noticed that Bob can’t think of a title for the Burger of the Day, he noticed the cause of his stress and tried to get rid of it by untying the “mother knot”. Which of course, referring to the top of his spine. And when Jairo untied the know on Bob’s back, his body is fully healed from the stress, but it also caused Bob to stop coming up with the Burger of the Day. And that resulted with the Linda, Louise, Tina, Gene, and Teddy freaking out about what Jairo did to Bob. With Teddy being the most melodramatic with Bob not coming up with a title for the Burger of the Day.


And I’m guessing threatening a lawsuit against Jairo doesn’t work as well when the kids thought up a plan, which is to sue Jairo, which is Bob should’ve done in the first place. That plan backfired because that the lawyer that the Belcher met when the doctor told Bob to sue Jairo…is Jairo’s lawyer. Yeah…didn’t see that one coming, do you?


Speaking of the kids, they play lawyer in this week’s episode when hearing that a person can get a lot of shit if you threaten that person. From getting out from a tardy pass, to a ride on a swing, to get free wherever they go, Tina, Gene, and Louise are enjoying their week when it comes to playing lawyer and threatening lawsuits against the people. It’s all fun and games till shit happens. And why I did I say that? Mainly because if you haven’t know this but pretending to be a lawyer and get a lot of free stuff by threatening lawsuits is against the law. And so do pretending to be a doctor, go ask the last guy who did that. Anyway, the kids planning to sue Jairo didn’t work, meaning that they’ll go to Plan B, which is to sue Fischoeder, who kicked Jairo out of the building for not paying rent. It’s funny because we haven’t seen Jairo taking part in the whole rent strike thing. And while that is happening…


Bob got an order for 4 Burger of the Days from Linda, who was the mastermind for finding Bob’s muse. The reason why is because you remember that Bob has some problems finding a title for the Burger of the Day in the beginning of the episode and later on in the episode, Jairo fixed Bob’s entire body which caused him to not come up with a title. Well, Bob thinks that he’s running out of time, when grabbing thyme, which is a vegetable used on some burgers, and thus, the “Running Out of Thyme Burger” came to be. It’s kinda like Jairo has broke Bob’s creativity and Linda, as the muse as she spoke about, tried to fix it. Almost reminded me of “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee” when Gene faced a similar situation when his creativity went down the toilet when Darryl played an instrument better than him and kicked him out, which causes both Louise and Tina to get Gene’s groove back. Bob got his creativity back with the help of Linda and Jairo got his studio back with the help of Tina, Gene, and Louise threatening to sue Fischoeder just because they don’t want Jairo to continue living in the house and broke Bob. With the episode ending with Jairo teaching his class on the Belcher’s basement one last time and Teddy getting excited about seeing the Burger of the Day title back on the board. Yeah, not the best thing I come up with to end the review portion of this review.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Honestly, I think it’s an okay episode. It’s nice to see Jairo again after a five year absence since his last appearance but this episode seems a bit paced, so I’m guessing this episode is deemed rewatchable for you, the reader, need to check it out to prove me wrong. My favorite scene from this episode is happen to be the therapy session, mainly because of the man action. And I mean, the man action between Jairo and Bob. That scene was hella gay, and I mean, hella gay. Kinda like I’m watching a beginning of a porn flick. The kids pretending to be lawyers was kinda cute as first, but it’s all fun and games till someone gets butthurt by a threatening lawsuit. That is till the end of the episode when the kids threaten to sue Fischoeder if he gets Jairo his building back, in which Jairo did get his building back. And of course, Linda being the big help, despite that Bob went to Jairo for help, she became the perfect muse that Bob needed to help out with the title for the Burger of the Day. Cue Muse Dance!


So all and all, I think it’s an okay episode, with some gay scenes thrown in for you to watch and feel the experience. Which in retrospect, I’m okay with Bob being a bisexual. I have nothing against this. So anyway, I give “Sexy Dance Healing”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, it’s an okay episode with some scenes that are worth watching. I highly recommend that if you rewatch it, just this once to prove me wrong. And of course, nice to see Jairo again after a five year absence since his last appearance. But that’s it for this episode, no new episode next week on the 28th, but tune it March 6th when the Belchers refused to get rid of the old couch to get a new one. Looks like we’re going down to memory lane in the Ninth Episode of Season Six, “Sacred Couch”. So until then, I’ll see you guys later!


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