Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 10 Review – Lice Today, Gone Tomorrow



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the students at Wagstaff face an Lice Infestation and it’s up to Tina help out the students getting rid of the infested insects, all while Bob received new stool seats full of farts. Funny that it isn’t April Fools yet. But anyway, this is my spoilerific review of “Lice Things Are Lice”. And don’t you worry guys, this blog is 100% lice free…according to a former CDC member that didn’t know that Ebola was a thing.


If there’s one thing to say about this week’s episode is that it has some ups and downs just like last week’s episode, but this isn’t like last week’s because in this week’s episode, we got the students at Wagstaff facing a major lice outbreak that bad, that the nurse don’t want to create a panic. Yeesh, call the CDC, alert the media, make the thing trending on Twitter because this got the students nervous, including the people who affected by it: Gene, Louise, Zeke, Rudy, Tammy, and many more.


Yeah, you can only blame Tammy for it, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, Tammy got developed a serious case of lice when entering the nurse’s office, wearing a hat and scratching her head at the same time, which signals that Tammy has a case of lice invading her head. And to add insult to injury, when Zeke, Rudy, Louise, and Gene got to try on Tammy’s huge hat, they became victims to Tammy’s head lice. Which resulting to locking down the nurse’s office in quarantine mode. There it is ladies and gentlemen, just another health scare that somebody wants to create panic all across a general area. Anyone remember when Ebola was a thing back in 2014? Or Swine Flu in 2009? Or Mad Cow Disease in the early 2000s? Think about it, we are now living in a world that anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can erase the entire population by a single object. Think it’s best if we barricaded ourselves inside our homes and enjoy some binge watching because honey, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna get affected. And now, in the year 2016, we face the Zika Virus. Wow, this Mosquito Season is going to suck balls hard.


Tina volunteering as the assistant nurse adds support to the plot of the story when the lice outbreak takes place. It feels like Tina would be the one who will be taking over the spotlight in this week’s episode and had to help out during this outbreak, even if she’s becoming a bit uncomfortable when the nurse tells the kids that the only way to get rid of lice is to shave to heads. Not to mention, letting the kids who are kept quarantine out of the nurse’s office to escape shaving. Even though she lead everyone except for Louise and Tammy to a dead end. And even though Louise and Tammy are consider the main spotlight of this episode, Tina is acting like the supporting pillar to move the plot forward. If we only we get another Tina-centric episode like on the third week of March (just like Season 3’s “Two for Tina” and Season 4’s “Mazel Tina”), but that’s not gonna happen this season due to hiatuses filling into the Sunday schedule. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again when Season 7 rolls in in the Fall.


Speaking of nurses, we got to meet Nurse Liz in this week’s episode and if there’s one thing to describe her from beginning to end in this week’s episode…well…


…I could’ve agreed more. Yeah, bitch is crazy following the lice outbreak in the school. So crazy that when she told the students that threaten a haircut to the students affected by the lice. So crazy that she tried to shave Frond bald, even though he may or may not be infected. So crazy that she shaved her own head…Jesus Christ, lady, this is what you need. Like we need anymore crazy adults taking charge in the school, no disrespect to Mr. Ambrose. Voiced by Samantha Bee, who also voiced Pam back in Seasons 2 and 3 in the show, I would never imagine her playing a would be psychotic nurse at a time of a lice outbreak. Wow.


Speaking of Ambrose, Actor Billy Eichner reprise his role as the librarian in this week’s episode but…only for a few scenes. And being pushed into the background character position. I mean come on, get the guy some major screen time. At least, maybe an episode that spotlighted on him. I don’t know, just give the guy some screen time. And if you’re a Frond/Ambrose shipper, we did get a little interaction between the two when Frond was looking for Louise and Tammy through the window and Ambrose was looking him, mostly on his shaven head. Wonder who will accepts Frond’s shaven head first, Gayle or Ambrose? You decide.


Of course, we gotta talk about Louise. Yeah, from getting out from a test by pretending to have a fever to being infected by Tammy’s head lice, she’s one of the two characters that taken the spotlight. And to be honest, I thought this episode was going to be the big reveal when it comes to Louise. I’m talking about what’s under Louise’s hat. Take this photo from last year in Bento Box’s Instagram post during the table read in this episode…


Photo Source from Bento Box’s Instagram

Yep, a photo of Louise not taking off her hat. A lot of theories have come up way before this episode aired on why Louise have never taken off her hat. I mean, the only time we see Louise not wearing her hat is back in Season 3’s “Earsy Rider” when her hat was stolen and had to cover it up with a hoodie. But even with a hoodie, the fans still want to see what’s under her hat. It’s like I’m comparing Louise to another character in an old show that finished it’s run almost a decade ago. That’s right, I’m comparing Louise to the character of Edd or Double D from Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Like Louise, we haven’t seen what’s under Double D’s hat and the fans want to know. And that haven’t been answered and the show ended back in 2009. And I hope this won’t happen again to Louise. The girl has to take off her hat sooner or later. And we as the fans, need to know what’s under that hat. I mean, if there’s a character discussion on Louise, pretty sure her hat will be the main story of this. Back to the episode, Louise and Tammy escaped from the nurse following hearing that the only way to get rid of lice is to shave their heads and burn their hats. In which both Tammy and Louise will not let that happen. And when they were in the library, hiding from both Frond and Nurse Liz, Louise discover a medical book to find another cure that doesn’t result in shaving and found something interesting. And once they done read, they had to face their fate and let the nurse shave their heads but not until telling Nurse Liz that Tammy doesn’t have lice, but instead carried dandruff. Man, Tammy needs some Head and Shoulders to take out the white flakes.


So the lice outbreak that cause the school a major scare is nothing but a false alarm. Because mainly, dandruff is not contagious. So thanks Tammy for cause a big scare to the school. And also, shout out to Jocelyn for being the highlight in this week’s episode. And another shout out to Actor John Roberts for voicing the character.


The B-plot of the episode is seems a bit disappointed. It did not grab my attention. There were a few laughs filled in, but it feels like people were pointing at the A-plot rather than the B-plot. Bob and Linda received new stools for the restaurant with the help of Teddy of putting it up. And when setting up the stools is complete, testing it out, poot. It was full of farts. Did the factory accidentally put whoopee cushions inside the stools? It feels like a prank, but it isn’t because the synopsis did not call for it. It’s funny because April Fool’s isn’t till another two weeks. Anyway, Bob organized free beer to get rid of the fart sounds in the stools because he’s expecting people from next door coming in due time. And I mean come on, if you see a sign promoting free booze, you can’t say no. I don’t encourage drinking here people, this is family friendly blog. And right around Spring Break here where I’m located. Every seat in the counter is now out of toots…except for one. They tried to get rid of in the last minute till it’s too late when the guest come out from the funeral home and came into the restaurant and noticed the widow is about to sit on the remaining toot stool when Linda came in and told the widow to sit at the seat and table by shoving but Bob told her to stop because she’s a widow, you don’t shove widows. Anyway, the widow sat on the stool and the stool pooted. Meaning that they didn’t get the last one taken care of. But with a twist finding out that it wasn’t the stool that cause the fart, it was the widow and holy cow, it smells. But anyway, this subplot, doesn’t get me. I don’t like the subplot of the episode, I’ll stick to the main plot. But that’s my opinion, tell me yours in the comments below to prove me wrong.


Reaction/Thoughts: So what I do think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Pretty much, I think it’s an okay episode. The A-plot was mostly suspenseful revolving around the so-called lice outbreak, aiming on both Tammy and Louise. Like I said, we would’ve see what’s under Louise’s hat but we didn’t. And it looks like we’re going to have to wait for another day. Tammy and Louise working together seems a bit odd to watch, would never imagine watching these two working together despite they’re in at each other throats. I mean, the last time Louise and Tammy kinda worked together is back in the Season 4 episode, “Mazel Tina”, when the two teamed up to escape from a giant Tammy head when Tina stole the show. You can check out that review in the highlight font: “Here to that review”. Nice to see Tina in action, being the pillar to moving the plot forward during the lice outbreak. Hoping to see another Tina-centric episode following the last one, which I’m talking about “The Land Ship”. Samantha Bee did an amazing job playing Nurse Liz. Even when the nurse went full on crazy cuckoo for cocoa puffs during the lice outbreak, she did an amazing job voicing her. And like I said, give Ambrose some major screen time the next time he appears. Although, I do enjoy the five to ten second scene where Frond and Ambrose interacted. The subplot of the episode however is something I don’t like. I think that it’s going nowhere, there were some few laughs but all and all about the subplot is that it didn’t get me. I presume that you should rewatch it yourself to tell me what you think in the comments below. So all and all, I think this episode has a hair raising main plot with a disappointing subplot mixed into one. I give “Lice Things Are Lice”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, like the main plot of the episode, got some laughs and suspense filled into one. Thought we’re going to see what’s under Louise’s hat but it looks like we’re going to have to wait for another day. As for the subplot with the tooting stools, needs some improvements to get my attention. But that’s all from this episode, no new episode for next week or the week after that due to the Easter holiday. But tune April 3rd for NOT one, but TWO episodes of Bob’s Burgers, yeah, just like last year’s season finale, with bounce houses at a Birthday Party and a hunt for a mythical creature that we haven’t even heard of. In the Eleventh and Twelfth Episodes of Season Six, “House of 1000 Bounces” and “Stand By Gene”. And holy shit, we reach 100 episodes by the time April 3rd comes in. This need to be call for a celebration. But anyway, that’s it for me, see you guys in two weeks and have a safe Spring Break and Easter Holiday and I’ll see you guys in April!


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