Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 13 Review – A Vicious Cycle to Save a Friend.



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Bob and the kids are on the job to sell an Critter’s motorcycle to free him from prison while Linda is on babysitting duty where things begin to take a major dive. This is my spoilerific review of “Wag the Hog.”

This episode is possibly a god one to watch. Feels like one wild goose chase when it comes to A-plot of the episode, leaving the B-plot feels like I’m watching some episode is some series where the child that the character is supposed to watch goes all haywire. Believe me, I went there before or in this case, going through every week, but I’ll you that later on in this review.


Critter came back to the show this week…locked up in prison, that’s something you don’t imagine how a character should make his or her reappearance. So the reason why Critter was locked up is because of multiple traffic violations like not paying for multiple tickets and a broken taillight, which landed him in the big house. Yeesh, can he just talk to the judge about this and pay up?


Anyway, the only way for bailing Critter out of jail is for Bob to sell his motorcycle. Of course, Bob denied his request at first, but after multiple calls from prison and the family telling him to help out, looks like Bob is now on the job to sell Critter’s bike to get the money to free him from prison. But the only question here is, why? Well, word on the street is that Critter left the One Eyed Snakes because he has to raise the child, Sidecar. So when it comes a choice between running an organization or running a family with Mudflap and Sidecar, it’s family first. But with Critter being locked up in jail and Mudflap out to the wilderness for a retreat, that leaves Sidecar, who’s babysitter has to leave when the Belchers arrive to take an exam. That’s where Linda takes on the job. But more on that later.


Like I said in the beginning, this side of the episode is one wild goose chase when Bob, Louise, Gene, and Tina has to find the keys to the bike and get the bike to the buyer. And even though they’re only doing this to get Critter out of jail to be at his job and to raise a family, it’s feels like we’re experiencing some father/children bonding time. I mean, come on, you once hang out with your dad before growing up? Unless you grew up without a dad, then I’m sorry for bringing this up.


It feels like this side of the episode is one huge favor chain after another when getting Critter out of jail. That’s where meet the guy who wants to buy Critter’s motorcycle, Kenny. With his physical appearance and his would be personality, he almost reminded me of Sasha, you know, the guy from Kings Head Island from two episodes ago? Don’t know if he’s related or not? Anyway, things were going smoothly with Kenny tried to take over the wheel when suddenly the guy who stalks the Belchers when trying to take the bike to Kenny has stolen the bike.


And to add insult to injury here, the guy who stalked the Belchers and stole the bike was the first one who wanted the bike before Kenny came into the picture. The guy’s name is Carl, and Critter knew this would happen. Why I do have I feeling that this is something coming from stories where people buy things from Craigslist. Anyway, with hearing that Carl stealing the bike, looks like Bob, Louise, Gene, Tina, and Kenny are on the hunt to get the bike back from Carl, which ironically would be easy for them because Kenny knows where Carl lives, so much for the element of house hunting. And if you thought you were hoping for some senseless violence, this is not this episode because while on the phone, Critter told Bob that the only way to get the bike back from Carl is to stab the guy. Which of course, there’s no stabbing in this episode, only two guys fighting over the bike while riding on it which leads to the bike being busted and now had to get help from the One Eyed Snakes, but it looks like this is going to be harder then the guys thought. Remember when we have either rock, paper, scissors or a coin toss to decide who gets whatever they want? Yeah…should’ve done that instead of major conflicts that get the thing broken.


The rest of the One Eyed Snakes returned in this week’s episode but still mad over Critter’s decision to leave the group to become a dad. But of course, that’s where the conflict resolution comes in. Bob told the One Eyed Snakes to stop being mad at Critter for leaving them behind and that you can’t choose between running a group and running a family in a desperate manor when telling the guys to forgive Critter for leaving them hanging. But that’s what happen if a child is born, you have to eject yourself from that group. It’s family first written in the works. Also to mention, a job offer. One example to show is Bob with his kids. Still hoping for a flashback episode with the kids as babies to show how much either the mother and/or father shows that when it comes to raising a family. Do you hear that there’s a thing called Paternity Leave? Yeah, here in the United States have NO paternity leave here. Let’s hope the next president brings up paternity leave to take full effect. So yeah, with the conflict now being resolved, the One Eyed Snakes forgive Critter on his decision to leave the group, which leads to fixing up the bike, which leads to Kenny getting the bike, getting the money, and bail Critter from jail. And all while that is happen…


Of course, we got Linda babysitting Sidecar by going into the playpen. This probably far by, my favorite scene from the episode, if not, the whole season thus far. Begins with the sitter taking leave to take an exam, leaving Linda to do the job of babysitting because she experience with kids. Don’t forget, she did raise Tina, Gene, and Louise when they were babies. I mean, what can totally go wrong? Am I right, people? Right? Riiight? Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt?


That moment you realized you wish you don’t even want kids. Yeah, everything turns out find till we reached the middle part of the episode when Sidecar turns all violent by throwing things like they’re freaking missiles aiming towards your face. The reason why Sidecar is acting like that is because he didn’t take his nap. Think of it as a warning message that Linda should’ve listened when taking care of Sidecar, if he doesn’t get his sleep, all hell will break loose. And that is taken from his mother’s (Mudflap) side. I mean, my god, if your a babysitter taking care of a cranky child who didn’t take his or her sleep, good luck. And why I said that? Well…to tell you the truth, my mother has a job in babysitting every weekdays, taking care of a One Year Old, and I had to partake in it. And well…in the morning, it’s fine. But in the Afternoon hours, you don’t want to be around when that happen. I mean, the mother don’t come pick him till the evening hours. Yeah…if you read this and about to put a request or whatever on the whole babysitting ordeal, do NOT put it. You know that that the answer is going to be a big fat no.


Luckily for Linda, she put the baby to sleep, thank god for that. And of course, escaped back to the house because the mom, Bethany, is getting suspicious when revealing that Sidecar isn’t Linda’s “child.” Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that during their time in the playpen, Linda pretends that Sidecar is her child. Just to clarify here.


So after a fiasco of a chain of events, Critter is finally out of prison and finally got a job in a tech store and…wait, where do I see that uniform before?


Really?! Circuit City?! It’s 2016 and Circuit City has been out of business for half a decade! Hey What the Tech, 2009 called, they want you to shut it down. Anyway, with the Belchers help of freeing Critter out of prison and taking care of Sidecar when Mudflap is out for a wilderness retreat, they got a wireless printer and a pine cone as a reward for helping out…yeah…pretty nice gifts to come in handy next time they do fliers. And of course, the episode ends with Critter and Mudflap providing Linda to babysit Sidecar in the future…eh…yeah, something tells me that’s not gonna fucking happen at anytime. And when Tina tried to take the offer of taking care of Sidecar…girl, you might not want to do that. Because even though he might be sweet and innocent, you’re gonna face hell by the time nap time comes in. Because if there’s one thing I know about it, it’s that they need their sleep. Nap time for a toddler is serious business, man. Think of this as a little warning when you take the babysitting job.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Honestly, this is a good episode to watch. The two plots in the episode are both enjoyable, it does not disappoint. Nice to see Critter and the family again since their last appearance, their MINOR appearance back in Season 5 and of course, had taken the spotlight in the episode with Critter in prison and the Belchers tried to get the bike to get the money to free him. And Linda taking care of Sidecar. I think the B-plot of the episode is probably my favorite, mostly around when Sidecar goes all berserk when not getting any sleep. The A-plot was good too, feels like a chain of event has been written in the works, and not the biker kind. I do however enjoy Kenny’s company, and the what look like a brawl between him and Carl over the bike that lead to the bike being broken and lead to the One Eyed Snakes fixing it up. Thought we’re hoping to see some stabbing, but to keep it family friendly here, no stabbing was occurred in the making of the episode. So all and all, I think this episode is one hell of a favor chain to help out a friend in need. I give “Wag the Hog”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a 9.5 out of 10. Like I said, this is a very good episode to watch, along with the last two episodes. It’s feels like I’m getting vibes when it comes to good episodes, and I recommend you guys to check the episode and tell me what you think in the comments below. But that’s it for this episode, tune in April 17th as Tina takes over center stage as the understudy, but will it hurt her social status by the time the big show comes in? Tune in the Fourteenth Episode of Season Six, “The Hormone-iums.” So until then, I will see you guys later!


One thought on “Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 13 Review – A Vicious Cycle to Save a Friend.

  1. best line ever from Bob’s Burgers was in this episode:
    Karl: “I ummm need to go and aaaaah Im cooking and think it might be burning”
    Kenny ” Yeah you know what else is burning? Your pants because you’re a liar Karl!”

    Bahahahahahaha so brilliant!!

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